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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A Cry, A Wish

By: Lord Archive

Escaflowne belongs to Bandai, it is used without permission.
This is set after the final anime episode, it contains a minor


Why did I have to leave? That which had brought me to you, took me
from you. I am now home, when I want to be with you. I fell in love
with you, and now you are far from me. Too far for me to reach you.

It has been a year, but it feels like a lot more time has gone by
since I last saw you. Will there be a time I can look once more at
your face?

I sit and hope. Hope that, in time, I will see you.

Why can I not be with you? Why do I have to go to school, when you
are a king with a job to do? I want to be with you and help you. I
want to be your queen.

"Oh, Van," I cry. "I wish I was with you now."

A beam of light? Yes. Please let my wish come true. Please...

I shut my eyes and pray.

My eyes look at my love. My wish worked. "Van?"

He looks to me in shock. He does not speak, but takes me in his arms
and we kiss.

I will miss my clan, my home, and my friends, but this is where I should


Thought I'd try the one-syllable challenge.
I ended up qualifying to a couple other challenges that have been
issued before with fict as well:
Less than an hour to write.
Write in a series I haven't written in yet.