Ah My Goddess Fan Fiction ❯ Way of the Ya ❯ Vol. Two, Chapter Ten: Archery Class ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Archery Class
Yulia and Shone walked up to the new lavish building. Today, they started archery class. This was Yulia's reward for the week. Every Sunday evening, she and her boyfriend came here to shoot arrows. The girl needed it badly. Anything to keep her from killing someone. Hell, Yulia deserved it for all of the harassment she took at school. Finally, something to look forward to. Shone turned to his girl.
“Ready?” he asked her.
“Hell yes!” Yulia called out. Her love grinned at her enthusiasm.
“Okay then,” the boy said. “Let's go!” Both headed into the building. Inside, the arrows flew. The students were all dressed like samurai students. Yulia looked around amazed. She had never seen so much excitement before in her life. Right then, she found a new place to belong.
“Wow!” she said aloud. Shone kind of chuckled at his girl.
“You like it?” he asked. Yulia turned to him with a red face. She nodded quickly. Shone laughed at her. His girl looked up at him quickly.
“WHAT?!?” she cried out. Her man shrugged at her.
“Just…” Shone replied. “Happy to see you happy, I suppose!” Yulia smiled at him some.
“Really?” she challenged. Shone smiled and nodded at her.
“I am, actually,” he replied. They joined the other students right away.
“I'll take care of the paperwork,” Shone told her. “You go mix with some of the other students, okay?”
“Right,” Yulia replied. Then, her boyfriend went to the front desk. Yulia turned back to the crowd. All snotty rich kids to her. But, whatever. Wouldn't hurt to talk to a couple of people! The ruffian walked over to the group. Three girls looked up and saw Yulia walking over to them. They sneered at her and whispered to each other.
“Ewww!” one of them hissed. “It's Umeki Yulia!”
“What the hell is she doing here?” the second one asked.
“This is no place for her kind!” the third one spoke. “Maybe we should drive her out!”
“But how?” the first one asked.
“Don't know,” the third girl replied. “But she can't stay here!”
“Yeah!” the other two agreed. They weren't being quiet about it either. The girls directed their conversation to be heard by the Russian-Japanese girl. Was Yulia pissed off? Oh-ho yes! Did she want to beat them down? You bet! But, something held her back…
“Don't use violence for all of your problems,” Belldandy had told her at one time. “Use your head.” Yulia took that advice to heart. She looked all around her for a moment. The ruffian spotted a bow and arrow lying on the floor. An idea came into her head. She grinned to herself wickedly. “Perfect!” Yulia thought.
The Russian-Japanese girl walked over to her weapon of choice. All eyes were on her. The snobs watched her expecting her to fail. Yulia smirked to herself again. Show time! Yulia set herself up, drew the bow, and fired. Bang! The rest of the class looked on shocked. A prefect bulls-eye in one hot at a long distance. Not a single starch. Just a perfect shot! Everyone looked on in surprise. Shone came back to the crowd and noticed them staring on. He became confused. The boyfriend walked up to one of the random boys in the class.
“What's going on?” he asked. The boy didn't answer. He just pointed forward. Shone looked up at the bulls-eye. He too became shocked. Yulia turned to the three girls. She smirked at them coldly.
“Now what was that you were saying, ladies?” the ruffian asked the girls. They couldn't speak at all. They just stared on in shock. Yulia sneered to herself boldly. Now, she had a reason to enjoy archery class even more. Oh yeah, baby!
First Bulls-eye