Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction ❯ Unexpected Attraction ❯ Third ( Chapter 3 )

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Unexpected Attraction

Part 3

It was the next day. Kurama was praying that school would end right now because he wanted to get out of there right now. He could feel jealous glares sent his way, by the female population. Surprising ne? He glanced at the clock. He swore that it went behind one minute. Maybe the school was inventing new ways to keep the students in. He sighed softly. He wondered if Shizuru actually knew where he went to school. After minutes of asking deliverance the bell rang. He almost jumped out of his seat but managed to contain himself. He quickly made his way out the door before any girl could stop him. He paled as members of his fan club blocked the exits. Jumping out the window was beginning to be an option right now.

As a group of guys were passing the doors he immediately melded in with them making it out safely. He looked around the courtyard for Shizuru and thought if she forgot. If she did, he'd have to run home.

"There he is!"

Kurama: O.O

He quickly ran across the courtyard and past the gates looking around quickly for any sign of Shizuru, but nothing. He looked behind him to see his fan club catching up to him. He dashed to the right. That's where he's supposed to be heading home anyways. Suddenly he was pulled onto a motorcycle and sped off with him. He yelped and threw his arms around the person, as he was about to fall off.

"Ahem." The person coughed. Kurama looked lost. He wondered why.

He then realized his hand wasn't supposed to be touching -something-

"If you don't mind Kurama, I'd appreciate it if you got your hands off my chests!" Shizuru exclaimed.

"Eh he," Kurama laughed nervously before placing his arms around her waists. His face was tinted red, something unexpected from the usually calm façade.

Shizuru: -_-+

'He is such a masochist I bet.' Shizuru thought, 'Hmm even better.'

"If you just wanted to do that then you could've just asked. But then you'd have to give me $100," she teased and smirked at the blushing face.

"I'm not like that!" Kurama protested. He wasn't use to the embarrassment.

"Sure, and your days sleeping around as the youko doesn't back anything up," she stated sarcastically, "Be a good little boy and we're going to have some fun, okay baby?"


"Just kidding, can't take a joke? Hey you better be paying for this. Services don't come cheap."

"Yes, I have your money."

"Good. We'll spend it here." She stopped in front of a bar and dragged the poor kitsune with her. She dragged him through the small crowd that looked at them and forced him to sit on the stool next to her.

"Sit and stay. Be a good boy and nothing will happen to you, got it?" she said seriously. Kurama gulped and nodded. He wondered how did Shizuru become this scary.

"Good. Money. Now." She extended her hand out in front of him. He handed her the amount. She counted and all $65 was there. She nodded in approval.

"Bartender! Give me something heavy and…a virgin Pina Colada for the kid!" she yelled out causing everyone to turn heads.

Kurama: -_-;;;

He heard the whispers around. He was too embarrassed. He hid his face in his crossed arms on the table. He moaned in grief, for himself. Shizuru looked at him and raised an eyebrow. She didn't think that he'd be that embarrassed. Oh well more fun for her. He did look younger than intended age for him. Heck she'd look like an older sister instead of just something more. She patted the back of his head.

"There, there. It's okay, when you're legal you can drink something else," she said in her most comforting, sarcastic voice.

"I'm thousands of years your senior, don't call me young," Kurama retaliated. He had to save his pride.

"Oh sure, you're thousands of years old in spirit but this body," she exclaimed slapping his ass, which he yelped on contact, "is another story."

"Shizuru!" he quietly scolded. She pulled him closer to her with his head resting on her shoulder, as if like a mother would do for her child.

"Don't worry, I just earned every jealous stare in this bar. Now be good because right now most of them are drunk and can't tell that you're in a guy's uniform. Plus I'm lucky you don't go to high school anymore. Otherwise I might get arrested for molesting a minor."



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