I'll Be There
[T] by: Lady Shockbox
Anime/Manga: SD Gundam Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Mecha / Romance / Angst | Type: One Shot
Latest Revision: September 09, 2010 08:34 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 21.3K | Visits: 724
Summary: Denying love when it stares you blatantly in the face is never a road anyone should risk taking, no matter how frivolous the romance may be. Gerbera, a mech once named Madnug, learned that the difficult way with Sazabi. Oneshot. Slash/Yaoi.

Mobile Suit Gundam GGeneration: Dreams
[T] by: Nabeshin III
: Mobile Suit Gundam Fan Fiction / Gundam Wing Fan Fiction / Gundam SEED Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi / Mecha / Action | Type: Divergence
Latest Revision: August 15, 2009 15:40 PDT | Chapters: 17 | Words: 202.5K | Visits: 10.6K
Summary: With the Titans, OZ, ZAFT, AEUG and Neo Zeon vying for power, we forget that it is the individuals who fight and win wars. This is their story in the universe of Colonial Year.

Update: New timeline chapter added.
Review(s): 5 Reviews

Decorated Officer: Retaliation
[T] by: StoryGuy101
: Original Stories Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Sci-fi / Mecha / Drama / Adventure / Action | Type: Other
Latest Revision: July 04, 2009 20:00 PDT | Chapters: 1 | Words: 307 | Visits: 486
Summary: The year is 2022, America has just been invaded by an unknown force, sparking another world war. The story follows Staff Seargent Thomas Jackson who leads a 7 man team to help defend the U.S, along with millions of other soldiers from 6 other nations, who read more

End Of The Eternity - For Future Generations -
[T] by: End Of Eternity
: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Fan Fiction / Crossover With Non-anime Series Fan Fiction / Gundam SEED Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Adventure / Drama / Mecha / Shoujo / Shounen | Type: Self Insertion
Latest Revision: July 03, 2009 06:46 PDT | Chapters: 10 | Words: 81.7K | Visits: 4.7K
Summary: Sometimes parody, sometimes whimsical, sometimes melancholy, join the young wishful (sometimes self-centered) fanfic author that suddenly became freelance Gundam Meister. Happened after the fateful Ten Days War! Find out with your own risk and contain a lo read more

Bad Anime
[T] by: Armament Dawg
: Original Stories Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy / Action / Sci-fi / Mecha | Type: Other
Latest Revision: May 29, 2009 10:07 PDT | Chapters: 8 | Words: 27.0K | Visits: 5.8K
Summary: In this exploration and explosion of anime cliches, nothing is sacred. The teenaged hero f***s up and wrecks the mecha the first time he steps into the cockpit. The tsundere girl stays tsuntsun and refuses to be deredere. The princess of darkness decide read more

Dark Mirrors: Across from Happiness
[T] by: Armament Dawg
: Gundam Seed Destiny Fan Fiction / Neon Genesis Evangelion Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Comedy / Action / Mecha / Horror / Fantasy | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: May 29, 2009 09:54 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 27.5K | Visits: 17.1K
Summary: A sequel to 'Dark Mirrors: The Meaning of Terror'. Darth Vader and Sailor Venus are getting married, but they can't celebrate their honeymoon until they arrest the terrorists who attacked the ceremony.

The terrorists, wanting some sex slave read more
Review(s): 1 Reviews

Dark Mirrors: The Meaning of Terror
[T] by: Armament Dawg
: Transformers Fan Fiction / Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction
Genre(s): Fantasy / Comedy / Action / Mecha / Martial Arts | Type: Crossover
Latest Revision: May 29, 2009 09:50 PDT | Chapters: 2 | Words: 44.3K | Visits: 10.1K
Summary: A crossover with Pearson Mui's 'Anime Detective' series. When Japanese terrorists attempt to hijack the Death Star, Darth Vader orders the Japanese police to arrest those responsible, or he'll bomb Japan into the sea. Can the heroes and heroines succeed? read more