Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction ❯ EVEN ❯ DAY 1: the warning ( Chapter 6 )

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Early in the morning tea wakes me up. this is going to be my first day in domino high. And consequently I'm not excited it really isn't going to be exciting changing schools in the end of the year. Maybe I should go back to Tokyo but then I wouldn't be able to help tea. I look at the clock. I have to be there in a few minutes so I better hurry for once. Usual I would just shift there. and I still have to wait a few months till I get my license; it sucks to be so young. I finish buttoning up my pink jacket and tying a blue ribbon on my ponytail. “How can girls stand this thing” I mumble while irritably pulling on my skirt. I walk out side. “If this is going to work she'll need to get there so it will look like an accident. So I'd better hurry.” I say to cona my other self. She barks in response “yeah I know cona-chan bye be” as I close the door and start walking down the steps towards the school.
Tea's P.O.V.
She's late how can she be late this might not work I know she must be stuck some where maybe a teacher caught her. “tea TEA!” yelled yugi “what is it” I ask “they want you in the office” says tristan giving me a side long glance as the teacher walks down our aisle looking at me “oh” I leave hearing snickers coming from the back of the room. When I arrive at the office there are two girls there one is nami one of the regular bad girls we don't get along ever since junior high when she was picking on yugi. The other one has long brownish hair with it in a pony tail and ribbon. With glasses that in the light so I can't see her eyes she has a book on her lap. “Ah miss. Gardener there you are miss.lykoson this is Miss Gardener. would you show her around.” I shake my head might as well. “Great Ms. Lykoson please follows her.” We pick up her schedule and start towards class “um ok you have six classes with me. And one with out but I think you'll have some of my friends in it” I look at her broadly “oh goody I going to have a class with the gel freaks and the albino jerk.” She said in a familiar voice “max!?” “ah ah shhhh!'” she covers my mouth and pull me into a restroom “its gem for now. They know about my past so they made me a deal I act like a normal student for a week and then I won't have to wear this flirt skirt. So wear are we headed to?” I look at her happily “English” in the only thing I say then she mumbles something that sounds like “Dimmit” we leave and get to the class and I inform the teacher Mr. gruesome that “gem” is a new student and take my seat as he goes to the door to talk to her.
Max's P.O.V.
Man this teacher needs to hurry up. if there was a prize for long winded speeches I'm sure he would have won hands down well except for baba that would be a copition worth seeing great he's finally shutting up. “Now gem if you would please come in to the class and introduce yourself we can begin with our assignment.” I nod keeping my mouth shut since I know a sarcastic remark would make it's way out of my mouth if I didn't he walks in. finally I don't have to smell that evil aftershave. “Student may I have your attention please, we have a new student Ms. Lykoson will you please come in. and introduce yourself. I do what he says hopefully they won't recognize me. Nope no such luck there glaring at me well might as well get this over with I don't smile or anything I just look up and say. “Hello I'm M. Gemini gemstone lykoson, I'm from the USA. It's nice to meet all of you.” But I said it in English just to make tea laugh when we spoke in English that was a very bad sign it meant I was angry or annoyed. It seemed only the blond ones without the gel, the albino's twin, the on that kind of looked like tea, and the one called joey could understand me. “Hey cutie could you repeat that in our language?” said a random boy so I ignored him and just glared at the at the back of the class. “Okay miss. Lykoson please sit down umm lets see.” I stare at Mr. gruesome if I could see there was only one open chair I know he could and it happened to be with the blondes the albino and I think his name is kaiba. “hmm mister Bakura can you please sit with your brother and gemstone can sit by tea' but max was already half way to the back when she got there she simple set down “never mind” he turns back around and starts to look for something “don't even” is what I say to the group that was behind me. The other snickered tea gave me a side glance to make sure I wasn't about to break someone's wrist which was very tempting. I ignored the teacher and mostly every one else to the fact that I was getting angry at most of the class that's when a note landed on my desk
“mgl you ok it seems like your po'd
I wrote a quick note and passed it back buy kicking it on the floor another on landed on my desk a few minutes later
“M don't even joke like that”
