Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Alarming Attachment ❯ Chapter 7 ( Chapter 7 )

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Alarming Attachment

Summary: It was suppose to be a relaxing vacation, but for Ray it’s anything but. Meeting a girl called Asia who annoys him and dealing with Kai who appears annoyed with him, what’s a neko to do? And what is it that Kai is hiding?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Arista “Asia” Rainstorm. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not on based one anyone else’s character, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental.

Warning: Usage of a female OC. She is not the hero of the story, and the fic will not be centered on her. Any fans of OC pairings should leave now. Do not ask me to turn this fic into a Ray/OC or any other canon character/OC as I cannot stand such pairings. I have no hesitation in bashing my own created characters.

Another warning; I have turned a male character into a female disguised behind male clothing. The character’s identity will not be revealed until later on in the story.

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Chapter Seven:

Darkness of night fell over the hotel a lot slower than Ray wanted. After Kai’s confrontation with Asia outside where he almost physically lashed out at her, Ray had not seen any sign of him since. He bumped into Hilary soon afterwards and found her brooding in the dinning room, a mangled form of an almost unrecognizable plastic bottle sat in front of her.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” Hilary asked with an angry tone in her voice as soon as she saw him, which caused Ray almost want to grab that plastic bottle and rip it to shreds with his teeth.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Ray found himself hissing in his defense once again. Asia was not his girlfriend. Hell, she was not even his friend!

He had not seen Asia all afternoon either and Ray was a little appalled with himself about how happy he felt being free of her grasp. He even wished Kai would threaten her again!

Now, Ray had never been the type to hate someone outright or wished him or her ill fortune, but a certain Arista “Asia” Rainstorm was really, really, really getting on his last, overly stressed nerve!

She insulted Kai constantly, ever since she first layed eyes on him, even mocking him right in front of Ray himself. Moreover, today she had a go at Hilary because of the swimsuit she wore. If that was not petty and spiteful than Ray does not what was! She constantly drags him away from his teammates so they could have ‘alone’ time together because that was so romantic! She gets jealous so easily and loses her temper as quick as she would burst into tears!

She was officially doing his head in!

Ray rolled over in bed, unable to sleep. His thought stayed constantly on his captain, the teen bedding in the room just next door to his. From what he knows, Kai had locked himself up in his room all afternoon, no doubt berating himself for losing his cool with Asia that afternoon. He always does that. When he loses his cool for anything, he would always take off for a couple of hours and brood over what he should have done instead of what he did.

Kai had always being his own harshest critic.

On the verge of finally falling asleep, the sound of a key turning in a lock just outside his door startled Ray back to consciousness. He sat up in bed and his narrowed feline eyes easily cut through the darkness as he watched his door opened slowly. He was slightly curious, if not slightly concerned, as to who would be trying to sneak into his room. Then his concern quickly disappeared when he spotted the familiar sillouette of a certain busty and curvy dual brown-haired woman.

“What are you doing in my room?” Ray asked with a tone tittering on the edge of being harsh and accusing.

Asia jumped at Ray’s voice and dropped her master key she swiped off her father just for the sole purpose of sneaking into any room she wants. She turned around and flicked her long brown hair of her eyes, letting it tumble down her back as she adjusted the black and skimpy silk nightdress she wore that ended just below her butt.

“I had a nightmare,” she whimpered as she walked across the room, sat on Ray’s bed and slid up uncomfortably close to him. She then threw herself into his chest and began to cry. “I dreamt that Kai came into my room and raped me! It was horrible!”

Horrible for Kai, Ray suspected as the darkness of the room hid his look of disgust. Kai would rather rip out his own intestines than even touch Asia in anyway. Kai might be cold and a little blunt at times, but he sure as hell wasn’t a rapist or an abusive jackass that many people liked to think he was.

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” She asked as moved to press herself further into Ray’s chest as her silk dress slid up onto her hips to expose a pair of black lacy knickers for Ray to see. Surely, he wouldn’t resist something as tempting and sexy as she was, could he?

Ray saw the girl’s undergarment and his brain immediately went into overdrive. “Er…I’m sorry, you can’t.”

Asia reeled back in surprised as Ray’s response jarred her out of her cuddly mood. She leaned back and blinked at him, aghast that he would say no. “Please?” she whispered as she pushed herself into his chest again.

Ray simply grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back as he shook his head rapidly. Asia felt angry as she grabbed onto Ray’s arms with her hands and glared at him. What the hell was wrong with him?! They are finally alone and he was playing hard to get! She picked out this silky nightdress because she was certain Ray would not have been able to resist her.

“Why not?” She asked as she gritted her teeth together.

“It wouldn’t be proper,” Ray replied as he pried Asia’s fingers off of his arms. “A guy and a girl sleeping in the same bed?”

Asia blinked and then giggled to herself. Aw, Ray’s just being a gentleman! He was so sweet!

“You can sleep on the floor,” Asia offered, finding that option more than reasonable. After all, she practically owned his hotel, which meant she also owned this room. She was allowed to come in here whenever she wanted and take the bed. Besides, a guy must always cater to a girl’s needs. She always came first, after all.

Ray felt his eyebrow twitched at the suggestion. Did she really expect him to agree because she said so? Does she have any idea how uncomfortable the floor was?!

“Or, I can walk you back to your room where you can sleep in your own bed and I can sleep in mine.”

