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Title: Usagi Festival [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: jackalsscalpel
Uploaded On: Mar 13 12:05:13 2007
Charcters: Sakuma Ryuichi
Description: Ryuuichi and L (from Death Note) celebrating in kimonos and bunny ears :D
Image Properties: 661x619 64.38 kb
Title: Make me Shining [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: Yumiki-chan
Uploaded On: Apr 26 13:57:31 2005
Charcters: Ryuichi Sakuma, Sakuma Ryuichi
Description: Awwwww, love this pic. If anyone has watched the Gravi anime they'll know whats up with the small scribbling Ryu-kun^^. And the title is from the lyrics of Nittle Graspers hit 'Shining Collection'. Colored in PS.7. This can also be found on my DA account. read more
Image Properties: 500x545 109.09 kb
Title: Na no da!! [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: Narusegawa Megumi
Uploaded On: Jan 21 16:02:21 2004
Charcters: Ryuichi Sakuma, Sakuma Ryuichi
Description: La liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ho!! ^_^ I absolutely ADORE Gravitation! Here's a doodle I did of Ryuichi on an oekaki board. He's my favorite! ^__^ I was planning on coloring him, but I got kicked off the computer because my sister had a report to finish read more
Image Properties: 500x300 7.97 kb
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Title: Ryuuichi (Why why why?!) [ Anime/Manga :: Gravitation ] By: Jun-chan
Uploaded On: Dec 19 2:22:24 2003
Charcters: Kumagorou, Sakuma Ryuichi
Description: This was my general frame of mind as I waited with baited breath for the American release of the Gravi manga. And waited. And waited. The release was about pushed back twice, before they finally released it in August.
Image Properties: 325x275 74.24 kb
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