I snickered and hid the note as the teacher came around “ms lykoson what is the answer” “thirty two different poems” I said with out really paying attention to what was going on around me the bell rang and tea grabbed me and haled ass out of there “max that was amazing most of us had just found the answer when you said it” I really should pay more attention. Our next class is cooking tea and I decide to be partners besides us there is ryou and not many other tea invites ryou over since there is an odd number now I introduce myself again and sit back “so guys what shall we make today” I say when it comes to cooking I'm usually happy “well I was thinking cookies” said tea I look over at ryou he's a little confused look at me “just because I said I was from the us doesn't mean I'm full American” I say “how about chocolate chip there simple and delicious” we agreed on that recipe, we mixed and baked and then that's when it went bad I started to like ryou he was sweet and reminded me of kai when we were younger before his ego tripled the rest of class was fun and the next class it was us three and yugi and he was fun to be around too but lunch was next I sat at the table in the far left corner I didn't notice that kaiba was sitting there “go away” he said not looking up from his book “oh sorry I didn't notice this was the stick up there asses table” I say before I could catch my self “he stares at me for a moment the I ignore him getting out my laptop and read a few emails and eat my lunch when something is pored on me I look up to see some girls standing above me “what are you doing sitting with seto” “seto?” I just sat at a table that didn't have that many people so I could do some work and if you don't move you'll regret it” I growl out man my first day and I'm trying not to hit these girls “ or what?” she asked “is that a mouse by your foot the girls were screaming bloody murder man that was too easy “I simple pick up my carton of milk and poor it over her “there it s on your leg” she screams and starts running around as I just sit there and watch I hear a slight chuckling from kaiba “so seto that was your fan club” I ask as I go get cleaned up I'm glad I brought and extra shirt but the coat is not going to happen so there I am walking back in a with shirt only this is not my day at all tea lends me her extra jacket and we head to computer which is just like study hall except you have computers then chemistry followed by geometry but the last class is what I'm waiting for so I can go home then I remember dance followed by my new job as where walking out of geometry I ask what tea has next “well I have music appreciation next” I ask the guy “we've got gym” “cool me too “ they look at me as if I'm crazy “what” I asked they still don't say anything “I really don't know what's wrong guys what's so amazing about coed gym?” joey comes up “because it's not coed “ “what! You've got to be kidding me” “nope” all three answer I sigh and walk on to gym I'm going to be stuck in a room with a bunch of boys well it's no that different from training I change in the girls room and go out in record time because it seemed some of the guys were timing me. I go sit on the bleachers and relax because I have the feeling marik is going to try and get back at me because my reflex yesterday “ok you lily livered little girls fall in” said a deep grout voice I don't pay any attention to it I guess that makes mistake number two thousand and twenty two because he's on my case in an instance “boy what are you doing over here get in line and get rid of that shirt.” I nearly put the guys lights out but I'm able to catch my self “but I'm” “but mouthing in here I am in control I rule you have to do what I say” “but” I start “but nothing get rid of that shirt or you get sent to the office” I growl at him “fayne” I say my accents in place and I whip the shirt off what happen next Is just plain erudite seems every other guy is wearing a muscle shirt and he thought I was wearing a over shirt because I'm scrawny “I walk into line the long shorts are okay but having guys stare at you is not going to help “what happened to you asks ryou “I just fell a couple of times” they looked at me a couple of times during practice during practice is all I say it's true I fell during climbing the tree my training out of bed and a hold lot more when I wasn't with tea so what's are they looking at me for. “well what do we do now” silence was my answer “guys what's_” “lykoson up front” I walk out of line and roll my eyes great I'm acting like the girls “thank you for volunteering for the rope” “is that all?” I climb up the rope easily and slide all the way down swing it was fun the guys look at me confused they go and I just wait and give yugi an almost true explanation about how I did that so fast “ok okay girls” I cough loudly and he keep right on going“ dodge ball time” “and I have a really good feeling I'm not going to participate' “oh yes you are little girl” “how bout this if I hit you nobody has to play deal?” “sure what ever “I throw the ball behind him he doges but the ricochet makes it hit him in the back of the head “uh oh I'm in big trouble” I nudge him with my shoe after I got dressed “hey wake up wake up” oh well what ever I leave and go get tea and we put phase on into operation when her cell rang Hello?” “why are you not at practice” oh great it's baba yaga” I'm at school and it doesn't let out until thirty minutes” oh but you class have just started and end in thirty minute” “what do you mean they just started how you knew that school didn't get out till. . .” “you'd better hurry' I just hang up “stupid devil hag” I grumble as u run like a bat out of hell to get to class “did she just say evil devil hag?” asked yugi tea came in and looked around “guys where is m. ?” “she ran out grumbling about a devil hag>” “oh I guess her grandmother talked to her then” “hey tea how do you know so much about gem and why do you call her m?” asked joey “well we talked a lot when we where away from you guys and m because gem g-e-m the m on the end can be heard And it's her first initial” the guys just nod and leave “she seems really familiar” says marik to tea “do you think she's related to that girl who popped my arm?” tea looked at him worriedly “she an only child and she has one cousin, but it's a guy I think” tea say she sees max walking back in “um where do I go?” she said with a bashful smile “the teacher is giving us a ride.
