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Circusy Circumstances
[T] by: Frawggie
: InuYasha Fan Fiction / Samurai Champloo Fan Fiction / Saiyuki Reload Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Hentai / Drama / Adventure | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: September 22, 2005 17:26 PDT | Chapters: 3 | Words: 2.9K | Visits: 1.3K
Summary: mwAH!! *phone rings* anyway, three best friends split up a few times and finally meet up again in Japan (for the education) and it's basically about their...*sigh* "experiences" as exchange students at a very pervety, snobby, sad school.

[T] by: HikariArchai
: Saiyuki Reload Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Hentai / Comedy | Type: Self Insertion
Latest Revision: September 04, 2005 22:04 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 1.8K | Visits: 1.5K
Summary: Sanzo's sleeping and Gojyo, Goku, and Hakkai are bored...Truth or dare anyone?...*Sidenotes*I only have the 1st Reload manga, so I don't know that much...Plus it's rated Hentai for some perverse things and Y for strong language...Enjoy!...
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