Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act VII, Relations and Celebrations ❯ Chapter 4

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Dee stood in the hospital hallway, his hand clenched in a loose fist as he pressed an icepack to his neck. The demands had finally arrived. His eyes closed and he slumped heavily against the wall, his head pounding angrily.
They had just gone out for a nice night, a celebration for two close friends. Things like this weren't supposed to happen, not…shit not as often as it kept happening to them. And now he had to go and tell Ryo that…
Dee looked up as Diana rushed to him, her eyes wide and worried.
“Any word yet?”
Dee sighed heavily and handed her the fax that just been delivered to him. She flipped it open and her breath caught as she read it.
“What is this?”
“Who knows,” Dee said tiredly and shook his head. “How am I supposed to tell him? His son just got shot and now he has to leave the kid alone and go play babysitter.”
Diana remained silent and then gently brushed Dee's hair back.
“It's okay Dee,” she said quietly. “You didn't do anything wrong.”
“So I keep trying to tell myself,” he muttered. “I should have tackled the jackass the instant I saw the gun. Instead I stood there and bickered with that…that…”
“Go talk to Ryo,” she said gently. “I'll arrange the prisoner transfer. Everything will be ready for you.”
Dee nodded and she headed down the hallway. Dee sighed and suddenly JJ was standing silently next to him.
“I don't like this,” JJ said flatly.
“I bet you don't.”
JJ scowled at him. “Dammit, Dee, this is some kind of set-up.”
Dee sighed again. Vones had requested that Kurt Montez be delivered to him by Detective Randy MacLean and Detective Dee Laytner. If these demands were not met, Rose would be returned in a few days in a less than living capacity, along with Carol.
“What else are we going to do, JJ?”
“Would they do this for us?” JJ said flatly. “Would they authorize something like this if one of us was in his position?”
Dee stared at JJ for a moment and then shrugged.
“Rose would make sure that it got set up.”
JJ froze and then flinched. It was true. Rose always looked out for his officers, and he would move hell itself to see that they were okay. Dee scowled and ran a hand through his hair.
“Of course the jackass will find fault with everything we do later.”
JJ blinked as Dee stood up straighter and brushed back his hair. The dark haired man sighed and gave JJ a half-hearted smile.
“Well, here I go.”
Ryo didn't even look up from Bikky's bedside as the door clicked open. He continued to gently hold Bikky's hand and stare down at the sleeping face. Dee rested a hand on Ryo's shoulder and pecked his cheek.
“Hey, how's he doing?”
“He's going to be fine,” Ryo said quietly. “He's just sleeping now.”
“That's good.”
“This is the second time,” Ryo said suddenly.
Dee's hand tightened.
“It wasn't your fault.”
“Wasn't yours either,” Ryo said. “I just worry about him. He's--”
“Your son,” Dee finished. “You should worry about him Ryo. It's fine.”
Ryo sighed under Dee's touch and his eyes closed.
“What is it?” Ryo asked.
“The demands came in,” Dee answered and hesitantly held the sheet out.
Ryo numbly took it and read the words. He slumped down in his seat and shook his head.
“Goddamn this job.”
“No, let's finish this,” Ryo said and smiled up at Dee sadly. “He won't forgive me if he wakes up and Carol isn't here.”
“I knew this would happen,” Montez said happily as they drove across the city.
Ryo remained silent in the passenger seat, a dark glare on his face as he watched the buildings pass by. Dee scowled into the review mirror and Montez grinned at him.
“You should have known that he wouldn't leave me in jail, I'm too fuckin' important.”
“Would you shut up already?” Dee snapped.
“Problem?” Montez crooned. “Are you upset?”
“Maybe we should pull over and gag you,” Dee threatened.
“Try it,” Montez laughed. “You want to get your guy shot.”
“Fuckin' bastard,” Dee growled.
Ryo remained silent.
“Why is it always someplace abandoned?” Dee muttered as they pulled into the old parking garage. “Why don't they ever want to meet in some well lit highly populated area with good waitresses and lots of liquor?”
Ryo clicked his door open without a word and then hauled Montez out of the backseat, his face set and cold.
“Hey, watch it!” Montez yelled. “Be gentle bitch.”