Max walked out of her apartment the teacher was very happy that max was flex able she was able to do things that where so implausible to her but she was still behind most of the girls. It happened that tea was in a different class. That stayed later and her boss had been kind enough to let her off early since she had just transferred.
Bakura, malik , and marik walked into a bar that they had found since they had gotten there own boddies. They sart to go to there regular coner when they hear the wispers comming out of it they sit at a nearby table and wait.
`'le claret seraph par demise” said a voice in the back of the bar “is coming here” said another voice Bakura listened “I thought this was yuske's territory why is she here” said another voice “I guess she decide to control yuske's job thought there is a rumor that someone kidnapped her parents.” Said the first “no her parents are dead. Some one lucked out when she was younger and nixed them and almost got her I heard there was a scar on her neck or some kind of mark on her some where” said the third voice again “too bad she's not on our side though she is quite the looker” “you like dangerous women?” ryou walked in and was met with silence “Bakura what are you doing in here? Don't tell me you skipped!!” Bakura looked at him angrily “what dose `'le claret seraph par demise' mean?” Ryou just looked at him again like he was stupid “the red angel of death or demise” he said “why did you want to know.” He asked suspiciously “them” Bakura nodded towards the shadows in the back. They started to talk again. “what's wrong with her great body strong sharp mind, that hair, and not to mention she is royalty” the third voice said “how can she hunt-” “because I remember it was said that the replacements wanted to stay in power so they nixed her mom and dad” said a female voice in scorn “but inuyasha and sesshomaru seemed to have taken her in they are watching her most of the time” they all got up an left “Bakura were supposed to meet tea after her practice” marik and malik immediately walked out.
The gang could see Tea walked around the bend, there was a black van sitting there in front of an alley some one grabbed her and pulled her into an alley she tried scream and fight but she was in the van and it took off. “TEA TEA!!” The gang ran after him before kaiba called and got his limo to drive them they arrived at an abandoned factory. “Be careful they might hurt tea” yami said “of course” mumbled Bakura they walked in cautiously and there they saw tea hanging above a vat of some sort of green liquid. She was wearing a big jacket with the hood over her head over her head. “omg tea are you ok hon.” Mai said running towards her they were on the viaduct that was beside her when they her laughter. “ah aaahhh you'd have to chose a button one she gets lowered into that goop the other she'll be fine well except well. Said a woman with light blue high lights and sun glasses her hair was to her shoulders. “who are you?!” yami yelled angrily “I'm anzu, anzu mazaki, now enough about me chose wisely” she said pointing to two buttons next to them they all looked one was blue the other red. “yami pushed the blue one. And tea was lowered onto the floor .they gathered around her “gotcha her hand wrapped around mokuba and pulled him to her. After she pushed the red button that sent every1 else in to the goop. Mokuba just hung there wrapping his arms around the girl afraid to let go she set him down taking of the disguise was a pile of clothes next to him he looked at the girl black skirt long black hair with red high light smirking down at the others turning to smile at him. “don't worry it's just plain Jell-O and some other stuff” Yami looked up at the girl “what is the meaning of this!!” he yelled “you guys hurt a friend of mine I intend to make you pay” “but what about tea? Where is she” the girl laughed “she's probable waking up right now we bear no grudge against her” she grabbed the chain again and swung over to the other girl landing lightly beside her. “who are you?” asked serenity “axis” she said harshly and laughed as she pushed another button that lifted them out of the goop “might want to hurry home and wash that off it stains are semi-permeate
They both laughed and walked out. into the day. Don't worry we'll play more soon.” They both said in union. “After all this is just the beginning.”
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