Beyblade Fan Fiction ❯ Alarming Attachment ❯ Chapter 10 ( Chapter 10 )

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Alarming Attachment

Summary: It was suppose to be a relaxing vacation, but for Ray it’s anything but. Meeting a girl called Asia who annoys him and dealing with Kai who appears annoyed with him, what’s a neko to do? And what is it that Kai is hiding?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Arista “Asia” Rainstorm. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not on based one anyone else’s character, again if any likeness, it’s purely coincidental.

Warning: Usage of a female OC. She is not the hero of the story, and the fic will not be centered on her. Any fans of OC pairings should leave now. Do not ask me to turn this fic into a Ray/OC or any other canon character/OC as I cannot stand such pairings. I have no hesitation in bashing my own created characters.

Another warning; I have turned a male character into a female disguised behind male clothing. The character’s identity will not be revealed until later on in the story.

AN: Hello again. Well, here’s the chapter you’ve been waiting for; Ray confronts Asia about her attitude. And he also realizes that there might be something feminine about Kai. I didn’t have him immediately think that Kai was a girl, simply because if one of my guy friends started acting a bit weird, I wouldn’t automatically think he was a girl.

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Chapter Ten:

One minute Ray was experiencing something he only dreamt about; kissing Kai who was kissing back! Having the stoic teen in his lap as he shyly kissed him back was pure bliss. Kai tasted like nothing he ever experienced before, he had a sharp, exotic taste to him. It was intoxicating, to say the least. But then…


That voice…that voice alone was enough to put the fear in Ray. That same nauseatingly high-pitched female voice haunted him in his dreams, no, nightmares.

“Asia,” Ray snarled under his breath as he sprung to his feet and bolted out of view, taking the same path Kai did. He was in no mood to deal with that annoying female at the moment. He had other more important things to think about; Kai, for starters. He came so close to telling him something, something very important.

‘You don’t understand, I’m not a…’

But then Asia interrupted. Gwad, he was so angry right now. Not at Kai, never at him…or was it, her?

His chest…there was no way that was a guy’s chest. For starters, it wasn’t flat, it was soft and bumpy, not hard and flat like his was. But…there was no way Kai could really be a girl, could there? Ray had shared a room with him for a couple of years! Surely, he would have noticed something about Kai being a girl…

But, then again, Kai was very private during those few years…And he never got dressed in front of him…or went swimming…or joined them at the bathhouse they would treat themselves to every now and again.


Could that have been what Kai was trying to tell him? That he wasn’t a guy?

“Calm down, Ray,” Ray chided to himself as his mind began to involuntarily think back at possible signs he missed. “Don’t jump to conclusions just yet.”

Even though he knew he should have felt somewhat bewildered, betrayed and angry that Kai kept something so important hidden from him, Ray found that he just couldn’t bring himself to be angry. Kai looked torn, guilty and devastated. He looked fragile and scared, even. It almost broke his heart.

Ray was bewildered, yes, who wouldn’t be? But he wasn’t angry. Even if Kai was a girl, it didn’t matter to him. Kai is still Kai, his captain, his friend…his crush. There most certainly must be a good reason for Kai to have been dressing as a guy for all those years, most likely a reason that stemmed from the Abbey and his tyrant grandfather.

“I need to find Kai,” Ray said firmly to himself as his mind wandered back to the kiss they shared moments before.

It wasn’t a kiss for the sake of kissing, it was important to Ray. Sure, he acted on impulse, how could he not? Kai looked adorably frazzled and surprised sitting on his lap; he couldn’t help leaning forward to kiss him. He liked Kai, as in a romantic sense. He came to accept that he had a crush on Kai, he was attracted to him not just because of his looks, even though he was quite beautiful. There was something that drew him to Kai, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was. There was just something about him.

Maybe it was his cold and aloof attitude that drew him in with the need to get to know him better. Or maybe it was the first time he witnessed one of Kai’s fragile and weak moments, a moment where he was overcome with the urge to protect him. Maybe it was just instinct, or maybe it was fate.

But to Ray, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he had feelings that went beyond friendship with Kai. And now it was time to find him so they could have a honest heart to heart. He needed to know the truth once and for all. And he wanted to show Kai that that kiss they shared was sincere, that he would like to be more than friends with him… her…


“I’m not in the mood, Asia,” Ray grounded out through his teeth as the vision of a dual haired brunette appeared and stomped her way over to him. She was wearing a short white mini skirt that had blue stripes up the sides, and a light blue halter neck corset with white ribbon tied into a bow at the front. The corset enhanced her bust, making her breasts jiggle and bounce whenever she took a step.