Ryo glared at him with such ice that Montez flinched back. Dee glanced at him and sighed as he lit a cigarette. This was a problem. Ryo could be counted on to do the right thing, Dee knew that, but when it came to the people he cared about Ryo had a very dangerous trigger. His partner had obviously spent the last few hours stewing over what had happened at the hotel and was now ready to unleash his seething anger.
“Let's go,” Dee said softly.
Ryo's eyes met his and Dee tried to convey all the understanding gentleness that he could. Ryo blinked slowly and sighed, nodding a little. Dee relaxed instantly; Ryo got the message.
They walked up the dark staircase, Montez talking non-stop as they moved. Dee kept smoking and Ryo moved with his silence still intact. They finally pulled open the door to the fifth level and stepped out, the door slamming loudly behind them. Floodlights immediately snapped on and Ryo and Dee threw up their hands to shield their eyes. Montez yelled in anger, his hands cuffed behind him as Vones stepped into view.
“Gentlemen, if you please, place your hands on the wall and hold still.”
Ryo squinted and turned, Dee stepping to his side as they placed their hands on the wall. A set of rough hands patted down Dee's arms and drug across his chest and legs as he was quickly searched. He started to turn again but the hands grabbed the cuff of his neck and slammed him back into place.
“Stay still,” a low voice growled.
Ryo gritted his teeth as Vones stepped close behind him and caressed down his chest with careful gentleness. He chuckled into Ryo's ear as he drug his hands lower and Ryo closed his eyes.
“I think we've established that I'm not carrying a weapon so get the fuck off me!” Ryo roared.
He swung his arm back and shoved the gangster away. Dee's eyes flashed with anger and Vones chuckled again as he shook his head.
“You know Randy, my offer still stands,” he smiled at Ryo. “You're so pretty.”
“Where are Carol and the Commissioner?” Ryo said flatly, his hands clenched into fists.
“Over in the corner,” Vones said, gesturing back behind the lights. “Thanks for fulfilling your obligations in this little exchange. Give me the keys to his handcuffs and we'll leave.”
Dee reached into his pocket and held up the small keys, his gaze glinting darkly. Vones reached out for the keys and Dee tightened his hold on them.
“You're lucky that I don't have a gun with me,” Dee said lowly.
“Possessive, aren't we?” Vones teased and tugged the keys free. “I'll see you around. Let's go.”
The lights snapped off and Ryo and Dee both blinked quickly as they struggled to adjust their eyes to the new darkness.
“Ryo!” Carol called. “Dee!”
“Carol? Where are you?” Dee rubbed at his eyes and stared into the darkness, circling spots dancing over his vision.
“Over here, hurry! He's hurt pretty badly!”
“Now,” Vones said quietly. “Tell me where my money is.”
“Calm down,” Montez said as he leaned back in the limo, one hand waving dismissively at Vones. “It's safe.”
“I'm sure it is,” Vones said. “You're not stupid.”
“No I am fucking not,” Montez chortled. “I knew just where to stash it after I pulled it off of Fred. Little bitch. We pulled that job off perfectly and then he tries to screw us over. Fuck that.”
“Absolutely,” Vones said dully. “Now, where is my money?”
“Lock box down at the High Life Hotel,” Montez said. “The key's in my apartment in the plant on my kitchen windowsill. Only living thing in the whole damn place.”
He laughed loudly and Vones gave him a wry smile.
“Now how am I getting out of the city?”
“Probably by body bag.”
The gun fire was carefully muffled as the limo driver quickly turned up the radio.
Dee sat on the bed and stared at the bathroom door, one hand running through his hair as he thought. It had taken a lot of arguing to get Ryo to agree to come home. They had taken Rose in, the Commissioner already bickering with Dee on the drive over, and then Ryo had rushed back to Bikky. The boy had awakened enough to smile and tell Ryo he was fine and to smile happily at Carol. Then he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Carol had all but started sobbing immediately.
Dee had taken her out into the hallway and calmed her down, her aunt taking her home to someplace warm and familiar. She told him that she'd be back the next day, talking over her poor aunt as the woman tried to tell her to take it easy and remain calm. Dee had smiled at her and promised to tell Bikky to expect her.
It had taken another hour to get Ryo out of the hospital and home and since then his partner had been in the shower. Dee sighed and climbed into bed, a pale wince on his face as he thought of the blank anger in Ryo's voice and the lust filled look in Vones' eyes. Dee stretched out and pulled the blanket up under his chin, the shower finally shutting off. What was he supposed to say to Ryo?
