Digimon Fan Fiction / Pokemon Fan Fiction ❯ Queen Megan II ❯ Volume Four, Chapter Nineteen: Trial and Testimony 2 ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Trial and Testimony 2
Dateline: The crew has made it to the underworld.
"That was impressive but, I can do better. I've got so friends to help this time," said La Nina. "And besides seventy-six days left 'til the ultimate test."
She had called on some allies this morning. "But just in case, I need to do some research on the princess." she said. She was still puzzled about why the cloud's powers listened to Aneko. "This will be really good." she said.
"Now where do we go?" asked Daisuke.
"There's suppose to be a secret path in the ground, dear," said Melody as she tried to look for it on the ground a by stepping around to feel if some dirt was going to fall into a hole. The crew had come to the end of Dark Crow path and now was looking for the path of pain. Aneko was looking around when two black vine-like things popped out of the ground, grabbed Aneko by the arm and started dragging her down the path.
"Help, guys!" she yelled as she tried to fight the vines. The others tried their best to pull her away from the vines, but another black cloud flew around them and knocked them away from the princess. Aneko was dragged down the path. The others sat upon the ground wondering what to do next.
"Oh no! What do we do daddy?" asked Kanmu.
"I don't know, honey," said Takeru. Then Melody jumped down the hole.
"Melody!" yelled Daisuke.
"Great idea," said Takeru. Then he jumped after her. The crew looked at the path for a minute.
"Well, let’s follow them," said Serena. Then the crew jumped after Melody and Takeru.
A few moments later Aneko had herself sitting in what looked like a courtroom.
Where am I?, she thought.
"The jury will now plead their verdict." said the judge.
"We the jury, find the defendant, Aneko, guilty for not confessing her love to her boyfriend and the sentence should be death!" said one of the members.
"Not again!" Aneko groaned.
"Take Aneko-san to the jail cell!" said the judge. Then two guards came up behind her and grabbed her.
"Hey! Wait! This is wrong!" Aneko yelled as she was being dragged away to jail. A few minutes later, the crew made to the courtroom. Takeru ran over to the janitor.
"Excuse me, but have you seen a girl with brown skin and pink hair?" he asked.
"Why yes, she was taken off jail," answered the janitor.
"Why?" asked Takeru.
"Because she didn't confess her love to her boyfriend," said the janitor.
"Oh no!" yelled Takeru. Then he and others tried to get to the jail but the guards refused to let them in. Later that night, Takeru snuck down to jail and visited Aneko. She was to be in jail for fifteen days.
This mourning is the mourning of the execution. Aneko was taken to this high platform. Then she was forced on her knees and the crew said a prayer. Then the guard rose up his sword and went in for the kill.
"No!" yelled Takeru. Then he pushed her out of the way.
"Are you okay?" he asked her.
"You saved me," she said. She was crying.
"I love you!" she whispered.
Then leader walked out to the stand and said, "The prisoner is now free and they shall leave her alone for the rest of her days!" The crew was happy and they had fifty-nine days to get to the underworld.
The End