Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act VII, Relations and Celebrations ❯ Chapter 2

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“This is so stupid.”
The girl's hair was bound in a long braid, her eyes irritably scanning over the small crowd of girls who milled around her. She huffily sighed and smoothed a hand down the front of her chic outfit.
“Oh get over it Sherry,” Carol said with a wave of her hand. “It's just a class. And it's not like it was even required, you agreed to do it, and you can take off if you want to.”
Sherry angrily pouted at Carol, annoyed that a fifteen year old was giving her lip. Not that she was so much older than Carol, barely six months, but still, it was the thought. Sherry pushed open the gym door and the gaggle of girls froze as they stared at the two tall men standing in front of them.
“Oh my god,” Sherry breathed.
They were like distorted reflections of each other. One was light and comforting looking, a peaceful warmth radiating from his smile as his dark eyes washed over them. He seemed calming and still, one hand rising to push through the smoothly cropped brown hair. Even in the casual clothing he wore he looked pressed and clean. He was wearing jeans and an NYPD tee-shirt, all accenting a wonderfully sculpted body.
The man standing next to him seemed to pulse with vibrancy and a trace of danger, a rugged untamed darkness clinging to him. His smile was almost coy, deep green eyes whispering of exotic pleasures and mischievousness. He was dressed in the same manner as the man next to him, but the clothes clung to him differently, and his shaggy black hair only added to the sense of mystery and playfulness.
“Hello ladies,” the dark haired man said with another coy smile.
“Dee! Ryo!” Carol said happily and rushed forward.
She threw her arms around each of them and lightly pecked their cheeks, the girls behind her bristling with jealousy. She smiled at them both and Ryo lightly patted the top of her head.
“Here for some pointers?” Ryo asked.
“I need some help keeping your son at bay,” she teased.
Ryo laughed, but it was half-hearted and he gave Carol a worried glance. She laughed and shook her head.
“Don't worry, he's a gentleman.”
Dee snorted and Ryo turned to finish pulling out the rest of their equipment. Carol's voice dropped as she leaned closer and whispered in Dee's ear.
“Notice I didn't say a perfect gentleman.”
Dee choked back on a laugh of his own and finished tugging out the thick matt.
“Well ladies,” Dee said as he stood back up. “You're a little early, but we can get started now. I'm Detective Laytner.”
“I'm Detective MacLean,” Ryo said with another warm smile. “We're going to give you some pointers on how to protect yourselves, but we'll also talk about some of the measures you can take to keep out of dangerous situations. Are we all set?”
“Yeah, I think so,” Dee said. “After we settle this.”
Ryo sighed heavily and shook his head.
“Alright, how do you want to decide?”
Dee held up a fist and Ryo sighed again.
“Fine, fine,” Ryo said and raised his own fist.
They bounced them through the air and then Dee cursed loudly, Ryo giving him a sharp glare. Rock. Scissors.
“I should have known better,” Dee said and ran a hand through his hair. “God you always win.”
“Okay ladies,” Ryo said as he turned back to them. “Today Dee will be your attacker. I'll go over instructions with you to make sure that you get it right. Any volunteers?”
A forest of hands sprouted in front of them.
“Jesus Christ,” Dee groaned. “I can't feel my ass.”
“Did they throw you down too hard?” Ryo asked, a tinge of amusement in his voice.
They were in the comfortable kitchen, Dee chopping lettuce for a salad as Ryo stirred a thick pan of spaghetti sauce.
“It wasn't the falls,” Dee said. “It was the pinching.”
Ryo laughed and set the spoon down. He turned and caressed his hands down Dee's jeans, his fingers massaging a little deeper as a dark blush fanned out over his face. Dee smiled with pleasure and leaned back into Ryo as soft lips brushed over his neck.
“That feels good,” Dee murmured.
Ryo's hands slid up to his waist and then gently wrapped around him and pressed against his chest, holding him warmly close. He nuzzled against Dee's neck, kissing it firmly now and Dee carefully set the knife down before his hands slid up to lock over Ryo's. Ryo kissed his ear and then lightly licked it, Dee shivering a little and making Ryo smile.
“Sexy little Ryo,” Dee whispered. “Want to move this into the bedroom?”
Ryo started to answer, his breath puffing warmly on Dee's ear, but the apartment door burst loudly open and they heard Bikky come tramping in.
“I'm home!” he yelled.
Ryo and Dee both sighed and Ryo slumped heavily against Dee. He kissed Dee's ear once more.
“Later,” he murmured and Dee grinned.
“Supper's almost ready,” Ryo called as he disentangled himself from Dee and checked the sauce again.
