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I can feel the pressure hitting me like a cannonball on my chest as I realize what the noise is coming from. A black panther.
He is perfectly perched in a towering maple tree above where i crashed. As my eyes lock with his, I realise this was a very bad idea. Suddenly everything I ever learned about black panthers, and frankly all wild animals, comes flooding back to me.
To no extent or degree should you ever look a wild animal in the eyes, they will find you as a threat. NEVER LOOK THEM IN THE EYES! I feel so stupid. Why me? I wonder. Everything I do ends up a mess! I could never think before I spoke or think before I do anything, could i! Gosh!!
I snap back to reality as I hear the small but loud growl of the now aggravated panther staring down at me. I immediately commanded myself to look away, not make any sudden movements, but then tell my feet to move. Careful.... remember, slow and steady wins the race...
But I was too late. The panther pounced!
But it never came in contact with my skin. Someone pulled me out of the way. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who. Next thing I know, I’m in a little wooden cabin (not exactly a cabin but a small room made out of wood. I don’t remember much about it because it was dark. What I do remember about waking up was one thing, well more of a feeling. I couldn’t see but I COULD feel eyes on me. Staring me down.
Then the feeling turned into a calm and loving, more comforting feeling. So I eventually fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning feeling cramped and stiff. I realized that the bed I was sleeping on was fresh cut wood. My back was even a little damp from sleeping on a blanket that was touching it. I sat up and analyzed the place. It was decent. I mean, not in the I-would-like-to-live-in-this-house type of decent. The this-place-would-be-decent-to-camp-in-for-a-couple-of-days kind of decent.
“Hello? Is anybody home?”, I called. from inside I could hear somebody chopping wood. It was faint, but I could still hear it. I jumped up out of bed. I’ve got to find a person! Maybe they know a way out of this living hell I’m trapped in! I thought to myself As i ran out the front door (anyways I thought it was the front, the house was quite symmetrical.)
“Hello?” I shouted over the chopping noise “who are you? And where am I?!” I was yelling but they didn’t seem to notice because the noise just kept on.
“Who are you? HELLO?!” Still. Nothing. Okay, this is seriously pissing me off.  I’ve been stuck in this wooden thing for 2 days after being thrown from a plane 20837612083746 feet in the air and you don’t even bother to look up when i speak? “HEY! DUDE IN THE RIPPED TEE SHIRT? YEA! I SEE YOU! WHO THE FRICK ARE YOU AND WHERE THE HELL AM I?”, I think he heard me that time... The chopping noise stopped and the man who was chopping turned around. I was real scared now. Well he’s a hottie I silently thought.
He spoke up now, “Hey! I save you from a black freaking panther and this is what I get?! WHAT KIND OF GORGEOUS JERK ARE YOU?!”, umm, he... he... Did he just call me gorgeous? Well I was in my ‘infinite train of thought’ (As Brooklyn called it) Mr. Hottie-pants walked over to me. OMG!
I turned around to find what-ever-that-one-hot-guys-name-is right directly behind me. RIGHT BEHIND ME. Our faces so close I could feel his hot breath on my cold face. omg. I’m gonna die.
“Hey. Sorry for yelling at you, beautiful girl. May I have the pleasure of your..name?”
Brooklyn could tease me all she wants about having no romantic life with my late husband, but now, nothing seemed to matter but the space between me and mr. hottie ;)
“umm..my name iss...umm.. it’s..... Collin...?”, he looked at me looking confused.
“You don’t look so sure..Collin..?”, he said, and he was right! I couldn’t remember my own name! What was it? Colly..? No. Kailey? Nope.... WAIT! That isn’t anything like my name! That is my last name.
“Mary”, I said, oh no I slipped up, wrong again! Man.. I thought I had it. But then it came to me....
“Marcie! Marcie Collins!”, geez Marce, what is wrong with you today?! it is only a man who looks exactly your age AND your type! AHH!
“Oh..That is a beautiful name.” “I’m Darcy. Darcy Adams. Pleasure to meet you Marcie”
“Master...”, I said, unaware of what I was saying until it came out. Marcy? What are you saying? Who..?
“Master of..who exactly?” Replied Darcy, perfectly with those perfect beautiful lips of his. Totally kissable.
“Um, I.. I... I don’t know.”
At this point, things were coming back to me now. I remember... Master! I.. I.. I
“Umm..excuse me? I think we’ve only just met..”
“Umm..no I meant..for..saving me from the panther!....?” Gosh Marcy. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!
“Oh! Right! No problem, my lady.” Replied Darcy. “Would you like to come in and get out of this frostbitten air?”
His vocabulary is strange to me. frostbitten air? umm okay..? and that adorable accent! what was that...french? No..australian?..no! hmmm..BRITISH!! Duh!!
“sure. I guess it is kinda cold out here”

Hello! It’s Marilia! This chapter is one of my favorites. Everybody could use a good rom com hmm? Am I right?! So guys, I am only writing with Layna unless I say something about it. Because Eliese doesn’t like writing very much. But it’s no biggy! I’ll just share it with her! Anyways, gotta go!
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