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Just a Kiss
by: Sarah Slutz
Chapter 7: Dangerous Games
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Translations for Japanese words in italics used in this chapter at the end…
The lipstick Bra was applying on her lips was her favorite shade. She had bought a dress that was the exact same color of her eyes. It had been hard to find the precise equivalent shade of cerulean blue, but the hunt had been worth it. The garment clung to her every curve, showed a bit of cleavage. The dress was very sexy, in her expert opinion. It left one of her shoulders bare, so she decided to apply some shimmer powder on her exposed skin.
She would have liked for Pan to be here for moral support, but she wasn't invited to the party and she was out on a date with Ben. Sighing, Bra examined herself again and decided she was ready. The sigh was startled out of her when she heard the doorbell ring.
Gritting her teeth, Bra decided to make him wait. She was furious with him and herself. The nerve of him, walking into her house and following her to the pool. He was being so persistent, acting so sure of himself and she didn't understand why he was behaving like that. In any case, his ego was about to suffer a blow, because she was going to act like nothing happened. Because nothing really had, she assured herself.
Bra paced around the room, fairly growling. Finally, she decided it was silly to be hiding upstairs delaying the inevitable. She slipped into her gold-colored stilettos while she thought that she couldn't remember the last time she felt so nervous about seeing a man. She had the unexplainable urge to wring her hands. There had to be something wrong with her!
Taking one last glance at the mirror, she smiled at her reflection and decided it was okay for her to be nervous, because Goten was going to be bowled over. The last time he had seen her so done up was at her prom, and that had been two years ago. It had been a proper dress she had worn, nothing like this sexy little number. Sure, he'd seen pictures of her modeling gigs, but nothing beat the real thing. And he was getting the real thing tonight, alright.
Bra glided down the stairs and frowned when there was no one waiting for her at the bottom in the foyer to see her entrance. She walked into the living room and she still couldn't find anyone. Finally, she found her brother and her crush in the kitchen, eating, of course. They make such a nice picture, she thought, smiling. Best friends, both tall and muscular. Dark features and tanned skin contrasting with blue eyes and a lighter skin tone.
Bra cleared her throat and both masculine faces turned to stare at her. Their opposite reactions were hilarious.
"You look fantastic,” Goten breathed.
"Are you going dressed like that?" Trunks said, nervously.
Bra almost laughed, but that would have spoiled the effect.
"Thank you and yes, I am going dressed like this. Any further comments or questions you two?"
Goten grinned at her, Trunks frowned. Bra could understand Trunks' worry. For quite a while in her pre-pubescent years, she had decidedly favored outfits that were quite too sexy for her tender age. Her mother had unwisely, in Bra's opinion, let her choose her own clothes, and had never tried to curb her appalling taste.
Bra had once asked Bulma why she had let her wear such clothes. They had been looking at family pictures, and Bra winced as she saw a picture of her in her favorite ensemble. A red low cut candy stripe blouse, a matching red mini-skirt and a black choker. The outfit left her stomach bare.
Her mother had simply replied, "You seemed happy wearing them. I didn't want to repress your creative drive. If I had tried to force you to dress as I would have liked, maybe you wouldn't have liked fashion so much." That had been a testament to her mom's tolerance towards her. Bra understood that somewhat, but it didn't stop her from wincing and wishing her mother had been much firmer with her sometimes. She knew her mom wished she had turned out to be just like her, a genius. Not that she wasn't smart -she was smarter than people thought. Her inclinations, however, had never tilted towards the sciences and she would never be a whiz like her mother or a fighter like her father. She supposed she was doomed to disappoint both her parents.
Trunks interrupted her musings saying, "You're not going back to dressing like before, are you?"
For a couple of seconds, Bra was extremely tempted to lash at her brother. She held the impulse in check, though, remembering Goten was there. Not that she cared at all what he thought, but she would rather not have a sibling quarrel to chip at her defenses. And she needed those defenses, as Goten appeared far too handsome for her comfort all decked out in a tuxedo. He still looked dangerous; his rakish air couldn't be contained in formality. If anything, it enhanced it.
"This dress is a far cry from my dabbling into awful fashion, dear brother."
Trunks' demeanor immediately softened. "It's just that you look too... and there are going to be lots of men at the party and..." he trailed off lamely.
Bra smiled almost feline-like and made a point of not glancing at Goten. "Yes, I know. I am counting on it."
Goten glared at her and Bra felt immensely satisfied. Trunks was frowning too, but she just ignored her brother. Just as she was about to elaborate, she heard the intercom beeping.
"That must be the limousine," Trunks announced happily. Then he practically sprinted forward. Bra knew he loved riding in limos. Just as she began following him, Goten stopped her short by grabbing her forearm. Her whole body tingled from that point of contact and Bra could feel her heart beating too quickly, but she simply sent Goten a bland look and tried to pull away. She tugged but only succeeded in making him hold her closer.
His eyes were glinting, and she wondered how she controlled her body from responding to such sexy eyes. So deep, so dark and glittering, like a star encrusted midnight sky. Without realizing it, she had been staring at him unabashedly. His quick knowing grin brought her back to her senses.