You're so pretty.
That son of a bitch. Dee was going to cut the man a new asshole. And he was going to do it slowly. He heard the bathroom door click open.
“I expected you to join me,” Ryo said quietly.
Dee's eyes snapped open and he rolled over, a strangled squawk of surprise escaping him. Ryo stood framed in the door, the bathroom light faintly illuminating his smooth body. Long beads of water and faint droplets hung suspended on his skin, his hair hanging close around his face as Dee's eyes trailed up and down the lithe naked figure.
“Is that why you were in there so long?” Dee finally managed.
Ryo gave him a pale smile and walked across the room, Dee throwing back the blankets as Ryo slowly crawled into bed. He climbed up and hovered over Dee, leaning down until their lips brushed together. Ryo's eyes locked with Dee's, and Dee gently pressed his hand to Ryo's face. Ryo blushed slightly and his eyes slid closed as he allowed Dee to pull him closer. Dee's tongue brushed across his lips and Ryo's mouth slipped open. Dee pressed the kiss deeper, hungrily devouring his Ryo as his hands slid down Ryo's damp body and pressed against his waist. He pulled Ryo down against him and arched his hips upward.
Ryo whispered into the kiss and Dee's lips traced down his jaw and latched onto his neck. He licked the long criss-crosses of water, Ryo's skin flavored with the thick moist taste. Dee's hands strayed across Ryo's back, caressing and stroking as he slowly began to work them lower.
“Only you,” Ryo whispered. “Only you.”
“I love you,” Dee murmured against Ryo's neck.
His hands massaged into Ryo's firm ass and Ryo closed his eyes as he rubbed down against Dee. Dee spread his legs to draw Ryo closer and his fingers grew firmer as he began to gently trace down the smooth cleft. Ryo's hands tangled in Dee's shirt and Dee quickly rolled them over. Ryo gasped in surprise and Dee clamped his mouth over Ryo's, his tongue delving down and rubbing over the roof of Ryo's mouth. Ryo moaned and rolled his hips upwards, pressing Dee for more. Dee's lips trailed down Ryo's neck again and then latched onto one of Ryo's nipples, his tongue caressing and exploring as his hands continued to massage and rub into Ryo's ass. Ryo wrapped his arms around Dee, one hand locking in smooth dark locks as the other slid up and down his back.
“Do you like this Ryo?” Dee whispered.
Ryo blushed darkly, his eyes clenching shut and Dee drug his tongue across the firm pert nipple.
“Do you like this?”
“Yes,” Ryo gasped.
Dee smiled and his teeth grazed lightly to the other nipple. Ryo moaned and arched up from the bed, his hand tightening in Dee's hair. Dee sucked at the nipple until it was clenched and hard and licked it firmly.
“And this? Do you like this?”
“Yes,” Ryo moaned.
Dee trailed wet kisses across Ryo's chest, his tongue circling over the warm damp skin as he began to slide down Ryo's body. He clamped his mouth onto Ryo's left hip bone, sucking and licking at the skin as his fingers clutched at Ryo's ass. A dark mark formed beneath his careful lips and Ryo panted for breath.
“And did you like that?”
“Yes,” Ryo answered hoarsely, his eyes still shut.
Dee smiled as he drug his tongue down and slid it across the smooth skin at the base of Ryo's leg. Ryo cried out and shivered, his fingers limply clutching at the bed as Dee knelt between his legs. Ryo panted and his eyes slid open a little as Dee paused, dark green eyes locking with Ryo's.
“Do you want more?”
“Yes,” Ryo pleaded. “Please.”
Dee leaned down and swirled his tongue over the head of the erection bobbing in front of him. Ryo cried out and arched up, his legs digging into the bed and pulling up as he sat up and leaned forward. His whole body curled with pleasure as Dee pulled back and slid his hands free from Ryo's body. Ryo panted and Dee gently caressed his finger tips down Ryo's thighs, softly pressing over the wet skin as Ryo threw his head back.
Dee slid his mouth back down, his lips firm and hungry as he sucked hard. Ryo's mouth opened in a wide silent scream, his body quivering as Dee expertly worked him. Dee's tongue caressed over him and then pressed almost painfully hard into him as teeth grazed against him. Ryo gasped and panted and then Dee pulled free. A strangled cry escaped Ryo and his eyes locked back with Dee's.
