Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Trigger ❯ Telepath ( Chapter 3 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

'So this is the reason why you stood me up on our spar.'

Red eyebrows twitched in irritation as Kurama halted his movements when the grumpy voice suddenly invaded his thoughts. He willed himself to ignore the unwelcomed visitor, whilst burying his face on the crook of his lover's neck to hide his frustration. A mewl of discontent from the diety beneath him, however, rekindled his desire tenfold. Unbidden thoughts faded away when he inhaled her addictive scent. He nipped on her tender flesh as he bucked his hips to completely claim the woman whom he has been pinning on for years. The red-head winced when her nails painfully scratched his back just as he tore through her hymen, leaving angry red marks on their wake.

'Well that looks painful.'

'You do realize that you are intruding on an intimate moment between lovers, right?' He mentally berated, gripping the linen sheets tightly while slippery walls clamped on his rigid shaft like vice. Groaning when long smooth legs latched on his narrow waist as Botan urged him to move, which he gladly complied by pulling almost entirely out before impaling her to the base of his cock. Her flushed heels dug on his behind to draw him impossibly deeper into her warmth.

'Hn. You're lovers now? My, you do not strike me as a demon capable of being emotionally committed. To the ferry girl no less.'

'Get lost, Hiei.' He bite back, eyes shutting tight as he continue thrusting with a considerable amount of vigor while an angry growl uncontrollably erupted from his throat, visibly shivering afterwards when the diety nipped on his earlobe. He'll end up insane if this conflicting impression keeps up.

An endearing chortle made him lift his head from his perch on her neck as he inquisitively glanced at the diety's face. Purple eyes shined with mirth while warm hands tenderly cupped and caressed his cheeks.

"Bet Hiei is in your head. I oughta say that I am starting to get jealous." Kurama chuckled at her accurate assumption and witty remark. She must have sensed his vexation when he thrusted rather forcefully a few moments ago, adding the fact that his infuriating friend did not even have the decency to hide his energy from his perch on the tree branch situated just a few meters away from his bedroom window. He languidly leaned down to passionately kiss her for compensation, smiling against her plump lips when she let out another set of breathless giggle thereafter.

Botan gave him a sly smile after playfully tugging on his lower lip with her teeth when she broke their kiss. The diety lifted her head to seductively whisper in his ear, smirking when the fox shuddered as her nimble fingers traced his spine. "Ne, Hiei. Why not come in here and join us instead of watching from the sidelines?"

Damn. Kurama was convinced that it was by far the most erotic thing a woman had ever done in his presence. His overheated member twitched in excitement as he pulled back once again just to thrust deep inside her, curvaceous body sensuously arching against his hard form. He relentlessly pounded into her, driving his lover towards the oblivion until only his name spilled from her kiss-bruised lips. Kurama smirked when he sensed the slight movement outside, managing a snappy wisecrack before being completely engulfed by euphoria.

'Enjoying the show so far?'

The distant snide remark of the fire demon drowned by all the crescendoing sounds of pleasure they let loose.

'Tch. You're making me want to puke.'



It was very tempting to write a threesome, but I think I am not ready for that...yet. LOL

Hope you enjoyed this very short installment.

Thank you for reading!