"I have the best taste in women," he declared and daringly kissed her lips briefly behind her brother's back. Then he just left her there as he hurried to catch up with Trunks.
Bemused, Bra followed. That had not been what she had expected. She had expected some sort of comeback to her earlier comment. How ungentlemanly of him, she thought, leaving me standing there like an idiot. Just as the thought formed, Goten turned around to take her arm again, this time in a very polite manner. He helped her into the limo, closed the door and then sat down besides her.
Bra and her outfit were immediately ignored as both Trunks and Goten begun acting like they had never been in a limo before. They began playing around with all the buttons, opening and closing the windows, turning the music and A/C on and off. When Goten went to grab a bottle of very expensive Champagne to get the party started -Trunks had certainly gone all out this time- Trunks said they should wait until after picking up Tram.
They began wrestling with the bottle, and when it fell to the bottom of the leather seats, Bra rolled her eyes and got it before either of them could.
"Stop it or I'll drink it all."
They acted very miffed at her taking away their temporary toy, but soon they forgot about it when they began fooling around with the candy bars in the mini bar. Boys will be boys, Bra decided as she rolled her eyes again.
Tram's entrance into the limo was grand. She looked spectacular in little black dress. It showed off her tan and contrasted with her wine red hair and big chocolate colored eyes. All three of them told her so. However, Bra found herself infuriated at seeing Goten's bright eyes gazing at Tram's shapely legs.
Goten glanced in her direction and winked at her. What a jerk, he had been testing her. Smiling brightly, she winked back, but she could tell he wasn't fooled. Annoyed at herself, she turned to Tram to converse with her, but she could feel those eyes on her all the time. Bra was relieved to get out of the limo, whose walls had seemingly been closing in on her. They arrived at the exclusive Chang-Tang Hotel where the reception was being held. Lucy and Mathew had eloped last month unexpectedly and now their parents had decided to throw them this party. Lucky them.
As she walked in besides Goten, she looked at all the eligible males in the room. That meant he had to be handsome, between 20 and 30 and at least 5'9". It didn't particularly matter if he were snooty or boring, since all she wanted was to put Goten in his place. She started smiling at several young men when she felt a pair of decided masculine hands on her almost bare shoulders.
"What an amazing coincidence," a masculine voice said as he turned her around and took her hand to kiss it. You cold always count on Giovanni to do something old fashioned like that. And he more than filled all her qualifications for the night.
"Giovanni, it's so nice to see you here!" she told him as she beamed up at him. "This is Goten, my brother's best friend," she said in an offhand manner.
They shook hands and she could feel Goten's hostility beneath the polite smile.
"Goten, this is Giovanni. He goes to Satan College to give business seminars once in a while. Besides being a genius, he also takes the time to answer curious college girl's questions," she chortled, smiling teasingly at Giovanni.
"Nice to meet you, Giovanni," Goten said, his eyes a bit feral.
Just when they were about to begin chatting, Trunks interrupted them.
"Goten, I want to introduce you to Carla... Oh, hello." Trunks noticed Giovanni, and Bra made more introductions. When that was done with, Trunks wasted no time in telling Goten, "Carla is Tram's single cousin. She works with software and she's going to be sitting with us."
Bra knew Trunks was trying to hook Goten up, and as normal as that was, and as innocent as Carla seemed, she couldn't help but abhor her on the spot. She looked a bit like Tram, the same big eyes, similar mouth and nose. But Carla's hair was black, her eyes were a darker shade of brown, and she was taller and was a lot more voluptuous than red-headed Tram. She was the kind of girl Goten usually dated. Feeling miffed, she turned towards Giovanni, and started a conversation with him, and Goten did the same thing with Carla. She was so involved in trying to determine how Goten was reacting towards Carla. It seemed he was responding very positively, since he was openly flirting with her- that she missed what Giovanni was saying.
"I'm sorry, can you repeat that?”
Giovanni sent her a divesting smile. Too bad it wasn't working too much on her. "I asked you how's your boyfriend's doing."
Bra smiled, flattered. He was handsome, young, successful, and ambitious.
“We broke up recently,” she replied.
But his hair was too perfectly combed, his manners too proper. His tux fit him too well and his sense of humor was too appropriate. He seemed too much like the indoors type and probably only worked out enough to keep in shape, but didn't sport bulging muscles. He was 27 and looked it while Goten was 31 but looked to be in his very early twenties.
Oh no! She was comparing him to Goten, and finding him lacking. Goten's black spiky hair was a bit tamer tonight, but it was a lot wilder than Giovanni's. He was already holding a huge glass of whiskey. His tanned skin gleamed. Even though he looked great, his very muscular build was more at home in a training gi than a rented tuxedo.
Even knowing it was hopeless between them, she was still extremely attracted to him. Trying her hardest to be charming, she set off to entice as many men as she could, striving to ignore the rakishly handsome man who would glance at her intensely every once in a while.
The man she actually wanted.
