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Title: goddess [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: redcarpetgirl
Uploaded On: Mar 24 10:07:12 2009
Description: snake charmer
Image Properties: 604x453 66.58 kb
Title: Ostara, Goddess of Spring [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: Cliodhna Glen
Uploaded On: Mar 20 12:45:17 2007
Description: Happy Ostara, everyone! I've been working on this picture specifically for Ostara, so I'm glad I was able to finish it today. :) This is one of a series of celebrity-inspired pieces I have in the works. I found a beautiful photo of Keira Knightly that made read more
Image Properties: 759x600 236.26 kb
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Title: Looking for Hope [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: VampiressNanashi666
Uploaded On: Apr 12 15:34:10 2005
Description: This is a goddess I made up.Her name is Midori. She is the goddess of hope.I like this picture alot!^_^.Shading is ok.I descreened the image to give it a more smooth look.I know she has wings but she can still be a goddess.Used colored pencils and edited o read more
Image Properties: 1192x1592 218.56 kb
Title: Life [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: Darkwing_Eli
Uploaded On: Aug 14 15:15:37 2004
Description: She's an original character I called Alia Sunstream. Twin sister of Death, she's a very old angel that always cared of all the living creatures. This is why many mortals called her Mother Nature. She's good at heart and she's ready to love everybody, but d read more
Image Properties: 1024x740 99.7 kb
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Title: Sirona Amethyst [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: DivaSiren
Uploaded On: May 4 12:31:51 2004
Description: My personal made up Goddess - she's the guardian of all unicorns and I finally decided on taking the advice of 2 reviewers about the name. This is my first completely done on the computer piece and I really like it ^_^. Made in about 15 hours with PaintSho read more
Image Properties: 800x729 67.22 kb
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Title: Thaleia [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: himitsu-no-hi
Uploaded On: Oct 6 16:11:58 2003
Description: Something a little different from me^-^ I tried really hard with this piece and thankfully the muse was with me and the sketch and colouring came out well! I used a fun sketching set I got from WHSmiths to draw and colour^-^ -inspired by a picture of Kira read more
Image Properties: 825x1044 209.91 kb
Title: Athena [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: RurouniTriv
Uploaded On: Oct 13 23:14:08 2002
Description: This is my vision of the Greco-Roman goddess Athena, patron deity of wisdom and warfare.
Image Properties: 447x531 37.68 kb
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Title: Death Wears a .... Blue Neglige? [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: corynth
Uploaded On: Oct 2 16:05:49 2002
Description: Fixed the arm a little. The guy who requested the pic turned it into his desktop. As a caring person, I couldn't just LET him use a grotesquely pink desktop since he's a guy. I have a slightly updated version of this pic where the right breast is actually read more
Image Properties: 1024x771 92.52 kb
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Title: Death Wears a Pink Neglige [ Mythological :: Goddesses ] By: corynth
Uploaded On: Oct 1 18:39:33 2002
Description: A request. The body position is unnatural, which wasn't intentional. Silly me. It works a little bit with her character, though, as Death is somewhat contrary.
Image Properties: 665x554 53.34 kb
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