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Title: The wind did it [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: XIFallenxAngelIX
Uploaded On: Oct 16 20:48:06 2007
Description: I drew this picture for a friend after she complained about her boss at work. Yeah that's her in the hood paying a Fairy to do her dirty work for her. It's a really rough picture drawn completely by led pencil and ulpoaded through my computer's basic paint read more
Image Properties: 660x641 51.46 kb
Title: My Muses [ Mythological :: Expression Spirits ] By: Mizu Kai
Uploaded On: Oct 9 21:08:18 2007
Description: These are my muses, well Kai and Mizu are mine, wonder why my account is what it is. Hmmm. jk. Any was the third one is Sondra's muse/ I moved this from Sondra's account, aka wildchickfox. She said it was okay, because i made it, and now that i have an acc read more
Image Properties: 1232x1776 210.85 kb
Title: Darkness Waiting [ Mythological :: Demons/Gargoyles ] By: Screaming_Fan_Girl
Uploaded On: Sep 29 9:58:18 2007
Charcters: Devils
Description: I drew this in paint... I don't have adobe paintshop (much less know how to use it). There is a deeper meaning to it. Can you guess? This was based on a poem I had written, called "Three Evil Colors." That gives you a hint. -.0
Image Properties: 1168x763 47.5 kb
Title: Keara Red Dragon of Egypt [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Red Dragon Of Egypt
Uploaded On: Sep 12 0:22:33 2007
Charcters: Western Dragons
Description: Pretty much the embodiment of my very heart and soul
Image Properties: 560x409 46.85 kb
Title: Tigerlily [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: bratkitty
Uploaded On: Aug 25 22:30:10 2007
Description: After cleaning out my old gallery, I decided to post this fairy pic I painted a while back. :D The wings were fun.
Image Properties: 750x600 44.9 kb
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Title: Dark Lovers [ Mythological :: Kitsune ] By: DemanFox
Uploaded On: Aug 23 16:37:18 2007
Description: A friend gave this to me as a gift. He knew that I liked foxs and that I come up with Ideas of what they would look like if they had human traits.
Image Properties: 503x403 41.27 kb
Title: Kya as "Human" [ Mythological :: Other ] By: MarPai
Uploaded On: Aug 23 15:56:31 2007
Description: one of Dragon Emperor Kovus' most vicious spy and assassin, also Kaja's foster-mother for many years. Kya the dark She-Rin
Image Properties: 818x1096 277.08 kb
Title: not another rose bush [ Mythological :: Elf/Elves ] By: shawnamm1
Uploaded On: Aug 23 2:47:29 2007
Charcters: High Elves
Description: well just a random idea i made over i was mad at my grandpa while at my grandparents house a few weeks ago...i think it turned out well and i did fix it to a proper way... this was done in pen, pencil, colored pecil, crayon, and sharpie
Image Properties: 1200x1600 270.04 kb
Title: S'Kaja'a Asha'a Portrait [ Mythological :: Other ] By: MarPai
Uploaded On: Aug 15 16:45:04 2007
Description: Another of Kaja from "Revelations" "A night Out" and "Meetings"
Image Properties: 850x1141 295.92 kb
Title: S'Kaja'a Asha'a In Profile [ Mythological :: Other ] By: MarPai
Uploaded On: Aug 15 16:40:30 2007
Description: Kaja from my Fiction press stories, "A Night Out" "Revelations" and the Poem "Meetings" in profile
Image Properties: 826x1145 241.05 kb
Title: cloud dazing [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: shawnamm1
Uploaded On: Aug 13 2:21:46 2007
Charcters: Western Dragons
Description: well i just rescanned this pic flipping it finaly...tell me how u like it now that i have this prob fixed
Image Properties: 1194x993 131.33 kb
Title: Angel Spirit [ Mythological :: Angels ] By: ekf501
Uploaded On: Aug 7 16:18:13 2007
Description: This is digitally redone/cleaned up drawing of me which I altered slightly from my appearance. Then i added a staff and a wing. Her staff is her magic, she uses it with/for spells of goodness and purity. She helps humans and angels alike. She only has one read more
Image Properties: 1544x2080 244.04 kb
Title: Younge Male Dragon [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Honey-Senpai
Uploaded On: Aug 6 22:43:24 2007
Charcters: Western Dragons
Description: just another pencial drawing
Image Properties: 300x365 13.5 kb
Title: Baby Dragon [ Mythological :: Dragon/Dragons ] By: Honey-Senpai
Uploaded On: Aug 6 22:42:52 2007
Charcters: Western Dragons
Description: just a little baby
Image Properties: 344x530 22.53 kb
Title: lil sis's b-day card [ Mythological :: Faery/Fairy/ Faeries ] By: shawnamm1
Uploaded On: Aug 4 18:13:40 2007
Description: well this is a card i spent 3 days on to make to perfection, for my lil sis's 15th b-day i think it turned out well. medien-crayon, marker, pernament marker, pens, and glitter
Image Properties: 1600x1200 414.22 kb
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