“Did you like that Ryo?”
“Yes,” Ryo said hungrily. “More. Dee, please, more.”
A shiver rippled through Dee and he shook a little as he again knelt and pulled Ryo into his mouth. A long low cry escaped Ryo and caressed over Dee like his lover's hands. He continued his slow tortuous exploration, his tongue marking every inch as Ryo grew louder and louder, his head thrown back again as Dee sucked and licked, gently caressing Ryo's body as he continued.
“Dee,” Ryo moaned.
Dee felt his lover's body tense and he swallowed deeply, Ryo screaming as he came and filled Dee's mouth. Dee swallowed again and again, lapping up everything that slid free from Ryo until Ryo dropped back onto the bed in a panting heap. Ryo's body was shivery and shaky as Dee slid free and gently lifted one leg to rest lightly on his shoulder. He lubed his finger and began to pull and tug at Ryo's tight entrance. Ryo moaned and his eyes closed again as Dee slid his fingers in.
Dee teased his fingers around within his lover, his body impatiently cursing him as he drug out every action. Ryo moaned again and writhed upon the bed, his legs spreading and back arching as he pressed himself down upon Dee's hand.
“Do you like this?” Dee whispered, his voice almost betraying how close he was to losing control.
“Yes,” Ryo answered. “Yes, Dee…”
Dee's eyes caressed over Ryo's body as though he were memorizing every inch. Ryo's skin was still sprinkled with water, his body glowing and flushed as he arched and thrust under Dee's touch. Dee leaned forward and licked Ryo's thigh, the taste of the skin warm and wet and somehow more erotic than anything Dee had ever experienced in his life. His hand slid free and Ryo groaned in disappointment, Dee's eyes closing as the sound spoke to him of desire and pleasure. He ripped his pants off and clutched at Ryo's knees as he quickly slid inside, Ryo's arms wrapping around him, his fingers clutching in Dee's shirt.
Dee paused, panting heavily as he struggled to calm himself and then torture himself again.
“And do you like this?”
“Yeeeeessssss,” Ryo breathed and arched up against Dee, his body rubbing and caressing against Dee's.
“And do you want more?” Dee gasped, somehow still managing to remain still.
“Yes,” Ryo pleaded and began to nibble and lick at Dee's jaw. “More.”
Dee smiled, his heart pounding in his chest as he hovered over Ryo. Ryo's hips thrust down, pushing him, and Dee's hands tightened on Ryo's legs. He pushed forward and Ryo cried out, arching against him again as he rubbed himself against Dee, seeking to touch and push against every inch of skin. Dee thrust again, his body now clenching with urgency and his hips began to move faster. He pulsed and slammed into Ryo again and again, Ryo moaning and answering every movement. Dee's eyes snapped closed and then flew open as he felt his whole body rush into the orgasm, everything tensing and then releasing. Ryo cried out against him and hot fire spread between them as they continued, their bodies tangled together as their lips met and tongues caressed. Time slowed and their heated skin pressed against each other as they came.
Dee panted heavily as he slid free and slumped down against Ryo. Ryo's eyes slid closed and he gently ran his hand through Dee's hair.
“I love you,” Ryo said softly. “More than anything.”
“I love you too,” Dee answered.
They lay together in silence and then Ryo suddenly shivered. Dee looked up at him with a small frown.
“You're cold already?”
Ryo gave him a small smile and Dee felt a wolfish light creep into his eyes.
“Want me to warm you up, Sexy?”
Ryo blushed darkly and Dee chuckled as he pulled the blankets up over them and wrapped himself around his beautiful Ryo. Ryo nuzzled against his neck and sighed as his eyes slid closed.
“Love you,” Ryo murmured again and slipped into sleep.
“I love you too,” Dee answered and smiled in the darkness.
Ryo whistled quietly as he walked down the hospital hallway, his coat slung over one arm and a box of chocolates clenched in one hand. He smiled as he reached for the door handle and then paused.
“But you're okay, right?” Bikky's voice drifted to him.
“I'm fine,” Carol assured him. “He did try to…well…that defense class really came in handy.”
“Son of a bitch,” Bikky growled. “Wait till I get out of here.”