“Can Carol stay?”
“Of course.”
“Thanks Ryo,” Carol said as she poked her head in the kitchen door. “And thanks for the class today too, it was fun.”
“Fun for you,” Dee grumbled.
“Poor Dee,” Carol teased. “You looked so cute when you got pinned.”
“What? Carol, that's not fair,” Dee complained. “I had to play nice and let them win for demonstration purposes.”
“You're so sweet,” Carol said and pecked his cheek. “I'll finish this for you.”
“Thanks,” Dee said and handed over the knife.
Ryo handed him the stack of plates and Dee headed out to set the table. Carol and Ryo both grinned as they heard Dee and Bikky exchange their usual greetings, the insults just another part of their lives. Ryo drained the pasta and Carol quickly tossed the salad. They headed out to the table and sat down, the meal quickly proceeding as they dove into Ryo's excellent cooking.
“I'll take care of these,” Ryo said as he stacked up the dishes.
“I'll help you,” Carol said quickly.
“Hey,” Bikky said and smiled at Dee. “We're free!”
Dee chuckled and Ryo shook his head with a smile. Dee and Bikky disappeared into the living room to fire up Bikky's X-Box. Carol seemed nervous as she helped Ryo carry the dishes into the kitchen, but he didn't push her as he filled the sink and started to wash. She absently dried, and bit her lip a few times as he handed her the plates. Finally she sighed and set down the towel.
“Yeah Carol?”
She frowned and drummed her fingers on the counter. Ryo turned and smiled at her, waiting patiently as the rest of the dishes sat forgotten in the sink.
“Next week, just before Christmas break,” she said finally. “There's a dance at school. It's, well it's a father/daughter thing. I was wondering if maybe…you'd go with me?”
Ryo blinked. Carol's father had died shortly after Ryo had bailed him out. Ryo had never met him, but he had been incredibly important to Carol. She had been distraught when she lost him, and had cried almost non-stop for two weeks. They had stayed close to her the whole time, and Dee and Ryo had become more than friendly police officers. They were friends, older brothers, uncles…fathers. Even though she hadn't been around much lately, she still loved them, and Ryo gave her another smile.
“Of course,” he said. “I'd be honored to.”
Carol grinned with relief and Ryo turned back to the sink. Suddenly Carol paused and pressed a finger to her lips.
“You don't think Dee will be too upset do you?”
“I just don't know that he'll like me taking his boyfriend out on a date.”
Ryo stretched as he stepped out of the bathroom and toweled off his hair, his pajamas warmly pressing against his skin. Dee glanced up from the window, a cigarette clamped in his lips as he leaned close to the drafty opening. Ryo frowned and shivered at the cold blast of air and Dee flashed him a guilty smile. Ryo rolled his eyes and tossed the towel into the hamper before he climbed into the bed and curled up under the blankets. He heard the window slide closed and Dee was suddenly wrapped around him, warm lips pressing to his neck.
“Sorry,” he murmured.
“If you're going to smoke, you can go stand outside. Then you're the only one who has to freeze.”
“You going to warm me up afterwards?” Dee said as he drug his tongue across Ryo's neck.
Ryo shivered, and it had nothing to do with the room's cool temperature. Dee chuckled and one hand slid down to gently tug the pajama shirt open. Ryo closed his eyes and leaned back into Dee's embrace, enjoying the warmth and heady sexuality that practically oozed from his partner.
“If the phone rings right now I'm going to rip it out of the wall,” Dee murmured as he pulled Ryo beneath him and leaned down to gently nip at Ryo's collar bones.
Ryo laughed and lightly ran his fingers through Dee's hair, the silky strands tickling against his hands. He smiled up at Dee and pulled him down for a long slow kiss. Ryo loved the way Dee tasted, if he delved beneath the cigarette and mouthwash, deep down beneath all of that was something else, something intoxicating. As Dee's tongue scraped through his mouth Ryo caught the flavor and he moaned with pleasure as it blurred his mind. He held Dee firmly there, the kiss stretching out as Ryo drank in every caress and stroke from Dee's talented tongue. Finally they broke apart for air and Dee panted as he stared down at Ryo's flushed face.
“God Sexy, what you do to me,” he murmured.
“I'll do it to you all night long,” Ryo whispered and blushed slightly.
Dee grinned and set his sights on Ryo's neck, Ryo arching up into him as he kissed and licked at Ryo's pulse. Dee's hand traced down Ryo's skin, his fingertips skirting down strong muscle and smooth skin as Ryo's own hands tangled in his shirt. Both closed their eyes as Dee sucked at Ryo's Adam 's apple and Ryo moaned loudly.
