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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 4: The F Word
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
Bra was so startled by the phone's ring she almost jumped out of bed. She held her head and moaned softly. It felt like thousands of tiny little soldiers were banging each other against the walls of her skull. She moved her arms and hands to be able to get the stupid phone, but just that tiny effort made her realize how groggy she felt. She finally managed to grab the phone after untangling herself from her custom made, imported silk sheets.
"Moshi, moshi," she groaned.
"Hey, Bra," answered an equally rough voice.
"Pan? You sound just as hung over as me."
Pan giggled and then groaned again. "Probably quite as bad as you. At least I didn't go off with Goten!" she pointed out accusingly.
Bra sat speechless and immediately stared down at herself. She was wearing the same clothes from last night. She sighed in relief.
“Of course you didn't go off with Goten, he's your uncle,” Bra replied in a weak attempt at humor. Memories from the latest mess she'd gotten herself into flooded her consciousness and she frowned in consternation. What have I gotten myself into now?
"So what happened… did you guys… umm... do it?" Pan inquired after Bra's pause.
"No... I'm pretty sure of that. I am still wearing last night's clothes," Bra replied without any embarrassment. She'd told Pan about much more embarrassing events, including the moment in which she'd lost her virginity and then was promptly stabbed in the back. She had been barely eighteen and had been dating Hiroshi for a few months. He'd swept her off her feet and she had foolishly believed herself to be in love. Only Pan knew the whole story and the fact she hadn't gone to bed with another man ever since he had broken her heart and betrayed her in the worst possible way.
Hiroshi had even proposed shortly after their lovemaking, but they had kept their engagement a secret. A week later she found out he had been cheating on her the whole time. The worst part is the rumors he spread about her.
It had been quite the humbling experience… Bra, the beautiful, rich, spoiled heiress of Capsule Corporation had been callously played by her own boyfriend.
Marron, her mom or her other friends didn't really know all the details of what had occurred.
"So then what happened?” Pan asked. “One minute I am making out and dancing with Ben, you guys seemed to be getting a bit too friendly. But I was so distracted that I didn't go through with my thought of pulling you to the ladies room to ask you what was going on... and then next, you're gone! And flying for that matter. You left your car parked in front of the club. How were we supposed to get home, huh? Trunks left, so you knew you had to give us a ride... I hope your car was stolen. We had to take a cab," she finished grumpily.
"Hey, wait a second! First of all, slow down. My head hurts," complained Bra, still suffering from a hangover. "Second, I'm sorry okay? I didn't mean to leave you guys without a ride. I apologize."
"You got horny and left to do it with Goten," Pan voiced out in a brittle voice.
"I already said I didn't do it with him! And I already said sorry. Jeez... lighten up," Bra whined in frustration.
"Okay... okay...” Pan capitulated and Bra grinned. She knew Pan couldn't stay mad at her for long, specially since she had apologized, thing she didn't do often. “We've both done our share of crazy things after mixing drinks... Well, I know I have,” she continued. “But if you didn't do it... what happened then?"
"Well... Goten and I were dancing and laughing, then we saw how much fun you guys were having being all buzzed, so we started mixing drinks and after a while we got pretty drunk too. Then we began flirting..."
"Are you sure it wasn't you who started flirting?" Pan asked suspiciously, giggling.
"Nope. Goten told me I was beautiful... I don't remember much more. Then we kissed and started making out right there at the table. I'm surprised you didn't see us. I stopped him and said it was time to leave. We flew here and continued kissing at the gate. Actually it was against the gate... he slammed me against it. I think I have a bruise on my shoulder."
Pan said, "Tsk, tsk." Bra could practically see her rolling her eyes and just giggled, glancing over her right shoulder. “Yup, I am pretty bruised,” she confirmed.
"And then what happened?"
"Things began getting quite heated, but all of a sudden I remembered we were at my place... my father could have discovered us at any moment! Imagine that! Besides, coming in would have been a terrible idea. We were intoxicated, if we had come in, we would have certainly have made a humongous mistake.”
"So you sent him off?" Pan asked, incredulous.
"Yes... I broke off the kiss and told him I better go inside. I think I thanked him for a nice evening and then just pressed my palm against the entrance and walked in. Then I collapsed into my bed without changing and drooled all over my pillow... Ewwww!"
"So let me get this straight. You guys kissed, then you invited him over, flew off, made out some more and then sent him home?"
"Yup," Bra replied miserably.
There was a pause and then finally Pan exclaimed, “Oh my God, I can't believe it! Goten kissed you! This is totally and completely insane. What the hell is going on? What are you going to do now?!”
"I don't know." She moaned as she got up from bed. "I'm so embarrassed! What am I supposed to tell him? That I've always had a crush on him; that I would love to kiss him some more? To please ask me to be his girlfriend? That the only reason I sent him away was because I was afraid my dad would detect his ki and kill him? And I didn't want to end up sleeping with him while we were both drunk. What if he doesn't even remember what happened? We were both very wasted."
