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The Animals Craft
[T] by: Taka-wolf
: Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction
Genre(s): / Supernatural / Drama / Action | Type: Other
Latest Revision: August 25, 2004 08:12 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 812 | Visits: 553
Summary: My first fic. There is a girl with the almost unkown and unheard of animals craft. For some unknown reason there is a group of witches after her. Now after the factory incident our members of the STN-J must protect her. R&R please
Review(s): 1 Reviews

MM.org's Answering Machine
[P] by: Iris_Sun
: Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Fiction / Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Fiction / Wish Fan Fiction / Beyblade Fan Fiction / Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction / Wolf's Rain Fan Fiction / Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction / Trigun Fan Fiction
Genre(s): / Comedy | Type: Spamfic
Latest Revision: July 18, 2004 14:44 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 618 | Visits: 1.9K
Summary: Iris comes into the MM.org office a little early to find messages on the answering machine. While pondering where the secretary went, she listens to the funny, upsetting, and sometimes down right absurd messages left by the characters.
Review(s): 19 Reviews

Unbroken Chains
[T] by: Silver Fox
: Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Angst / Suspense / Drama | Type: Other
Latest Revision: July 13, 2004 17:32 PDT | Chapters: 3 | Words: 4.2K | Visits: 1.2K
Summary: A clock strikes the Sabbath hour. People gather in the shadows, drawn together by hatred that has spawned over countless centuries. The chains of war have yet to be unbroken. The chaos continues until all their blood is split...unless they can stop them read more
Review(s): 4 Reviews

Child of Sacrifice
[T] by: ChibiAnubis
: Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Suspense / Adventure / Action / Angst | Type: Continuation
Latest Revision: April 27, 2004 12:50 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.8K | Visits: 690
Summary: After a witch hunt goes haywire lands Michael in the hospital, more attacks appear within the Flat. The team is drastically relocated, and is surprisingly faced with an ex-serial killer witch turned Hunter, who's more than suspicious. And to top it off, so read more
Review(s): 3 Reviews

Unwanted Crush
[T] by: HieiandTouyaLover
: Witch Hunter Robin Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: Other
Latest Revision: April 15, 2004 11:45 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.6K | Visits: 701
Summary: First chappy angst!Amon and Robin might of escaped the factory but Amon gets ingured.Amon dies right infront of Robin.She goes back to teh STN-J only to find Micheal is in love with her REPLACEMENT?!!WTF!?One person notices her though,Sakaki.Sakaki/Robin
Review(s): 2 Reviews