“The Commissioner took care of it,” Carol said dismissively. “After I flipped him, Rose broke his nose and I think that he sprained the guy's wrist too.”
“Really?” Bikky said, a trace of surprise in his voice.
“Yeah,” Carol answered. “So when are you getting out of here?”
“Tomorrow,” Bikky said. “Assuming everything goes alright.”
Ryo smiled again and swung the door open.
“Morning Bikky, hi Carol.”
“Hi Ryo!”
“Hi Dad,” Bikky stretched a little and Carol sprang up from the bed where she had rather obviously been sitting quite close to Bikky.
Ryo frowned, but didn't say anything as he handed Bikky the chocolates.
“How are you feeling?”
“Like I got shot,” Bikky said with a grin. “I've always wanted to say that.”
“Bikky…” Carol said shaking her head.
“Calm down,” Bikky said with a laugh. “It was just a joke. How's the moron?”
“Fine, fine,” Ryo said as he sat down. “He's at the precinct filling out some paperwork.”
“I'll bet he just loves that,” Bikky said with a very large grin.
“I'll bet,” Ryo agreed.
“Poor Dee,” Carol said. “You should do something nice for him.”
“Yeah,” Ryo chuckled. “I'll think of something.”
“Come on Dee,” Drake pleaded. “Just tell me.”
“No way,” Dee said firmly as he took another long puff on the cigarette.
“But I need some ideas,” Drake wailed. “I don't know what to get Diana and I'm running out of time.”
“You sure are,” Dee agreed.
“No,” Dee said. “I tell you, you tell JJ, and then the free world knows about it.”
“I swear I won't tell,” Drake said as he crossed his heart. “Please.”
“No. Besides, it wouldn't mean anything to you, so it wouldn't mean anything to Diana. You'll have to come up with something on your own.”
“I'll tell you what Ryo got you,” Drake baited.
Dee stared at him blankly and then snorted.
“You don't know shit.”
Drake slumped, his bluff effectively crushed and he clasped his hands as he begged again.
Rose looked up from the magazine he was reading and blinked in surprise as Ryo stepped into the small hospital room.
“Ryo,” he said with a little shock. “I didn't expect to see you here.”
“I was visiting Bikky and thought that I'd stop by.”
“Yes, how is your son?”
“Smart mouthed as ever,” Ryo said tiredly and then smiled at Rose. “He said to thank you for looking after Carol. I owe you some gratitude too.”
Rose felt a deep shivering run through him but he shoved it aside and just smiled at Ryo.
“I'd do the same for anyone.”
“You've said that before,” Ryo said as he sat down. “And I still think that's true. How are you feeling today, sir?”
“Sore,” Rose grumbled. “Those rat bastards.”
“We're still looking for them,” Ryo said with a shrug.
“Good luck,” Rose said irritably. “They were careful. We've got nothing to connect them to anything that happened.”
“We've got the testimony of two New York detectives and a police commissioner.”
“And I'm sure that Vones will produce several just as credible witnesses that can verify that he was somewhere else. I spoke to Jim this morning, we've got no physical evidence. CSI went over the hotel and the parking garage with a fine tooth comb, and there is nothing.”
“I see,” Ryo said and then stared at Rose. “You spoke to Jim this morning?”
“Hmm? Yes.”
“You're supposed to be recuperating,” Ryo said flatly.
“I'm not an invalid.”
“You should still be resting.”
Rose scowled at him and then his expression shifted and became blank.
“What did he mean?”
“What did who mean?” Ryo asked with a frown.
A moment of silence lapsed and Rose was amazed that Ryo was able to look tired, embarrassed, angry, and sad all at the same time.
“Well, at the MacLean Company ball he sort of…propositioned me.”
Rose's eyebrows lifted and Ryo scratched his chin as he sighed.
“It was when Diana and I were talking to him.”
“I see,” Rose said.
He supposed things like that must happen to Ryo on a semi-regular basis. Looking and acting the way he did, he was bound to attract quite a few eyes. Of course Ryo was probably completely oblivious to the attention. Rose frowned irritably. People like Vones made looks and obliviousness a dangerous combination.
“Have the precinct send me the files on Vones.”
Ryo crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair.
“You're going to work yourself into a grave,” Ryo said. “You better take it easy sir or you're going to be stuck here through Christmas.”
“Who cares?” Rose said gruffly and flipped another page in his magazine.