Asia looked horrified at the thought and threw herself into Ray’s chest again; totally unaware that he dressed had slid up to reveal her underwear again. “I can’t go back to my room!” she cried as she bashed her fist against his chest. “Please, can’t I just sleep in here?”

“Look, I’m really tired,” Ray said as he once against pushed her away from him, his patience all but gone. “Can’t you just go back to your room to sleep?”

Asia buried her face into her hands and started to cry. “That’s mean,” she whimpered as she planted herself in the middle of Ray’s bed and refused to move.

Ray felt himself on the verge of a total meltdown as the thought of grabbing Asia by her hair and tossing her out on her ass as he slammed the door in her face very appealing. However, he didn’t want a scene or a fight in the middle of the night. No doubt, Asia would scream at him through the door and wake everyone else up. He was in no mood for the tired glares and muttered cursing from his teammates this late at night.

“Fine,” he muttered as he threw back the blankets and slipped out of bed. “Take the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

Asia suddenly sprung up and hugged him, brushing her lips temptingly against his ear. “You’re so nice,” she said with a giggle.

Ray sighed and rubbed his forehead, willing the brunette to let him go. “Yeah, yeah.”

Asia wasted no time getting comfortable in Ray’s bed as Ray settled himself down on the hard floor with only a pillow and a blanket to keep him company. He muttered darkly under his breath for a moment as he tried to find a position comfortable enough for him. The floor was a lot harder than he thought it would be. He sat up and turned his amber eyes towards his now ex-bed, and he glared hatefully at the sight of Asia sound asleep and taking up the entire bed. She was on her back with her dress hitched up to her stomach, once again revealing her underwear to the world around her.

Has she no shame?

Ray needed to get out of this room. If he doesn’t he might do something he’ll regret later. He just had a vision that he pressed a pillow against Asia’s face. What the hell was she doing to him?

Silently, Ray climbed to his feet and made his way over to the door. He paused in his movements long enough to grab the key Asia dropped earlier and a second later, was out the door. Once out in the hallway, he leaned against his door and took a deep breath.

Now what? Now how was he going to get any sleep? He could probably crash with one of the guys, but Max would ask to many questions, the same with Kenny. As friendly as Tyson and Daichi was, they were both noisy sleepers and he wouldn’t get an ounce of sleep with them.

That leaves Kai, the teen who wasn’t exactly happy with him at the moment. Well, he could deal with an annoyed Kai easier than he could deal with an annoying Asia.

Kai’s room it is.

Ray pushed himself away from his door and took the few steps to reach Kai’s silently as he could. With the key he got from Asia, he unlocked the door and prayed that Kai didn’t put the chain up. He then cursed in his native tongue when the door made a rattling noise. Kai did add the chain. Why didn’t he do that to his?

“Ray?” Kai said in a surprised voice as he pushed the door shut again only to open it a moment later and peered at Ray with a sleepy expression. His hair was in disarray, but it only made his tired appearance more adorable, especially how he kept tugging at the collar of his shirt that kept slipping down to expose his shoulder.

“It’s the middle of the night,” Kai said with concern in his voice. “What’s wrong?”

“Asia is in my room,” Ray muttered bitterly.

Kai furrowed his brow in confusion and slight annoyance. “What’s she doing there?”

“She had a nightmare and wanted to sleep with me,” Ray replied bluntly, still sounding bitter. He then turned embarrassed when he noticed that Kai reeled back in shock, a light blush on his cheeks.

“What?” he spluttered.

“Lie in bed with me, I mean!” Ray was quick to explain as his hands flailed about in front of him.

Kai looked relieved for a moment before he shook his head in disproval. “Ray, you can’t-“

Ray knew what Kai was going to say, but he didn’t need to hear it at the moment. “Can I stay here for the night, please?” he asked as he cut him off.

Kai took a moment to stare at Ray, his eyes searching his. As he looked upon Ray’s face, he realized just how much Asia’s fondness for him was taking its toll and he felt slight satisfaction in knowing that Ray doesn’t like Asia as much as she liked him.

“…Fine,” he said as he stepped back and allowed Ray access into his room. He shut the door behind him and put the chain back in its place. “But you have to tell her that you’re not interested in her that way, Ray.”

“I know, I know,” Ray muttered as he rubbed his forehead in a tired manner. “It’s just…I feel sorry for her. She lost her mother.”

Kai frowned, but not from sympathy. Sure, he felt sad that any child had lost a parent, but that was no excuse for her to act in such a way. “That’s sad, yes, but she isn’t the only one. My parents are dead, your parents are to and Tyson’s mother is gone. But you don’t see us being completely assholes about, do you? Well, not all of us anyway… She needs to get on with her life.”

Ray turned around and gave Kai a blank look. “That’s a little harsh, Kai.”

“The truth often is,” Kai muttered as he folded his arms over his chest. He had to live his life with that belief, as did Tyson, Daichi and Ray himself. Why should that be any different for Asia? Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she should have everything she wanted handed to her on a silver platter. She has to get on with life just like everyone else.

Moreover, her father, the poor man has been through much heartbreak himself. However, all Asia does is disrespect him endlessly. How much more can a man take?

“Come on, let’s go to bed,” Kai said. “I want to get some sleep tonight. We’ll talk about this in greater detail in the morning, ok?”

“Sure Kai,” Ray said as he slipped into bed next to Kai and settled his head on a pillow. He waited for Kai to do the same thing and turned to face him as Kai laid on his side as well. “And thanks for letting me stay,” he whispered before he fell asleep.