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Title: Yamamoto and teh Fairies [ Miscellaneous :: Role Playing ] By: Narusegawa Megumi
Uploaded On: May 27 12:40:27 2004
Description: La liii hooooooo! ^o^ Nicihwa minna-sama! This picture took 6+ hours to complete. o.o;; And it still looks like crap. XD This oekaki is of my chacter from my RP with Norumu (norumu.deviantart.com); Yumi, also known as the tavern owner Yama[moto]. She cross read more
Image Properties: 500x450 252.49 kb
Title: Na no da!! [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: Narusegawa Megumi
Uploaded On: Jan 21 16:02:21 2004
Charcters: Ryuichi Sakuma, Sakuma Ryuichi
Description: La liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ho!! ^_^ I absolutely ADORE Gravitation! Here's a doodle I did of Ryuichi on an oekaki board. He's my favorite! ^__^ I was planning on coloring him, but I got kicked off the computer because my sister had a report to finish read more
Image Properties: 500x300 7.97 kb
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