" Come on Bra... First of all, I doubt he forgot. I don't think he was that drunk. And you've never been one to beat around the bush. He did kiss you. He's obviously attracted to you and all he needed was an extra push. Don't tell him about your life-long crush, but do let on that you liked it and would like to do it some more," she suggested slyly.
Bra threaded her fingers through her tousled hair and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked like a total mess. Shaking her head she said, "And what if he says he just sees me as his best friend's little sister? That he was wasted? That it was just a kiss anyway and it would be best it we just forgot it?" A hysterical tone of voice was started to taint her voice. Bra was panicking now that she was more awake.
"Well, being hit by the F word would be awful... just friends. Maybe you'll have to run that risk. It's your call," Pan said sympathetically.
"Well, I'll have to think about it. I don't know what to do. Besides, I don't know how my brother would react. And oh my God, imagine if my dad found out!" Bra squeaked in fear.
Pan laughed but then sobered up, thinking about how serious the situation would be. "Yes, I see your point."
"What a mess! What should I do?" Bra inquired.
"I would suggest you get ready as quick as you can and come pick me up. We got a test today, remember?"
"Oh MAN!" Bra groaned. "Okay. I'll be there in twenty minutes. Wait... my car... I guess I'll have to borrow a capsule car from my mom. What a mess!" she complained again.
"Yeah, yeah. Poor you. You got to kiss your crush," Pan teased.
"Well, that I did. And he is the best kisser ever!" Bra exclaimed excitedly.
Pan groaned in disgust, "Ewww. I don't want to know how well my uncle kisses. Now hurry up."
"Ok. Ja ne."
"Ja ne."
Bra hung up and dashed to the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later she was dressed and ready to go. She didn't have time to apply any makeup so she would have to make do for the day. Thank the gods she had beautiful skin! She went to her parent's room, praying neither would decide to enter it while she was there and went through her mom's capsules. She found a small Mercedes and pocketed it. Running outside, she threw it and then quickly opened the door of the shiny silver car. Damn, my mom has good taste, she thought.
“Brat,” a gravely voice called out behind her. Silently groaning, she turned around to face her tou-san.
“Hey daddy!” she told him brightly, hoping her cheery attitude would cause him to just walk away.
“Girl, isn't that one of your mother's vehicles?” he questioned, a brow rising. He was dressed in his favorite black spandex shorts, chest bare, a towel swung over his shoulder, obviously heading to the Gravity Room. Once, after one of her friends couldn't quit ogling her dad in that outfit that left absolutely nothing to the imagination, she tried giving him more appropriate workout clothes; a t-shirt and sweatpants. He'd fingered the fabric, snorted and said it would impair his movements.
Her friend had gone back to happily ogling her dad. Disgusted, Bra had decided to never invite her over again.
“Yes Tou-san,” Bra replied, smiling at him widely and edging closer to the car.
“Did you ask permission to take it?” he demanded, his perpetual frown deepening.
Bra wanted so bad to lie to get out of this but she knew that he would immediately find out. Her dad was freaky like that. She'd never, ever been able to get away with lying to him, so she didn't even try.
“Please daddy! I really need it right now, I'll return it today and she won't even know. Pleeeeaasseee!” she upped the cutesy factor, knowing it was very hard for her dad to deny her anything.
“Fine,” he growled after a couple of seconds of dark scowling that didn't scare her in the least. “But if you go down, I'm not lifting a finger. You better not get caught of I'll have to endure your mother's complaints and you know how much I hate that.”
“Yes, Dad. I'll be careful,” she assured him.
“By the way, whatever mess you're in right now better not interfere with your training session today and don't think I'm going to go easy on you just because you're distracted,” he threatened.
Bra sighed and nodded. For reasons unknown to her, Tou-san hadn't bothered to train her during her early years. He had had suddenly decided when she'd turned eleven, after a few incidents with her lack of control of her ki, that she needed to know the basics. Like sensing ki, using her ki, meditation, katas and simple physical and ki attacks. Ever since, they'd trained at least weekly and to be truthful, it was a pain in her gorgeous ass. He never seemed satisfied and was always pushing her for more. She supposed she should be grateful; it was his way of giving her attention. It was hard to show appreciation when someone was kicking your ass, though.
Finally her father just snorted and turned around, dismissing her. She sighed in relief and took off to Pan's place.
"That was quick," Pan quipped as she opened the passenger's seat.
"Don't you dare tease me or I'll leave you to get your own ride," Bra growled.
Pan just giggled and got comfortable, muttering some equations for the test.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
It was 1:30 in the afternoon and Bra's classes were finally over. After several aspirins and lots of coffee, her headache was almost gone, but she still felt under the weather. She felt untidy and naked without any makeup or jewelry. In the mad dash that morning, she had forgotten all of it.
"Finally, time to go home," Pan practically screamed out in glee. "Do you think we passed that test?"
"Probably. We did study for it. We were just feeling hung over. I'm sure we'll pass," Bra assured her friend.
