Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ EVEN ❯ the list ( Chapter 3 )

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Next chapter. All author notes are in italics
Still no reviews do u guy even like it? Only Luna has told me what she thought about it. O well guess I'll just do with out... Though it may have more bad words in it. I need to vent. Some creep stole my project the day before it's due so now I have to work twice as hard and not get a grade because I didn't follow directions. Arrrg. N e way here is the story enjoy
Yugi's P.O.V.
Tea has been missing all week end. I'm starting to get worried. They guys said that I'm gust being a worry wart. But still she can't protect her self.!!!
Yami's pov.
Tea turns up missing after the deck is picked up. Maybe she got kidnapped so that I can duel the guy. Maybe the duelist will play by battle city rules and give me a card. Man why so I have to go to school with my hikari!! I'm pharaoh I don't have to.
Yugi: “you're going”
Joey pov.
No!!!! Please NO not that not that please don't do that no!!! Not school anything but that. food need food so hungry. Kaiba evil pure evil. Duke die, Tristan hurt, must keep a way from sis. Mai cute mai!
(Joey is a character I like and I'm not bashing him in any way just didn't know what to put)
ryou's pov
Tea's not here wonder where she's at. The guy say she's hasn't been here all bloody weekend. I better stop my yami he's trying to cook the teachers mind. (Who here has not wanted to do that at one time or another) sigh.
Danm it the teacher won't just stay still. Why so I have to go through this torture? This is worse than tea's speeches though she is cute when she`s mad. Did I just say that the friend ship preachers cute well she is but she needs to have a bad streak then she'd be perfect. Arggrrrrr I'll just stop thinking now.
Marik & malik's pov.
Marik: She's not here
Malik: I can see that
Marik: where is she?
Malik: do I look like I know?
Tristan's and duke's thoughts
Serenity serenity serenity I love serenity.
(It was worth a shot)
I'm not doing any of the other girl's pov because they would turn out the same we miss tea or where is she? Or in ishizu's case about a vision of tea and her brothers won't shut up about her and if any 1 hurt her they would die, a girl can only take so much!! But I'm going to do tea's abot who to get revenge on first.(smiles evilly) but its only on the ones that talked about her so that's evey1 but g.p. but I'm adding kaiba just because he might be paired with her then again Bakura would be good too. Choices, choices, choices
N e way
Tea's thoughts
“Hmmmmm what should I do them” looks at a sheet of paper. It says:
Bunny - dye hair pink, switch clothes with girls.
Lion - get rid of hair gel and knock him down a notch.
Kitten- too cute to do any thing drastic, send Rebecca a love letter signed by him, or stuff sugar down his throat.
Unicorn - cut his hair
Dog - flick dice at him
Dragon - crash his computer with virus
Bat -take item away and hide it at park
Mouse - trick to date?
Peacock - max out credit cards
Snake & porcupine - die hair green and make were pink glasses
Kangaroo - still favorite thing in world
Tea: What else, should I do?
She looks at the clock and then bolts out the door locking it and keeps going she doesn't see the girl shaking her head and going to the room across from hers.
Any 1 who can tell me which character is which animal send it to me also if you want to think of a good revenge for that character do that to.