Fake Fan Fiction ❯ FAKE in Love: Act VII, Relations and Celebrations ❯ Chapter 6

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“What in the hell are you doing here?”
Bikky's voice echoed through the apartment and Dee felt Ryo sigh heavily.
“Bikky's home,” Dee murmured.
“So I gather.”
“What Bikky?”
The door flew open and Bikky scowled at them as he marched into the room.
“That Rose guy is out on the couch!”
“He's staying with us,” Ryo said as he sat up and brushed back his hair. “How was your Eve with Carol?”
“Oh no,” Bikky said angrily. “Don't change the subject like that. What's he doing here?”
“He's staying so get over it,” Dee snapped. “Jesus, Bikky. It's not even five in the morning! We're going back to sleep and you had better not touch a damn thing until we get up! I will know if you do.”
“What? Dad…”
“Sleep!” Ryo commanded. “Now! Out!”
Bikky hesitated but then turned on his heel and retreated, slamming the door on his way out. Ryo sighed and flopped back into the bed, wrapping back up around Dee as his eyes slid closed again. A few long moments passed and then Ryo sighed.
“I'm awake.”
“Me too,” Dee said angrily. “Goddammit.”
“I want to sleep,” Ryo moaned. “This is the first time in over a week that we don't have to rush off to work.”
Dee pulled him close and nuzzled his face into Ryo's hair. He inhaled the soft scent and closed his eyes as he listened to the sound of Ryo's breathing. He smiled and his arms loosened a little as he drifted back off to sleep. Ryo lay still in Dee's gentle hold and he felt his eyes grow heavy again as Dee snored softly next to him.
“Love you,” Ryo whispered.
“Mmph,” Dee answered.
Dee awoke to the smell of bacon cooking and soft Christmas music playing. He peered groggily at the clock, almost seven. Dee sighed and ran a hand through his shaggy hair as he climbed out of bed and peeled on some clothes. The detective stretched, his back popping a little, and headed out into the living room. Rose looked up from where he was sitting on the couch, a book clutched in one hand as Bikky stared longingly at the presents under the tree.
“You're finally awake!” Bikky said. “Dad! The moron's up!”
“And just in time for breakfast,” Ryo said cheerfully as he set the plates of food on the table.
“What? No, wait, you said we could open presents when he got up.”
“Well breakfast is ready now, so we'll do that after we eat.”
Dee grinned as Ryo handed him a cup of coffee. Rose limped into the room, leaning heavily on his crutch and then sitting down. Breakfast proceeded as it usually did in their house, Bikky a little more impatient than usual and Ryo enjoying drawing it out the meal as long as he could.
“Dad, please,” Bikky pleaded as Ryo boredly filled his coffee again.
“Dad,” Bikky wailed.
“Alright, alright,” Ryo chuckled. “We'll open the presents…”
“After we do the dishes.”
“You're kind of a sadist,” Dee murmured in Ryo's ear as he reached around the thin waist to drop a stray plate in the water.
Ryo chuckled and shrugged. Dee kissed Ryo's neck and held Ryo close.
“I kind of like it.”
Ryo laughed out loud now and Dee released him with another light peck, a wide grin on his face as he headed back out into the dining room.
“Are you done?” Bikky asked loudly.
“Just about,” Dee said. “Why don't you go sort the presents out?”
“Can I?” Bikky asked.
“Yeah, move it monkey boy.”
Bikky was gone before Dee had the nickname out. Dee and Rose both chuckled and Dee glanced over in surprise. Rose shrugged.
“You need any help?” Dee grunted.
“No,” Rose answered flatly.
Both smirked and Rose pulled himself up, quickly leaning against the crutch as he turned and started towards the living room. Ryo came out of the kitchen, absently drying his hands as he walked.
“What time are we supposed to be at the orphanage?”
“Good,” Ryo said. “That's plenty of time to Bikky to tear into his gifts.”
“Hurry up!” Bikky yelled.
Ryo laughed and wrapped his arm around Dee's waist, lightly pecking his cheek as they headed into the living room. Rose was sitting gingerly on the couch, Bikky digging through the presents under the tree as he quickly separated them out.
“Can we open them now?” Bikky all but wailed.
“I think I need--” Dee started.
“Whatever it is you don't need it!” the boy roared.
There was some short laughter and Ryo shook his head.
“Have at, Bikky.”
Bikky sighed with relief and dove into his presents, the room filled with the sound of ripping paper as he tore and cut everything open. Ryo chuckled and sat down, Dee sprawling on the floor in front of him and leaning back against his legs. The adults sipped their coffee and spoke in chatty tones as Bikky yelped and grinned at the growing pile of booty.