There was a hesitant knock at the door and Dee felt a murderous rage build up in him. Ryo immediately clamped a hand over Dee's mouth.
“What is it Bikky?”
“Uh, Dad,” Bikky's voice sounded embarrassed and uncertain. “Your cell phone is going off.”
Ryo groaned and pushed Dee off, wincing a little as his feet hit the cold floor. He pulled the door open and Bikky handed him the phone, a pale blush on the young man's cheeks as he retreated back to his room. Ryo glanced down at the number and sighed heavily as he answered.
“Detective MacLean…Yes…I see…When?...No…I will…Thank you…Yes…I'll be right there.”
Dee slumped down in the bed at those words and Ryo flashed him an apologetic smile.
“See you soon,” he hung up and stared down at the phone for a moment before he turned to pull on some clothes.
“What was that about?” Dee said glumly.
“A case report,” Ryo said. “I signed off on it and it's going to court tomorrow. The DA wants to talk to me about a few details.”
“Apparently they've hit a few snags,” Ryo answered as he buttoned up a clean shirt and deftly slid a tie around his neck.
“How long?”
“I don't know.”
Dee groaned and flopped back onto the bed, irritably pulling the blanket up around him. Ryo smiled and shook his head, amazed at how absolutely adorable his partner could be sometimes. He sat down lightly on the edge of the bed and leaned down for a gentle kiss. Dee tried to play that he was too hurt to respond, but the feel of Ryo's soft lips and searching tongue soon pushed aside any annoyance. It was a part of their jobs, it happened sometimes, it wasn't Ryo's fault.
“Wake me up when you get home,” Dee breathed as they pulled apart.
Ryo smiled at him, his cheeks stained a pale pink and he lightly kissed Dee's forehead before he turned and left.
Ryo yawned loudly as he carefully shut the apartment door behind him, his tie hanging loose around his neck and his face tired and drained. It had been a long session outlining case reports that he had barely been involved in. Damn 27th, it wasn't fair that he somehow seemed to end up taking care of so many loose end reports. He groggily ran a hand through his hair as he tugged the tie free and slipped out of his jacket, his shoes quickly following as he headed into the bedroom.
He flipped on the bathroom light and smiled as the triangle of light that fanned out into the bedroom cast warmly over Dee. He was sleeping with his back to Ryo, his glossy hair shimmering in the faint light. Ryo quickly changed into his pajamas again and flipped the light off before he climbed into the bed. He pressed himself against Dee's warm body and wrapped his arms around his slumbering lover. Ryo gently kissed Dee's ear.
“I'm home,” he whispered.
“Mmm,” Dee answered.
Ryo's smile grew and he burrowed closer to Dee, enjoying his partner's comforting smell and soft feel. Dee murmured something unintelligible and Ryo smiled against his neck.
“I love you.”
Another murmur, but Dee remained still and asleep within his arms. Ryo bit back on a chuckle; and Dee claimed he was hard to wake up. Dee sighed in his sleep and leaned back against Ryo, his sleep more peaceful now as he lay within his lover's arms. Ryo gently caressed Dee's waist and listened to his quiet breathing.
He was so in love with Dee Laytner.
From the moment they met he had been falling in love with his partner. There was no one second that he could actually pin as the instant that he knew he was in love with Dee, no one clarifying event that said love. It had just happened without his even realizing it. Something so natural and right that now he wondered how he hadn't noticed that something so important had been missing from his life. Ryo's smile grew a little more reflective; something so vital.
In the beginning he had been terrified of Dee. The man had kissed him and tried to rip his clothes off so many times that Ryo had stopped trying to keep count. Ryo had found himself both looking forward too and dreading being alone with Dee, part of him anxious for Dee to try something but another part afraid that he would.
And then…
Ryo closed his eyes. And then he found himself letting Dee kiss him, found himself kissing Dee. Discovered himself enjoying Dee's nearness, and that had held a new terror for him. Dee would kiss him and Ryo would start to pull away, but then find himself clinging to his dark haired partner as his mind drifted happily to Dee's warmth. And then he stopped even bothering to try and pull away. It felt nice to be held and kissed…and loved.
There had been many sleepless nights in those days, countless hours that Ryo had lain in bed wondering what in the hell was going on. What did they have between them? Friendship? Partnership? Relationship? And then they had found Leo. Ryo's eyes slid open again and the hand at Dee's waist instinctively pulled him closer. Leo. The man who had murdered Ryo's parents, a cold blooded killer and mafia boss.
