Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Four, Chapter Eighteen: Trip to the Underworld ( Chapter 18 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Trip to the Underworld
Dateline: New students have come to Rosa Parks School.
"They'll be coming in eighty days. And would they do, I'll have a surprise waiting for them," said La Nina. Then she turned to the dark hole and yelled, "Spirits of the dark! Do your worst damage!" Then black ghosts came out of the hole and flew away.
Now for the show!, she thought.
"How much farther?" asked Miyako.
"I don't know. I've never been here in four years," said Aneko. The crew was in on the Dark Crow path, a path that leads to the underworld. They had been on this path for three days.
"It usually takes about eighty three days for living mortals to get to the underworld," said Katrina.
"Oh great!" wailed Roxanne.
"Quit whining! At least we're getting exercise," said Angela.
"Are you sure we're on the right path?" asked Kasumi.
"The only way to tell mom, if the sky is turning darker," said Nina. Then the crew looked up at the sky.
"It's still bright," said Hikari as she looked up at the sky.
"That's because it takes seven days to get dark," said Venus.
"So, we at least four days left," said Sabrina.
"So, what will we do when it gets dark?" asked Joe.
"We have our gems in guide us." said Aneko. The crew walked on until they heard loud cackling.
"What was that?" asked Erica.
"I don't know, just keep walking," said Aneko. So they did, but as they kept walking, the cackling got louder and louder. Then finally, it echoed though out the whole path.
"I sense a demon here!" yelled Aneko. She looked to see where it was.
No sooner had she made that statement, a black cloud burst out of the ground. The children were scared.
"Who are ye?" asked Aneko. It didn't answer.
"Who are ye?" Aneko asked again. It still didn't answer.
"Who are ye?" Aneko asked again, this time practically yelling.
"Your worst nightmare!" it finally answered. Then the cloud flew around them, forming a black wall around them. Then the wall sent black negative energy to shock them to death.
After Aneko had about five or six shocks, she stood up and yelled, "Enough!" Then the shocks stopped. The cloud was in shock that its powers listened to a good immortal.
Why is it listening to her?, it thought. The rest of the crew stood up and looked around. The torture had stopped and they were wondering why.
"Rising sun!" she yelled. Aneko blew up the wall. The light was so bright, the cloud faded away. Then the crew continued on their way. Within four days, the sky grew darker and the children's gems began glowing.
The End