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Well, this time, Layna will be helping Eliese and I write Fashion Fairytale!!!! :^) ^^

I am so excited because Layna is a super cool dude and I think she (with her descriptive mind and all) will be an amazing addition to my ff ;D

anyways, I know I have been doing a lot of talky stuff at the end or beginning of the ff chptrs but I really need to tell you some stuff or else who else is there to tell? You help me all the time so thank you

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I awoke on the plane and didn’t know what happened because I thought I was at daddy’s house already... Wasn’t I? And then I realised I was flying HOME!

“Wait! Stop the plane! I am going to the wrong stop, I was supposed to go to Paris! WHY am I going home?”, I was mortified! I had no idea what was going on. But then anti-perfect woman came and told me to ‘please sit down, ma’am’. What the heck did she mean?! sit down and wait for my money to be wasted?!

So i sat down and cried because i knew there was no turning back but I had to do something! I stood up and walked up to the actual flight attendant, looked her in the eye and asked "where is this plane headed?" rolling her eyes, she replied "west Virginia". on my way back to my seat, i over heard the rude flight attendant whisper “what a dumb..”. Though I couldn’t make out the rest, I was pretty sure I knew what she said next.

Suddenly the plane made a hard dip and a loud beeping noise that began from the back of the plane. something is wrong I thought. over the loudspeaker I hear a male voice that cried “seat belt on” “NOW!” the small flip out T.V. above my head blinked on with instructions on how to release the safety kit under the seat. As I opened the box, I saw a small life vest and a box of dried fruit. dried fruit? I wondered. how is that going to help me if the plane CRASHES!?  I put on the life vest and braced myself for whatever the heck was going on.

I thought i was going to die as I grabbed the box of dried fruit and life vest jumped out of the window as instructed. As I plummeted to the ground (or water because I don't remember  what happened after the very long fall).

Some time later (don’t know how long)....
I woke up on the  ground with something colorful covering me. It was really humid in there. But the weird thing was that I felt a somewhat cool breeze, colder than it was in here at least. I must’ve been in this balloon of air for a really long time. I found out what the colorful thing was when I lifted it up.

It was a parachute.

Was this really happening? I thought... well... was hoping that it was a dream. AHH! This couldn’t be for real!

“NO!!”, I screamed, but I guess I wasn’t too quick to realize that I wasn’t alone.

Looks like there was parachutes everywhere. Did everyone make it out alive?

No, I am too busy worrying about myself. I cannot worry about others right now, I do not have the patience! Wait... What was that?

There it is... and again! I’m scared right now, I don't know where I am and I don’t know where I am going. Also, I hear a low yet high pitched noise that kind of sounds like a cat grumbling.

Now I’ve gone and gotten myself into trouble!

Layna here!! Hey everyone!! I'm so excited about this book! I wrote most of this chapter so...hope you liked it!!

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