"So what are you going to do today?"
"Monday afternoon? Are you kidding me? Absolutely nothing. I'm going straight to bed, after last night, I really need some sleep…"
Bra turned to smile at her friend and then froze. Her eyes wide, her face paling.
"What's wrong Bra?" Pan asked, as she turned around to see what Bra was looking at with such horror and she also froze.
"Hey Bra, hey Pan... How you doing?" Goten asked, flashing them a smile.
Bra opened and closed her mouth, then blushed and peered down at the tip of her dark blue sandals. Pan came to the rescue, smiling at her uncle. "We're doing just fine. What about you? You look well enough after last night's drinking binge..."
"Well... hehehehehe," he chortled, his right hand going behind his head to scratch his neck, smiling widely.
"Oh my God, Goten. You do that exactly like Grandpa. Don't freak me out, okay?" Pan complained.
Goten dropped his arm and grinned. "Sorry about that."
Bra was still speechless and Pan glanced at her, and then elbowed her in the ribs.
"Are you okay, Bra?" Goten asked, concerned.
"Yes, of course I am. Just a bit surprised to see you here."
"Well, I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by," Goten joked, grinning at her.
"Hey my friend, Ben is waiting for me at the other side of campus. I should get going right now. See ya later!"
Bra nodded stiffly, and morosely watched as her friend walked away. She knew Pan did it with good intentions, but she didn't know if she should be glad or mad she had left her alone with Goten using a fake excuse.
"So..." Goten uttered.
"So..." Bra replied. She could not believe how awkward this was. How could she be this nervous around a guy? It was just Goten. But then again, it was Goten, her brother's best friend, her best friend's uncle whom she had kissed last night. She had to get away before she said something stupid, not that that hadn't happened already.
"Listen Goten... I think I should--"
"Bra, would you like to get a coffee or something?" Goten interrupted, raising his eyebrows and smiling at her.
That smile... She was hard pressed not to blush and melt on the spot.
"Sure, why not?" she replied.Coffee wouldn't do any harm, right? Besides, when have I been able to say no to that smile? "What the heck. I've had several cups of coffee already but I could use another one."
"Okay, so let's go. I've heard the coffee at the hub is not bad."
"Sure, just follow me," Bra told him. They walked quietly side by side, not even glancing at each other.
When they finally got to the hub, he opened the door for her, and she was touched by his chivalry.
They sat down on one of the tables and ordered coffee, still not speaking at each other.
Sipping her cappuccino, she peeked at Goten through lowered lashes, seemingly extremely concentrated on her coffee. What should she do? Should she say anything to break the silence?
"Bra, I had a great time last night. I really did," Goten began, smiling at her brightly.
At that exact moment, Bra thought she knew precisely what he was going to say. Something like, "But... I want us just to be friends. That kiss was really nice, don't get me wrong, and you're an amazing girl, but I don't want to ruin our friendship."
She would not be able to stand it if he threw the "F" word at her. It was the most dreaded word for any man or woman that was in love, and was not reciprocated.
So she would not let him say it. She would not let it happen to her.
"Yeah, it was really fun," Bra cut in, also smiling. "Although I really can't remember what happened after we started mixing drinks. I am sure it was really fun, though. We should do it again sometime, don't you think, because it was really fun." Oh my God, how many times am I going to repeat the words really fun?
Goten just stared at her, a strange expression on his face. He was probably relieved she didn't remember the kiss. Or was he disappointed? No way, her imagination was just teasing her mercilessly.
"I swear, I don't remember anything. I hope I didn't embarrass myself or anything. I didn't do anything stupid, did I?" she asked. Leaning back and sipping some more coffee, she was trying to act nonchalant when that was the last thing she felt. Her knees felt week, her hands were cold as ice.
"Erm... of course not, Bra. We just flew to your place. That was the only stupid thing we both did. Why, did I do anything stupid?" he asked, leaning forward and looking at her intently as if her answer were the most important thing in the whole world.
She gulped and prayed to Dende for strength. "Not that I can remember. Besides, I am sure you acted like a total gentleman. After all, you're one of my best friends."
Bra thought she saw Goten wince. Was it because she had thrown the F word at him? Or was it just wishful thinking yet again?
"Bra-chan, I just wanted to be sure you were okay. I should be going. I gotta be somewhere else right now."
Bra gazed at him quizzically. That sounded like a lame and abrupt excuse. She let it slide -how could she not, when she had already lied to him?- and replied, "Sure, Goten. See ya later.”
He then leaned forward and kissed her chastely on her forehead.
"Take care of yourself sweetie."
"You too,” she replied, suddenly hard pressed to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat.
As she watched him walk away, Bra was not sure if that had been the most idiotic thing she had ever done, or the smartest.
To be continued...
Japanese words used in this chapter:
moshi, moshi: hello over the phone
ja ne: see ya
tou-san: father
kaa-san: mother
dende: Earth's current god or deity
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