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Just a Kiss
By: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 6: Losing Control
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
"And then he had the audacity to try kissing me again!" Bra exclaimed furiously. "Lucky for him, my dad barged in demanding why 'Kakarot's' spawn was in his kitchen, as if that was a strange occurrence. I swear, he and my brother are joined at the hip. Anyhow, fortunately for him, my dad barged in, or I would've... I would've..."
Marron smirked, looking very like her mom. "You would have done him bodily harm for his impertinence?" she delivered in a deadpan.
Hai, exactly!" Bra cried out, crossing her arms.
"It sounds to me like you would have let him continue his impertinence," Marron laughingly concluded, raising a perfectly shaped blond eyebrow.
Bra sniffed and battered the words away with a swipe of beautifully manicured hands. "Of course not! He kissed me without my consent."
Marron smiled at that. "I have never seen you do something you weren't willing to do anyways and I doubt Goten has ever had to force himself on a woman, even one who is almost his little sister," her friend said, appearing way too smart aleck for Bra's taste. Bra decided to ignore the quip and simply crossed her arms, wishing she'd worn a sweater. A cold early autumn breeze was sweeping across the college campus. It was midday, but it was as sunless and cold as early morning in the parking lot of Satan College.
"As I was telling you, my dad came in, so Goten left.... nani?" Bra trailed off. Marron had stopped looking at her and was now staring over her shoulder with an expression that carried equal amounts of amusement, alarm and anticipation.
"What?" Bra asked again, feeling annoyed. She glanced back and almost groaned and gasped at the same time. It was Goten, purposely walking towards them, a huge Son grin on his face. Bra was barely able to hide her reaction before she faced Marron's vastly amused face.
"I can't believe he is here. Do I have to start hiding my ki now? Let's go, come on. Let's drive away before he reaches us," Bra began with a hiss, then ended up almost pleading. She was already moving closer towards her car. Marron just stood there and laughed. "What will Goten think if you run away like that? Smile... Here he comes..."
"Isn't it a beautiful Wednesday afternoon?" Goten announced in inane greeting. Marron rolled her eyes and didn't reply. Bra crossed her arms, unconsciously mimicking her father's favorite posture.
"Goten, we were just leaving. See you around," Bra announced in a polite, neutral tone -that contradicted her impolite manner of greeting turned farewell- and turned around already digging in her purse for her car keys.
"Surely you can spare me five minutes. Marron, you can wait five minutes while I chat with Bra, can't you?" Goten asked as he got a hold of Bra's elbow and gently but firmly pulled her away from her car.
"Sure I can wait," Marron told him smiling and leaning against her red Honda civic. She did seem a bit startled at Goten's behavior, though. Her eyes had gotten a bit rounder than usual.
Bra was absolutely seething with rage as she followed Goten a couple of feet away from Marron and their cars. She managed to hide it, though; acting like this was just making her appear foolish. When he stopped to face her, she composed her face into a calm, easy, friendly smile.
"Yes Goten? You had something important to tell me or you just wanted to chat?" she said sweetly but with an edge of steel.
His eyes lighted up at her polite question and he was gazing her over approvingly. All of a sudden she was extremely self-conscious of the shortness of her denim skirt and the tightness of her blouse across her chest. The way he was staring at her was making her more self-conscious than all the leering stares and glances guys had ever cast her. She was so used to them, she usually ignored them.
Almost squirming under his gaze, Bra began getting impatient. "Well?" she asked, and his eyes snapped back to hers and she gazed into their dark depths.
"I actually just came by to look at you," he confessed softly. He lifted a hand to her hair and wound his fingers in the blue-lavender strands. "I've always loved your hair. Even when you were a little baby, you had so much of it."
Bra had closed her eyes the second he had touched her hair, but his comment about remembering her as a baby made her snap her eyes open and slap his hand away. She then sent her strategy of keeping him at bay with cold politeness to the seventh fire in hell.
"Yamero Goten! You're almost thirteen years older than me,” Bra scolded him, trying to quell her excitement.
"So? That didn't seem to be a problem Sunday at the club or a couple of days ago at your house," he delivered with a slightly smug and cheerful smile.
“We shouldn't have kissed… either at the bar or yesterday,” Bra replied firmly.
“But I liked it,” Goten said, his eyes amused.
