Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ EVEN ❯ the plane ( Chapter 4 )

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It has been 1 week since any one has seen tea the gang was now officially worried. They are so worried that they called the police and the police called the school and the school said they didn't know and the school called the gang and by now the yamis are ready to send them shadow realm. But unbeknownst (wow big word) to them tea has finished the contest and has won one thousand dollar scholarship to any college that she wants to go to, but she is now waiting to board her plane.
Tea: now where is gate 39 now I can get back at those bakas for what they said about me and the rest for just getting on my nerves.
In the background you can her all the sounds of a regular airport (FYI I have never been to an airport or even on a plane mainly because the rest of the family are chickens) except that some one was yelling extremely loud.
Voice: will ya move already ah already gave ya ma bag an ya scanned that and me and I empted ma pockets so Can I get on the fuckin' plane.
Personnel: (it's a guy) after I get your number
Voice: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Its taking off you dumb fuckin egotistical opinionated bastard how am ah gonna get back to Japan now ya arggggg.
Personnel: uhh sorry about that miss.
By now the girl is ready to deck him. She stands about 5,6” and has a tan like she was from a beach. ( like marik and malik's color but a little darker.) Her hair is black with red streaks that look like it was pored, like water, on to her head and white streaks in the bangs framing her face. she doesn't have any make up on. She is wearing black baggy pants and a skin tight green shirt that says b-ware on the front and Lykos on the back. Her jacket is tied on her wrist. She wears a gold-silver armband that looks like a dragon and two silver bracelets. Her backpack purse is now slung on one of her arms, and the scowl on her face can be seen a mile away. I go closer to investigate. She looks so familiar. Hmm were have I seen her before. I'm about three few feet away and can see her dark green eyes that are slits now flecked with gold.
The Girl is pacing back forwards then she stops and glares at the guy and says “that was the last plane to Tokyo for a freakin month how ah gonna get back now ah can't even call my grandparents since there's no telling where there at.” It was obvious that she was trying to control her anger and it was also obvious that she wasn't doing a very good job at it.
She looked like she was about to punch him or something. At least that is untill a voice on the intercom came on. “Miss there is a plane going to domino, Japan leaving in one minute so you can take that one, also we will provide train money, and your luggage will be there it seems that some one had planned for you to go there.” In at that moment she seemed to calm down.
A man walk toward her and hands her 5000 yen. She scowls deeper then smiles her eyes are now blue the red isn't as bright. She nods her head and says” thank you” her accent is gone then the man leans down since he's taller than her and says” your plane is going to leave in less than a minute so I sagest you leave and run very quickly to gate 39.” The girl nods her head then she runs toward the gate I'm right beside her we both make it at the same time but the she stops first so I ran into her and we both fell. Man this just isn't my day. We both stand up and calmly enter the plane. But be fore we do I try to say sorry and all she dose is dismisses it with a wave and says “tea its all right don't worry about it.”
There aren't many people on the plane so no wonder they switched her plane. Domino maybe the central location for kaiba Corp but besides that the majority is there for just the tournaments but that's besides the point. The majority of the of the people are guys that are about my age and are leering or scowling at us but she doesn't seem to notice and we both take the nearest seats that just happens to be behind the one that's scowling at us.
Before I can ask her how she knew my name a guy turns around and says hi to her. They seem to be friends It wouldn't be nice to interrupt or to ease drop but I couldn't help it. I've already missed the first part of the conversation and lost intrest in it when he said, but then he said” I thought you weren't going to domino until next week, wolf.” Wolf? Intresting name then again it kinda suits her.she answered his question lazily ”I wasn't, but some one decided to change my flight and that jerk wouldn't let me boared the plane.”
At that one moment The one that was scowling at us, the one I am sitting behind reclines his seat so its very uncomfortable for me and I can't even move.so I kindly ask ”Excuse me but can you move?” that is until I realizes that this is the guy from before. He simply answers ”no, I can't” that's when wolf decides that she would step in. “she said please move the seat Marcus” she smiles evilly “or would you like another bruise like the one she gave you before?” he turns around to face her scowling “shut up sweetie you and that chick didn't even hurt me.” A growl escaped my throat. I defiantly have been hanging around the guys to much, but that's about to change. Now about him. “chick? “
He smiles cockily and closes his eyes so he doesn't see our fists coming. But farther up I bet u could hear the “wamps” and “bangs” of the our assault.
A little while later. We had finally calmed down enough fore me to ask “how did you know my name?” she looks perplexed then she smiled her eyes an cerulean that matched my own if not lighter. And said ” be cause we both dislike country. And being called out of our names by the way my name is Maxizine Lykos, Max for short” wow now this is weird “ ok this is weird, I thought I recognized you but couldn't place where from.” Then i stop and asked “How did you pull that off though? I have to know.”
Now she was uncomfortable “I bound my chest for a tournament I was in.” she turned around and I could hear a few chuckle from in front of us then she turned toward the window. Then we hit a lot o f turbulence A few hours later the captain says we only have a few more hours before we reach domino.
“What's the matter you look angry and sad at the same time.” Truth I was shocked that the max saw through my mask, my friends wouldn't be able to tell the diffrance. “ my freinds were talking about me when I wasn't around or at least wasn't supposed to be.” I turn away and muble the rest “The jerks they are so dead when I get back.” Max looked like she did when she was at the air port except that her eyes were like kaiba's cold unemotional, impassive cobalt. “they don't seem like good friends to me, what are you going to do?” ok she was right they weren't acting like it then but still they were ok. Though they are really annoying at times. “well max,” I hands her the list “that is what I'm going to do. But if they found out I'm going to need a body guard.” she scans it over and laughs “I accept the offer, and add that I'll help you with your revenge. Your going to have a hard time dyeing there hair or for that matter getting rid of there clothes or” she starts laughing again “ hair gel and maybe we can change a couple of thing about a few of them like bat, we could dump honey in his hair and put him out in the park or maybe we should die his hair pink too.” We discussed it for the rest of the flight before we feel asleep. Well I fell asleep. When we landed we were max was starved. And asked where was the best place to eat. We stayed there and decied that we would call this operation “even” and set up every ting. We were walking out the doors of the fast food place that they had been sitting in. “thanks so we start operation “even” two days from now right?” “ yeah that I'll give me enough time to get settled and find a job.” she answered calmly. “but your younger than me you don't need one.” I yelled loud enough for the whole building to hear me. She shushed me then said calmly “I decide I want one the job is for spending money it's okay they won't let me do my hobby any more.” Now the only question what is what was her “hobby” so I asked like a sensible person would “ what was your hobby?” she looked mysterious though mostly impish, and said “Not telling.” now that was not fair “ok but I'll find out sooner rather than late but for now see you later remember two days in front of the school( it Saturday there it was Friday in usaand don't forget your uniform!!”After exchanging numbers i ran home, max said she was going to go strait to Tokyo and see what her predecessors thought about her getting a job there and about which school she was going to go to.
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