But Ray didn’t take in her sexy appearance and tried to ignore her as he continued searching for Kai.

Asia had a face like a thundercloud, dark and menacing. She stalked her way over to him, her hands curled into fists by her sides as she planted herself in front of him, blocking his path. She then planted her fists on her lips and glared at Ray, her jaw hard and square.

“I can’t believe you, Ray!” She suddenly yelled at him and stomped her foot on the ground like a child throwing a temper tantrum. “You left me alone this morning! That was so rude!”

“Asia…” Ray said tersely with his feline eyes narrowed in annoyance. No, he most certainly was not in the mood for a confrontation with her.

“Gwad!” she said, ignoring him to fold her arms under her chest, enhancing her bust. She turned her face away and stuck her nose into the air. “You’re such a jerk!”

Ray bristled at the jerk comment and pressed his lips into a thin line as he drew in a sharp breath through his nose. “Asia…” he said again, quickly loosing his already deathly thin patience.

“I thought you were different,” Asia continued, her voice getting higher and higher, and more and more annoying. “But you’re just like Kai, a cold heartless bastard whose head is so far-“

“Shut the hell up, God dammit!” he snarled at her. Ray could take a lot of things, but when Asia crossed the line and insulted Kai, now that was the last straw. No one insulted his Kai while he was around and gets away with it. Especially not some bratty little bitch who thought herself higher than everyone else!

Asia physically jumped back in shock and stared at Ray with wide eyes. “What?” she muttered, surprised when she saw the utter hatred on Ray’s face. His face was creased with dark lines and his usually bright amber eyes had turn into thin slits that could only be described as a pair of feral cat eyes, a cat that was protecting its territory.

“I think we need to make a few things clear here, Asia,” Ray said sharply as he resisted the urge to physically grab Asia by the shoulder and shake some sense into her. “Do you know what I think is rude?” he asked, suddenly.

Asia took a step back, tears prickling at her eyes but she held them back by swallowing thickly. She had never seen someone so mad before, but why was Ray mad at her in the first place? She hadn’t done anything wrong; he was the one who did!

“You insulting Kai enough to make him physically lash out was rude,” Ray continued, his fisted hands shook by his sides as he tried to restrain himself. “Not only him, but Hilary as well. Rude is when someone breaks into your room in the middle of the night and takes your bed, forcing you to sleep on the hard floor. I’m not the one being rude here, Asia, it’s you!”

Once again, Asia reeled back in shock. “What?” she said, with a surprised look on her face. But that soon dissipated and was replaced with indignity and anger as she gritted her teeth together and glared back at Ray. “I’m not rude!” she screamed at him as she once again stomped her foot. “I’m never rude. I might be a bit sassy sometimes, but that’s what adds to my charms!”

Charms? Ray would have laughed outright if he wasn’t so pissed off at the moment. Did she really believe that crap? Did she really believe that she was sassy? No, Hilary was sassy and feisty. She was assertive without being abusive and rude. That was what being sassy is about. No, Asia wasn’t sassy; she was a bitch.

And Kai knew that the moment he laid eyes on her.

Ray felt his heart constrict at the thought of the slightly taller teen. Kai knew from the very beginning what type of person Asia was and had tried to warn him. But Ray was too busy worrying about what Kai was hiding to pay attention.

And now he regretted not listening. Oh, how he regretted it.

“No, Asia,” Ray hissed. “Being sassy to the point of bitchiness isn’t attractive at all. In fact, I find it repulsive.”

Asia blinked back tears of anger that threaten to escape her dark raven eyes. “Maybe if you weren’t such a jerk-!”

“A jerk?” Ray interrupted, a look of utter disbelief on his face as he took a moment to regard Asia in a stunned silence. She though he was a jerk? That little…

“What is your problem?” Ray asked, eyeing her critically as a small voice in his head wondered if he was dealing with someone who was a few cards short of a full deck. “I have been nothing but nice to you since I’ve been here!”

“What about me?!” Asia screamed at him as she suddenly lifted her hand and shoved Ray on the shoulder, pushing him back a couple of steps. “I have been the perfect host to you, and your teammates!” she defended herself. “I gave you a tour; I showed you to your room, I accompanied you to our facilities, what else could you possibly want?”

