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Ice Priestess
[P] by: Yami_no_tenshi_16
Anime/Manga: Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure | Type: Other
Latest Revision: March 02, 2007 05:28 PST | Chapters: 1 | Words: 2.3K | Visits: 645
Summary: Yukiko Minamoto gets sucked inside the Book of the Four Gods and becomes the unwilling new Priestess of Genbu. Will she be able to find the seven stars of Genbu and summon the god? She had once fallen in love but that had ended in tragedy and so she chose read more

Turn to a Friend
[A] by: RosieBird
: Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Classic | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: October 03, 2006 15:18 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 2.2K | Visits: 711
Summary: My first Fushigi Yuugi fic.

After a terrible nightmare, Miaka finds comfort in the arms of a good friend.

*NOT* a Chichiri/Miaka couple story, just a friends story.

Fushigi Yuugi: The Next Chapter
[T] by: ItsTheDee
: Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Shoujo / Romance / Fantasy / Drama / Comedy / Action | Type: Continuation
Latest Revision: September 17, 2006 18:37 PDT | Chapters: 9 | Words: 145.5K | Visits: 2.8K
Summary: Two young women stumble upon an ancient book... but wait! This isn't the ShiJiTenChiSho! What is this new book, and what do Tasuki & Chichiri have to do with it?

Episode 9: Will the appearance of an Element ruin Tasuki & Co.'s trip back to read more
Review(s): 7 Reviews

dark heart
[P] by: leviathanmaiden
: Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: Other
Latest Revision: September 09, 2006 14:58 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 9.7K | Visits: 440
Summary: times have yet again become dire in the universe of the four gods, resulting in two girls being called through the portal. now they must join three others as the attempt to vanquish the mysterious darkness that threatens the very existance of this new othe read more

Drawn To You
[T] by: FateAlchemist
: InuYasha Fan Fiction / Fullmetal Alchemist Fan Fiction / Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance / Fantasy / Hentai / Action | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: August 04, 2006 20:07 PDT | Chapters: 4 | Words: 7.1K | Visits: 1.8K
Summary: A young girl's father died when she was very young causing her to hide behind a cheerful facade to hide her pain. A young boy's mother died when he was ver young leaving him to his strict father and his evil stepmother. Which led to him being anti-social.< read more
Review(s): 1 Reviews

Leaning to Love you
[T] by: sakurachibi
: Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Romance | Type: Other
Latest Revision: July 31, 2006 08:06 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 4.6K | Visits: 466
Summary: WEll this is a tasuki based story...it includes an oc to be introduced soon.
tasuki realises he is to be married and he has no clue about it..
My first story...even i'm not sure how it will continue.
any criticism or comment is appreci read more

Miaka against the Dark Lord
[T] by: kazumi07
: Fushigi Yuugi Fan Fiction / Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction
Genre(s): / Romance / Comedy | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: July 17, 2006 10:19 PDT | Chapters: 10 | Words: 20.6K | Visits: 3.5K
Summary: the book of the four gods is missing!keisuke accidentally lost it when he was in London! and the worst thing is, it fell right into Voldemort's evil hands. Now that her seven star warriors are gone, miaka should learn magic to get it back!
Review(s): 2 Reviews