God, he was honest, wasn't he? Bra was this close to telling she'd liked it too. A LOT. But she controlled herself. After all, she had her pride. She wasn't about to throw herself at his feet when he was obviously taking this as a joke.
She refused to rise to the bait and merely said, "Well, we can't do it anymore.”
His face got a cute confused expression and he blinked. “Why?”
Bra chuckled despite herself. “For one, what will everyone think?"
Goten just frowned. "Do you really care?" he finally asked.
Turning her head away, Bra was sorely tempted to say no. But she couldn't, wouldn't.
"Hai," she lied. "You're practically family, and besides, I am not attracted to you."
Bra held her breath, half of her being hoping he would believe her lie, the other half wishing he would see through it. She realized she had laid it too thick, but she couldn't take her words back now.
Goten grinned so Bra guessed he'd seen through it. "Good, I am not attracted to you either," he told her.
Bra waited in breathless anticipation as his face neared hers. Then he drew away and said, "Marron is staring at us. We'll continue this later. I'll call you tonight."
She was about to voice out an objection to both continuing this and his promise of calling when he simply turned away, waved at Marron and walked towards his car. He drove away, leaving her just standing there, befuddled at them both.
What was wrong with her? Since when did she let someone fluster her and manipulate her like that? For that matter, what was wrong with him? When had he ever promised he would call a girl? He either did it or not, but he never promised. He was not in the habit of dragging unwilling women around to talk to them. Seriously, what was wrong with him?
Bra turned around, dreading Marron's reaction to their little exchange and feeling extremely silly at the unusual way she was acting.
When she faced Marron, she had an astonished expression on her face and simply said, "This should get interesting. Pan was right when she told me I had missed the juiciest gossip ever while I was sick. I thought she was exaggerating. I think she downplayed it."
Bra smiled weakly and then even laughed. "I guess you're right."
"I have to congratulate you on your self-control. If I had had a crush on a guy for years and if he suddenly noticed me, I wouldn't be able to resist him."
Bra sighed and shook her head. "I wasn't doing too good of a job resisting him. In any case, he is not noticing me all of a sudden. After my behavior at the club, I guess he is getting his kicks out of flustering me and trying to seduce me," she declared angrily.
"After the behavior of both of you. He was the one who kissed you at the club," Marron informed her.
"Yes, but I had been flirting with him all night long."
"So? He flirted too."
Bra sighed and crossed her arms again. "What are you suggesting? That he's not just taking advantage of an amusing situation? That he is genuinely interested in me? Maybe… maybe he thinks I'm a slut, just like everyone else."
"That's ridiculous," Marron snapped. "I am suggesting you be open to that possibility that he is interested. He is acting very, very, very strange. Something is up." Deciding to leave it at that, Marron smiled and gestured towards their cars. "Right now, I suggest we go eat. I have to be back at work in 45 minutes."
"Oh, you're right. Let's go right way. How is it going with that case? Is it getting any better?" Bra had also decided to drop it. She had lots to think about.
"Sometimes I hate being a lawyer," affirmed Marron sulkily.
----------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Goten whistled to himself as he contemplated what he was about to do. She would be annoyed, furious, but would probably try to control her fiery temper trying to freeze him out with her prissy private school manners. It wasn't going to work. She snapped fairly easily.
He hadn't called her the day before as he had promised. He'd wanted to keep her on her toes; wondering if he would, wishing he wouldn't, hoping he would.
Goten waited until he felt her ki drop to normal levels. She was probably sweaty, disheveled and as frustrated and mad as she always was after she trained with her dad.
He also waited until Vegita left the compound. He always left to continue his training with "Kakarot", muttering about his weak fashion-loving daughter. Goten certainly didn't have a death wish, so he wasn't going to risk his life by popping up in front of a charged-up Vegeta.
Goten had sneaked into the mansion. It was easy enough if you had been visiting it all your life. He had then made his way to the pool, which he knew Bra used quite often. He hoped this would be one of those days.
A part of his reasoning mind realized he was being pretty much a stalker, something he had never done in his life but he wasn't troubling himself with that at the moment. It felt almost like a hunt… his primal Saiya-jin urges were rising to the surface as he tried to push them down.
