Gundam SEED Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ The war of Megazords VS Gundams! ❯ Let's assume ( Prologue )

[ Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 ]

The War was finally over…
Patrick Zala was gone… and could no longer threaten to destroy Earth and make it the new world for coordinators.
Azrael was gone too… So he could no longer try to wipe out all coordinators for the Naturals to take over.
Best of all… all their wicked sidekicks were gone with them.
All of them, including…Raww le Klueze, and it was all thanks to Ensign, Kira Yamato… the Most powerful of all coordinators who hated the idea of war.
His Mobile suit, FREEDOM was gone, but he still survived, and was retrieved by his best friend Athurun, of the Mobile Suit, JUSTICE… and his known to be sister, Cagali, of the STRIKE ROUGE!
“Kira, are you okay?” asked Cagali with tears of happiness in her eyes, and she couldn't wipe them away.
Kira slowly opened hi eyes, “Of course I'm not okay.” He peeped, but then smiled, “I'll live if that's what you mean.”
Cagali threw her arms around him and sobbed, and was joined in by Athurun. “Kira… don't you ever do that to us again.” He cried.
Aboard the Warship, Eternal. Andrew Bartfeldt, saw everything. “He made it… he's alive!” he cried.
Lacus Clyne fell back in her seat and sighed of relief as tears poured down her face…Kira was alive, and would be coming back to her as he promised.
Aboard the Archangel, the crew was cheering wildly that the war was over, but some of them still were in lament over the loss of their loved ones and friends during the war.
Natarle Badgiruel… Tolle Koenig… and the two worst of all… Fllay Allster, and Mwu la Fllaga.
Captain. Murrue Ramius… had excused herself from the bridge, and was in her room sobbing softly.
“You said…” she cried while stroking the Pendant around her neck, “…You said… you would come back to me!”
She suddenly felt a warm hand on her shoulder, “…and I did.” Said a familiar voice.
She looked up, and could make out the face of Mwu la Fllaga, staring tenderly down her.
“M-M-Mwu?” she sobbed.
Mwu bent down gently and kissed her. Which proved without a doubt he was alive.
“Like I said… I can make the impossible, Possible.” He said.
Murrue threw her arms around him, and cried into his chest. “I thought I lost you!” she cried.
Everyone had thought that Mwu had died When the STRIKE was attack by the Warship-Dominion… but Mwu was more clever than that.
He managed to quickly eject and get about 10 yards away from the suit before it exploded.
The explosion did short out his transmitter, so he couldn't contact the ship, and everyone else was too busy concentrating on the battle to even notice him.
So he snuck into the STRIKE'S launch-bay, and made it back in one piece… as for the broken Space-Helmet they all saw floating out there.
“I always was one to carry a spare!”
Murrue was just so relieved to have him back, and to have him take her into his arms once again.
Meanwhile on the bridge… Sai Argyle, and Miriallia Haww… they knew for certain that both Fllay, and Tolle were long gone.
Dearka Elthman, the pilot of the BUSTER, “I know I'm not Tolle and never can be… But I would give my life up in a second if it would bring him back.”
Mir didn't know why she did what she did, but reached up and hugged him. “I never knew you could be this understanding.” She said softly.
Poor Sai… he didn't have anyone to cheer him up. He and Fllay were once only arranged to be married, but that was it.
Even after all her sick flirting with Kira, just to get back at coordinators for killing her father… Sai still and would always love her.
Back aboard the Eternal…
Kira was brought to the sick bay where all his wounds were treated. All he needed was rest.
When Lacus came in, Cagali and Athurun left the room, to give them some well needed time alone.
Haro and, Birdy jumped happily on Kira's bed. “Kira… Kira!” chirped Haro. “You alive!”
Birdy then saw to pick Haro up and carry him off the bed when he saw Lacus move in.
Kira slowly opened his eyes. “La-cus.” He peeped.
Lacus softly put a finger to his lips. “Shh… don't speak, Kira.” She whispered. Then she lowered her lips onto his.
When they separated, Kira handed Lacus back the ring she gave him. “Lacus… I was wondering…” he asked.
Lacus could feel her body warming up inside as if she knew what he was going to say.
“Sometime… after we get home and settle in… would you… please… say you'll.”
Lacus brushed away her tears… “It's okay Kira.” She whispered, “You don't need ask… if you hadn't I would have.”
Kira had tears in his eyes now. “So… you will?” he asked.
Lacus moved her face close to his again, and stopped at the last two inches. “Yes…” she whispered, and then moved the rest of the way and kissed him again.
Kira, although he was still exhausted, reached up and wrapped his free arm around her neck, pulling her closer. Their tears stained each other's faces.
Outside the door, Athurun and Cagali couldn't help but peek a little, and smiled.
“So… she was really once your fiancée?” Cagail asked Shyly. Now it was Athurun's to hush her.
“Let's just put the past behind us, and concentrate… on our future.” He said placing a ring he had over her finger.
Cagali blushed like crazy. “Oh Athurun…” she cried, “…Yes!”
He took her into his arms and kissed her in the weightlessness around them.
With the war over, all the remained to do, was to have a safe journey home to Earth. There was nothing left out there to cause trouble.
…Or So they thought!
Author's Notes:
Hey everyone, Mykan here.
Just a notice… I have seen all Fifty episodes of Gundam Seed and have them all on tape.
So you can expect a little OOC and, a little changes to the plots.
Also… I have included the Characters from Digimon,all seasonsbecause… don't some of them look an awful like the G-S characters… well… lets make them meet… IN BATTLE.