He had wanted to kill Leo that day, he had wanted it more than he had wanted most anything else in his life. But he hadn't. Ryo stared intently into the back of Dee's head, wondering what thoughts had gone through his partner's head that night. First Dee had found Ryo with his gun pressed to an unarmed suspect's head and then Ryo had practically thrown himself at the man. Ryo sighed and caressed Dee's waist again, Dee's gentle breathing helping to calm and soothe him.
He had just wanted to stop feeling anything for Dee, no, it was more than that, he had just wanted to stop feeling. If Dee had…if Dee hadn't stopped him, if Dee had fucked him that night, that would have been it. Ryo could have told himself that was all that Dee wanted, that all the kind words and soft promises had been a lie. Dee only wanted one thing, and Ryo could have pushed aside all of his confusing conflicting feelings and he would never have had to worry about or care about Dee again.
I love you Dumbass…
Ryo smiled and kissed the back of Dee's head. How romantic. The smile grew and Ryo bit back on a small chuckle. No, it had been romantic. It was Dee, honest, open, true. The smile softened and Ryo wrapped his arm down around Dee and gently caressed his chest. It had still been confusing, and more sleepless nights had followed, but the fall had become faster after that.
It had taken Leo's presence again to help Ryo make his decision. When things had been at their darkest, when he had been at his most confused, there was only one person that he wanted to be with. There was only one person who could make it okay. He only wanted Dee. It had been amazing, beyond anything that he had imagined, and he had felt warm and complete when he awakened with Dee still asleep in his arms.
But even then he hadn't been able to say it. He felt it completely, he knew it, but there had still been that hesitation. Part of him had still been waiting for Dee to change, for his partner to laugh it all off and walk away, for something to be different. But Dee was still Dee, and then they had kissed on the roof and there had been no passion or heat, just distance and endings. Ryo had never been so afraid in his life. He couldn't lose Dee, so he had found his courage and told Dee the truth. And then the second time…Ryo shivered a little and rubbed his hand across Dee's chest. Perfect.
I'll never lose you to another man…
Ryo closed his eyes and kissed Dee one last time before he drifted off to sleep.
You'll never lose me to anyone, Dee.
Dee stared down at his paperwork with a glum expression on his face. He didn't want to be here today, he wanted to go home, he wanted to get out of the station. Dammit. He had missed his chance last night, and had actually slept through Ryo's return. Thoughts of what might have been drifted through his mind and he all but broke the tip of his pencil off. He scowled and then looked up at Ryo, his expression immediately softening as he observed his partner. His Ryo, his wonderful delectable Ryo. Just looking at him stirred longings in Dee that went way beyond lust. God he loved Ryo, so much that it actually hurt sometimes. A wonderful burning pain that Dee would be empty without. He smiled and watched as Ryo scribbled a few notes in his sure hand, his dark eyes glinting behind the thick rimmed glasses. As he watched, Ryo filed some paperwork and absently tapped his pencil on his lips, the eraser lightly pressing into soft moist…
Dee blinked and stifled a groan as Ryo ran a hand through his hair. Dee shook his head and turned back to his report. Ryo smiled with amused satisfaction.
“Knock, knock!” Diana Spacey called as she opened the door with a wide grin.
“I knew I sensed something evil here today,” Dee said with a shiver.
“Ha, ha,” Diana said with a scowl.
“Good morning Diana,” Ryo said with a smile.
She smiled back at him and lightly kissed his cheek.
“Good morning Ryo,” she answered.
“What's the FBI want this time?” Dee asked boredly. “Are we going to get shot at or do the shooting?”
“I'm not here on FBI business,” Diana said as she handed Ryo a thick envelope. “It's my day off.”
Ryo slid the envelope open and then glanced up at Diana with surprise.
“A wedding shower?”
“What?” Dee said and grabbed the invitation from Ryo. “You didn't have a wedding, how can you have a wedding shower?”
“It wasn't my idea,” Diana grumbled.
“It doesn't sound like Drake,” Ryo said.
“No,” Diana sighed heavily. “My parents aren't too pleased about our eloping in a courthouse instead of marrying in a church. So this is their way of making it acceptable.”
“It's set for the end of the week,” Dee said and stared up at Diana.
“I know,” she said glumly.
“The end of the week, Diana,” Dee said again. “That's not much notice. And it says formal attire.”
“I know,” Diana snapped.
Ryo chuckled and read the invitation again. Diana sighed and sat down on the corner of Dee's desk.
“If I could get out of it, I would. You don't have to come, I was just hoping to have some friendly faces around, and I think Berkeley would appreciate it too.”
