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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Digigmon Cyber - Season 5

Wide shot. A tranquil mountain village. Suddenly an explosion errupts. Close up of child digimon running. Then a building collapses clouding view with debris. Slowly clears to reveal a viral Metal Greymon. Pan to two girls on a cliff overlooking the village. The older girl, Kanuka, wears a plain blue dress, while the younger, Yurika, is in jeans and stylish jacket.

Finally! We get to fight a Perfection digimon.
Come on, Alraumon! _CYBER ACCESS_ Evolution!

Wait! We're not ready!

Focus on purple humanoid plant, which calls out for itself to evolve in a dull voice. Que evolution sequence to Nymphmon, a small butterfly winged girl. Yurika charges into battle.

What are you waiting for, Sis?

(Sighs) We'll have to _share kill_.

Kanuka shakes head. Then focus on her arm. A digital bracer covers her forearm. She presses a few buttons getting a reading on Metal Greymon. Computerized voice announces information.

He's a powerful one, Kittenmon. But also VERY slow.
_CYBER ACCESS_ Digimental of Friendship!

Focus on Kanuka pluging a card into the digital bracer, then lock on Kittenmon, an adorable cat with human-styled and blank eyes. Digimon calls out name to evolve. Que evolution sequence. Kittenmon turns into Rinkmon, a humanoid android that skates on anything with blinding speed.

Metal Greymon's rampage continues. Nymphmon attacks, but no noticable damage occurs. Metal Greymon swats at Nymphmon but she is too small to be hit. Rinkmon charges in but does little damage. Metal Greymon's chest swings open, the next attack would hurt or kill the digimon.

Metal Greymon:
Giga- URK!

A giant grizzle bear barreled into Metal Greymon before he could finish his attack! Metal Greymon growls angrily and knocks Grizmon into a house, collapsing it on top of him. Focus on scowling boy wearing sports outfit.

You'll pay for that! _CYBER ACCESS_ Metal Armor!

Light errupts from the collapsed building and Grizzmon emerges wearing American Football styled armor. Metal Greymon concentrates his attacks on Grizzmon. Suddenly a Searchmon appears overhead who emmits a red beam at the back of Metal Greymon's neck, but it doesn't do anything. Image goes to a boy running to Yurika and Kanuka. He's wearing a shirt with an English phrase 'born to hack' written on it.

Order your digimon to attack where the red beam is.
That's his weak spot!

He's moving too much for us to be able to hit him there.

Offscreen shout:

A goggle-wearing boy rides his digimon, Kentarumon, into battle. The boy then jumps off and attacks Metal Greymon by himself. Metal Greymon moves to strike, but pauses momentarily. Kentarumon fires his attack, which the other digimon add to it. Metal Greymon howls as he deletes. Kanuka storms toward the boy.

WHAT were you thinking?!

What's your problem? We won.

Thank you for saving our village.

What's left of it, anyway.

Kanuka and goggle-boy argue while Agumon continues, unconcerned that the two he's talking too aren't paying attention.

However, Metal Greymon was only a minion of Zanbamon.
As long as he exists, we aren't safe.

Yurika and Hideki ask questions from Agumon, but are given rather stiff replies. Digimon have devolved back to child form. They move very little in a repitive manner. After satisfied with answers, Yurika goes to quarling pair.

AHEM! We just got a new mission.

What do you mean WE?

You don't have to help if you don't want to, but seeing as our
opponent is an Ultimate, we could use help.

Ultimate, huh? That'll be a lot of experience. I'm in.

An Ultimate is out of our league.

'Agumon' doesn't think so. We wouldn't get this if we couldn't win.

Sounds like fun.

I can get us the low down on this Zanbamon and his minions
so we'll know how to win.

I'm going, Sis. Do you want to sit this out?

(Sigh.) Fine. I'll help too.

Bracer on goggle-boy starts beeping.

Damn, times up. You want to meet here next week to continue
this adventure?

Sunday at nine?

They all agree.

_CYBER ACCESS_ Logout. Yes.

Goggle-boy disappears. Team goes in seperate directions.

Change of scene. Shadowed image of goggle-boy removing a helmet and putting on a baseball cap. Goggle-boy then leaves a futuristic arcade with virtual reality simulators.

Base setting:
Digmon meets .Hack//sign

Digital World is a virtual reality game system similar to the one in Digimon World 3. In the first few episodes, jokes about RPG games abound.

The group's defeat of Zanbamon earn them recognition, particularly for being a bunch of kids. Many other cyber personalities roam the game and meetings between them are frequent.

Cyber Access is a catch all term to link to the computer to do anything. The characters use it to evolve their digimon, use digimentals, equip their digimon with items and a few other options.

Digital Bracer replace the digivice as it is a multifunctional tool that has everything a player needs to play the game.

Some characters, like Goggle-boy, aim for get the most powerful digimon. Others, like Kanuka, go for variety and usefulness. Then others, like Hideki, are item hogs and load their digimon up with equipment to make them even stronger.

Comments of upgrades to computer's AI occur frequently. As time goes on, characters notice things changing more than what the updates said they were. The digimon start acting idependantly of their partner, even evolving. The digimon also begin developing personalities. As the digimon develope, the question of 'what makes something sentient' arises.

Goggle-boy never does give out his real name, only his 'Cyber handle' of Goggle-boy. He is a bit of a flirt, hitting on a few different girls, but he seems genuinely attracted to Kanuka which upsets Yurika for an unnamed reason. Hideki introduces the concept of being someone else when he begins telling the others he's really an adult who has cracked computers, but his stories seem a bit far fetched but not to the point of being impossible. Yoshiro displays a bit too much knowledge of American sports teams, but very little on Japanese teams. Kanuka is sometimes a bit too mature.

During the second major quest, the teams digimon truly show self awareness and beg that their partners don't leave because they don't want to go to 'sleep.'

Midpoint of series, the group set out to begin another session, but a major system crash occurs with them linked into the computer. Their virtual selves fall away to reveal that some of the characters are not who they said they were.

To say more would give away the main plot line. There are plenty of plot twists in this, and an unusual romance. While I don't plan to work on this because of all the other series I'm working on, I might let another author take over this story but only if I work with the author as an editor.

'Goggle boy'
Age: 10
Partner: Elecmon - Kentarumon - ?
Recklass, devil may care attitude. Does suicidally stupid things knowing the computer safety systems won't let him be hurt. Does not give out his real name until midpoint of series.

Sazaki Yoshiro
Age: 10
Partner: Bearmon - Grizzmon - ?
Sports fan, particularly of American baseball teams. His partner forms are sports team related. Likes using items to increase the power of his digimon as an item powered digimon with the power of Perfection level gets more experience than a Perfection digimon would winning the same battle.

Miwagi Kanuka
Age: 12
Partner: Kittenmon* - too many to list
She's the experienced gamer. She plays mother to the other children. While she could have a Perfection digimon, she opted for diversity over power. As such, she evolves her digimon to the type that has the best chance of winning. She has about ten different adult digimon. Every battle with her should feature a different digimon.

Miwagi Yurika
Age: 10
Partner: Floramon - Nymphmon* - ?
Inquisitive girl who can't seem to stay out of trouble. Very oppinionated, but stubborn as hell. Calls Kanuka 'sister.' She's into a bit of power gaming, but also wants to do it with beauty.

Age: 11
Partner: Solarmon - Searchmon - ?
The computer cracker, not hacker. He does things to see how far he can go. Often goes into stories about his real persona. His digimon's forms are used to gather information more than fight.