The reception finally started and Bra made a half-hearted attempt at catching the bouquet. Carla seized it and sent a carnivorous smile to Goten. Immediately, Bra saw red and got territorial. When the band began playing the classical tune right after the bouquet was thrown, Bra was more than willing to dance the waltz with Goten. She managed to wedge herself in front of him, and even though a couple of guys were heading her way -Giovanni was standing besides her and Carla was almost glaring at her. Bra smiled at Goten, silently letting him know she would say yes if he asked her to dance. Thankfully, he took her hand and immediately draped his arms around her, making her dizzy.
She noticed he danced waltz almost as well as he danced Merengue and soon regretted having maneuvered the situation, for he held her too close for comfort. She even felt his lips on her ear, and heard his deep chuckle when she gasped and pulled away.
Bra was a mass of quivering and trembling nerves by the time the unbelievably long dance ended. Or at least it seemed very long to her. Her knees felt rubbery as she stood up to dance with a smiling doctor with a thick Western accent. Too old, she thought, even though he was only a year older than Goten. A gorgeous black-haired young businessman tried to catch glimpses of her cleavage all through the next song. He was way too horny. A very successful broker asked her to dance next and told her all about his several ventures and companies he owned. He was too obsessed with his job.
Giovanni claimed several of her dances. Another young man called Shen seemed interested in more than her cleavage, good looks or her family's money. He was witty, interesting and polite.
But he wasn't Goten, she realized despairingly. Beyond frustrated with herself, she found herself accepting Giovanni's suggestion to get some fresh air outside in the gardens.
He opened the sliding glass doors and took her hand once they were outside. She let him do so. Once outside, they gazed up and Giovanni pointed out Orion and smiled when she found a couple of other constellations he hadn't noticed in the star-dotted sky.
Bra was relaxed and enjoying herself when Giovanni took her hand and pulled her forward playfully. Their chests were almost brushing.
"Your eyes are amazing," he murmured, his white teeth flashing.
"Arigatou," Bra replied, feeling a bit uncomfortable, knowing he was openly flirting with her when she didn't feel like doing it back anymore.
His hand reached forward, brushed one of her gleaming blue strands away from her face. Gazing at her with regret, he smiled sadly.
"Why is it that I feel you're looking at me, but not really seeing me?"
"I don't know," she replied, berating herself for coming outside with him. He was harmless, she knew. If she said no he would smile and pull away. But she hated placing both of them in that position. If her senses weren't going berserk because of Goten, she wouldn't have encouraged him in any way.
Shaking her head, she regarded him sadly and pulled her hand away gently.
"Gomen but..."
"Don't be sorry," he interrupted her, stroking her hand with both of his.
Bra shook her head again and pulled her hand again, a little harder. "It's not okay, I shouldn't have..."
Giovanni's smile flashed in the moonlight as he leaned forward and slid a hand up her neck and kissed her, swallowing the rest of her sentence. Bra's hands went up to his chest and pushed very lightly -she didn't want to hurt him-, but he ignored her body language. She pushed harder and he finally let her go.
"Am I interrupting something?" a voiced boomed from behind. Bra whirled around, her eyes round and huge, seeing Goten's imposing and intimidating form framed by the tall sliding glass doors.
“No, not at all,” Bra exclaimed, while stepping away from Giovanni. Her eyes flashed dangerously as she told him, “Could you give us a minute?” He nodded and stepped out quietly. Goten moved aside at the very last second to let him through.
She then turned towards Goten, a bit embarrassed. What must he think of her? Also, what the hell was wrong with Giovanni, being so aggressive? This had definitely been an interesting week and it wasn't over, apparently.
"What the hell did you think you were doing, walking out here with that guy?" bellowed Goten.
"Me?" she screeched. "What are you doing here? I can handle myself, thank-you-very-much."
"So his attentions were welcome, then. Sorry I interrupted," he replied snidely.
"Who the hell do you think you are? Argh! What did you want? To make a scene?!" she practically screeched.
"A scene? What about you and that dude out here making out?"
“None of this would've happened if it wasn't for you and..."
Bra trailed off, realizing she had said too much.
"If it wasn't for me and what?" Goten asked, a huge satisfied grin on his face, she barely had time to adjust herself to the sudden change when she felt emotions clog her throat and her eyes felt itchy and full.
"Oh, shut up and leave me alone," she spat, turning away from him.
"Nope," he replied as he grasped her arm and turned her to him. "You're going to explain right now."
"Let me go!" she exclaimed without much conviction when his lips captured hers, defying his wishes of wanting her to explain anything.
Dear Dende, was all she could think as she held on to him, unspeakably aroused as he expertly delved his tongue into her mouth, as he trailed his hot hands all over her. She could swear her clothes were disintegrating. She could feel his heart pounding violently against hers. It was an exhilarating feeling. He was so strong. His tangible strength was excruciatingly exciting; his ki was pulsing through her like a drug.
When he shifted slightly and aligned their bodies into an erotic position against the banister they were leaning on, Bra groaned when their bodies brushed against each other tantalizingly. Goten was gasping by the time he stepped back and forcibly pulled away her eager hands.
"Let's get out of here," he told her huskily, twinning their fingers together as he pulled her deeper into the gardens. Bra followed him quite willingly.
To be continued...
Japanese words used in this chapter:
dende: Earth's current god or deity
arigatou: thanks
gomen: sorry
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