“Yeah,” Dee snorted. “That's a sure fire way to convince me.”
“Something's got him upset,” Ryo said, a flat statement and Diana nodded.
“Things have been kind of strained for him lately,” she said. “And for the last couple of months, well…”
“Well what?” Ryo asked.
“Nothing,” Diana said. “Forget it.”
Ryo frowned and Diana shrugged.
“Anyway, bring the kids. I'm sure they'll love it.”
“Yeah right,” Dee said. “Bikky hates getting dressed up.”
“We'll ask Carol first,” Ryo said and grabbed the invite back. “Good, we can make it. It's a week before Carol's big dance.”
Dee scowled and Diana chuckled.
“What's this?”
“Carol's taking Ryo to a father-daughter dance,” Dee said glumly.
“Jealous?” Diana teased.
“No,” Dee snapped a little too quickly.
Diana laughed and Ryo shook his head.
“Anyway,” Ryo said as he pulled his glasses off and leaned back. “It's about lunch time. You and Drake going out or do you want to come with us?”
“I know Dee's going to be disappointed,” Diana said with a sigh. “But he gets you all to himself; Drake and I already have plans.”
“That's the best news I've heard from you all day,” Dee said happily.
Ryo rolled his eyes and Diana chuckled.
“So what are the Christmas plans, boys?”
“We're picking up the tree tonight,” Ryo said as he pulled on his jacket and tossed Dee his coat. “Bikky's going to Carol's for Christmas Eve and then we're having dinner at our place on Christmas day.”
“Sounds nice,” Diana said.
“What about you and the mister?” Dee asked as he zipped up his coat and pulled out his cigarettes.
“We're going to Drake's family gathering at his mom's house.”
“Lucky you,” Dee said. “You might want to bring your gun.”
“I know.”
It took some careful and rather acrobatic movements, but they managed to get the tree tied down on the car with only a moderate amount of swearing from Dee. Hauling it up to the apartment drew out a few more choice phrases, and Ryo shot Dee a dirty look when Bikky repeated one of the more creative shots. Dee flinched and shrugged, but cut the swearing out as they fought a little more with the tree. Finally they had it positioned and straight and they stopped for a cup of cocoa.
“I still think we should get a fake one,” Dee said as he sipped the hot chocolate.
“Maybe,” Ryo said slowly and then shrugged. “I can't help it, I like the way it smells.”
“Yeah,” Bikky said as he pulled out a few strands of lights. “Are we doing white lights or colored ones this year?”
“I don't care,” Ryo said.
“Colored,” Dee said.
“White it is,” Bikky said.
“You little freak,” Dee laughed.
Bikky grinned at him and began to wrap the tree in lights. Ryo smiled and his dark eyes glittered with the sparkling lights, Dee stared at him with a fond smile. Beautiful Ryo. Ryo blinked and frowned at him.
“Nothing,” Dee said with a shrug.
Bikky glanced between them and then rolled his eyes.
“Let's get this tree decorated,” Bikky growled and thrust the box of ornaments at Ryo.
Ryo flinched slightly and opened the box with considerably more care. He pulled aside the thick paper and soft cloth and carefully began to unwrap the ornaments. Bikky held his hand out expectantly as each came into view, his blue eyes dancing over them as he turned and found their place on the tree. Dee watched with a silent chuckle as the ritual played out, Ryo unwrapping each piece, Bikky agonizing over the perfect spot to hang it. He waited as they went through two more boxes, chatting as Ryo smiled at each ornament, occasionally telling them where it had come from. Finally the tree was almost done.
“Just the star left,” Ryo said as he opened the last box.
He pulled it free, his eyes softening as he stared down at it. It brought back memories of his parents and loving family, and he gently traced a finger over it as he cradled it in his hands. Then he turned and perched it carefully atop the tree.
Dee watched silently as Ryo's body arched, his face alight with warmth and touched with just a stroke of sadness. Dee's own memories of Christmas were filled with loud crowds, children pushing and yelling together as they laughed and caroled. There were presents and hot food, and Mother Maria had more helpers than she knew what to do with. Christmas had been magical, and Dee's smile softened as he hoped that Bikky would have the same hopeful memories and peaceful joy that the season had instilled in him. This was the best, more than Dee had ever hoped for. He had a family, a real family, and he couldn't help the well pleased rush that passed through him as his eyes slid over Ryo and Bikky.
“Perfect,” Ryo said as he stepped back, his hands resting lightly at his hips.
“Yeah,” Dee agreed softly. “Perfect.”