The perfect host? If by perfect she meant interfering, annoying, demanding and intrusive, then yeah, she was the perfect host.

“What more could I want?” Ray repeated as he took a step forward, moving to tower over the young female. “Maybe the chance to actually enjoy time with my teammates! That is the sole purpose of this trip, to relax and to enjoy ourselves as a team without the worry of a competition hanging overhead.”

Asia frowned at him and poked him in the chest with her finger as she planted her other hand on her hip. “So you would rather spend time with your boring teammates than with me?” she asked with a childish pout on her lips.


“What?!” Asia yelled at him, horrified that he just admitted that he never wanted to spend time with her. That ungrateful bastard! After every thing she had done for him! She gave him attention, she gave him companionship, and she gave him her undying affection! How dare he?!

“Why?!” She screamed at him again. “I’m fun, I’m bright, I’m sexy and I’m feisty! And here I thought you would like to spend time with a girl that doesn’t like you just because you’re a blader.”

Asia was devastated. She knew Ray was a little rough around the edges the moment she saw him, but she was trying to fix that. She thought she had tamed him, changed him into a respectful young man. But now…

“I have no romantic interest in you what-so-ever!” Ray yelled, not caring if anyone overheard him. All he wanted to do was find Kai and have a talk to him, not waste his time explaining to Asia why he didn’t like her, or her attempts of seduction.

“What?” Asia reeled back from the outburst. She stared unblinkingly at Ray for a moment before a devastated look appeared on her face as she lunged forward and grabbed Ray’s shirt with her hands. “Why?” she asked, sounding on the verge of crying.

“You’re not my type, ok?” Ray said as he grabbed Asia’s wrists and took a step back, putting some distance between them. “Look, Asia, I’m flattered and all, but I’m not interested in a relationship with you, ok?”

“But…” Asia shook her head frantically as tears began to flow from her eyes. This couldn’t be happening. There was no way Ray was going to break up with her without a fight. “We’re meant to be together!”

This time, Ray was the one who reeled his head back in surprise. “What?”

Asia quickly detached her wrists from Ray’s grasp and flung her arms around his neck to press their bodies together. “We’re the perfect couple, can’t you see that?”

Ray was shocked at Asia’s audacity at first, but he quickly recovered and pushed her away from him. “No, I can’t,” he said as he shook his head at her, trying to ignore the tears that are now pouring down her cheeks. “Just stop, Asia. Stop pursuing me. I don’t like you in that way, so save your attention for someone else, ok? Stop wasting your time on me.”

“But…” Asia muttered, looking pathetically miserable. A sudden flash of anger appeared on her face and she suddenly shoved Ray back harshly. She took a moment to glare heatedly at him before she buried her face into her hands and started sobbing hysterically. “I hate you!” she screamed into her hands as her shoulders shook harshly. “You’re so mean to me! You’re just like all men, you use me when it’s convenient to you!”

Despite the way Asia annoyed him enough to want to physically lash out, Ray felt bad that he made her cry. He doesn’t like it when a girl cries, no matter how irritable she was to him. “I’ve never…” he started, but then sighed, knowing that no matter what he said, Asia will take it the wrong way and scream at him again. He doesn’t want to deal with this anymore. He decided to end this discussion here and now.

“Yeah, whatever,” he muttered as he scratched the back of his head and looked uncomfortable. “Look, I’m sorry that I can’t return you feelings. I hope that we’ll be able to part on positive terms, ok?” he said good naturedly.

But Asia continued to sob before him and he does the only thing he could think of, he gave her a quick, awkward hug. He felt Asia stiffen at contact and he quickly pulled away. He doesn’t want to give the young woman the wrong idea.

“I need to find Kai now,” he muttered before sidestepping the brunette and continued in his previous path.

“Kai?” Asia muttered as she lifted her teary face from her hands. She stared at Ray’s retreating form for a moment before a sudden realization dawned on her. Ray really wasn’t breaking up with her, Kai was making him do it! That bastard!

“Ray really does love me,” Asia muttered as she boldly rubbed the tears stains from her cheeks and nodded her head with determination. “It’s Kai who’s trying to convince him otherwise! That asshole, just because he has feelings for me as well, doesn’t mean I like him in that way! I’ll teach him for interfering!”

She then raced off in the opposite direction Ray disappeared in as she saw Kai hanging out near the wine cellars before she confronted Ray. She can get to him before Ray does.

No one should ever get in the way of true love!