After a few minutes of waiting around, he finally saw her walking into the pool lounge through the main entrance. He hid behind a lush palm tree while he waited for her to come closer. He knew Bra wouldn't expect anyone to be home. Bulma and Trunks were both working. There were several robots around but they saw him almost as much as they saw the family so they hadn't blinked twice when they saw him walking towards the pool earlier. Not that robots blinked.
She almost collided against his chest.
He had expected shouting, maybe icy politeness, but the dark blush that crept up her face disconcerted him as much as it did her. Her eyes widened, her hands automatically went up to her hair to straighten it up.
"Trunks is at the office compound. He had lunch and left like ten minutes ago," Bra finally managed to let out in a rush of rapid fired words. So unexpected was her reaction to his presence that he just stood there and nodded and let her slip away to the locker room. He would be amused later, he thought. She had never appeared as sexy, blushing like that, sweaty and wearing skimpy spandex shorts and a top that was more like a sports bra.
Almost cursing himself, he decided to wait for her at the pool, where he knew she would show up in a tiny bikini to swim laps. The thought made him grin and almost pant in anticipation as he sat in one of the lounge chairs and waited for her to emerge.
He was sure she was cursing him to high heaven while she took her shower. That made him grin too. He was also certain she would debate even showing up at the pool, but he was positive she wouldn't run away.
His private grin turned into a full-fledged one when she did emerge in a tiny red bikini, not even bothering with a wrap or a robe. She almost brushed against him as she walked towards the pool. His system went haywire. For goodness sakes, she was gorgeous. His earlier thought about her looking her sexiest in training clothes was altered. He preferred her in that bikini.
Guilt and lust warred in his mind and body, a powerful combination. She was almost family and ever since he'd actually noticed she'd grown into a beautiful woman -When had that been? Her sweet sixteenth birthday, perhaps? - he'd tried not to get too close to her, to ignore the naughty looks she would toss him once in a while. He tried very, very hard not to think of her as a sexy woman. But after that kiss at the gate of her parents' house -Her PARENT'S house! Have I gone insane! And here I am, lusting after her in her parent's house again!- he hadn't been able to stop thinking of her that way. As a beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, charming, misunderstood, even if slightly temperamental -Well, very temperamental-, a bit snobby -Perhaps more than a bit-, very complicated woman. Try as he might, he couldn't go back to thinking of her as his little sister. Actually, if he was honest with himself, it had been quite a while since he'd really thought of her that way.
She swam her laps; surely aware he was staring at her like a randy teenager, taking in every movement of her supple limbs.
When she emerged from the pool, she wrung the water off her hair and reached for a towel that was lying on the chair next to his. His hand shot out and grabbed her arm. Bra almost yelped, startled, even though she should have expected that move. Goten knew he was playing with fire, but he was having so much fun. He knew she could handle him.
But when he tugged her forward and she landed half on his lap, his confidence began to fade when she met his smoldering eyes.
"Let me up," she tried to demand. Instead it came out in an undignified squeak.
"Not a chance," he replied, cupping the back of her neck and brushing his lips with hers.
He could tell Bra had the firm intention of pulling away and standing up, but when his fingers tangled in her hair, and his mouth became more insistent, both immediately forgot where they were and why this was a bad idea. She smelled like Clorox and soap. Her hair was wet, her mouth hot, her lips soft. She was yielding to him, and it was driving him absolutely crazy. He wanted to keep it casual, flirty... but when she opened her mouth after he merely suggested it with his tongue, he was lost. They kissed endlessly, mouths scorching, hands gliding, fingers gripping. They became lost in each other.
He left her mouth after a while and decided to taste the pulse at her neck. He was claiming his prize after a successful hunt.
"Goten," Bra almost moaned.
"Bra," he replied, taking her lips again, more desperate now. His hands grabbed her legs positioning them so they would wrap them around his hips, straddling him. She complied, already holding on to him.
His control snapped, and his hands tightened on her back, wandering to the sides of her thighs, going back up to her back, and then finding their way to her breasts.
It was Bra who finally pulled away, before he could begin untying the strands of her bikini top.
"I should go," she croaked, already getting off his lap. Almost sprinting away, she disappearing into the house.
"Oh kuso," he hissed. He ran his hands over his face and took a deep breath. "Kuso, kuso, kuso," he repeated. It was minutes later when he finally stood up and flew away.
To be Continued...
Japanese words used in this chapter:
hai: yes
nani: what
yamero: stop
kuso: crap (or worse), expletive
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