“Here's yours from me,” Bikky said as he handed a package to Ryo.
“Thanks Bikky.”
“And this one's for you, dimwit.”
“Hand me back that X-Box game,” Dee said. “I don't think you need it.”
Dee chuckled and slid a finger under the wrapping, shaking his head as he tore it open. He laughed again.
“Look, another X-Box game,” he said with a laugh. “Something else to kick your ass at.”
“Bring it on you knuckle dragger.”
“Thank you Bikky,” Ryo said as he pulled the book free from its box.
“You're welcome Dad,” Bikky said.
“Thanks Biks,” Dee said.
“Yeah, thanks to you too.”
“Here sir,” Ryo said as he handed Rose a box. “You missed the Christmas Party as the precinct. I kept meaning to bring this to the hospital for you, but I kept forgetting it.”
“Uh, thank you,” Rose said with a little surprise.
“I'm getting in the shower,” Dee said and poked Bikky with his foot. “You better get all this cleaned up before we leave for the orphanage if you want to be able to play when we come home.”
“Yeah, I know,” Bikky said.
“Where's Carol?” Ryo asked.
“She'll be here in the next few minutes,” Bikky answered. “She's really excited.”
Ryo began picking up the paper, chatting with Bikky as they gathered up the garbage and cleaned the room, Bikky hauling his new treasures into his room. Rose sat quietly on the couch, staring down at the wine colored shirt in his hands. He chuckled suddenly and leaned back, one hand passing over his eyes. Damn he lived a weird life.
There was a knock at the door and Bikky grinned as he quickly ran to open it. Carol bounced inside, happily handing Ryo a present and kissing his cheek.
“Hi Ryo! Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas Carol,” Ryo answered.
“Oh, Commissioner,” Carol said and smiled at him. “It's nice to see you again. How are you feeling?”
“A little sore, but good,” Rose answered with a smile of his own.
“Good,” Carol beamed. “Thanks again, by the way.”
“It was nothing,” Rose said. “After all, what man could stand by and let such a beautiful young woman fight her battles single-handedly.”
Carol giggled and Bikky rolled his eyes.
“Come on Carol, let me show you what I got for Christmas.”
The two disappeared into Bikky's room and Ryo sat down on the couch with a tired sigh. He ran a hand through his hair and smiled at Rose.
“Merry Christmas sir.”
“Merry Christmas Ryo,” Rose answered. “And thank you.”
Ryo stared at him and then smiled.
“Anytime sir.”
They were mobbed at the orphanage. Dee laughed loudly as the children crawled over him, digging and peering into his pockets as he carried several of them inside. They swung up into Ryo's arms and clung to his legs as he laughed and talked with them. They were gentler with Rose, but still managed to cling to him mercilessly as he entered the orphanage. Carol and Bikky disappeared in a pack of wildly running faces with promises to come back as soon as they were sent for.
“Dee!” Mother called happily. “Ryo! I'm so glad to see you both! Merry Christmas!”
“Merry Christmas,” they both answered and Dee pulled an arm free to hug the bustling woman close for an instant.
She introduced herself to Rose and then disappeared back into the crowd, her voice rising as she pulled apart two wrestling kids. Ryo chuckled and glanced back at Rose.
“Okay sir?”
“Fine,” he answered a little shakily.
“I'm headed to the kitchen,” Ryo said. “I've got some work to do.”
The children immediately scattered and Ryo laughed again.
“I'll come with you,” Rose said.
They picked their way through the busy halls and Dee disappeared behind them as they headed in to help with the last of preparations. Ryo took control of the chaos in the kitchen with practiced ease and soon things were running easily and smoothly. Dinner was served on time, and they sat down to a long meal that was filled with laughter and happy stories.
The food finally began to disappear and the children began to drift away, most curling up to sleep or play with their new presents. Dee found Mother again and got a box to his ears when he informed her that dishes were a Penguin's job, not a detective's. He kissed her forehead lightly and they said their goodbyes.
Bikky and Carol sang Christmas carols the whole way home, Carol lightly kissing them all on the cheeks as she sprang out of the car and to her apartment.
“Um, Dad,” Bikky said hesitantly.
“Go ahead,” Ryo said with a sigh. “Call if you decide to stay the night. And be nice to Carol's aunt.”
“Thanks,” Bikky called as he sprinted after Carol.
Rose chuckled and shook his head.
“Your son seems to be pretty well enchanted with that girl.”
“Yes,” Ryo said with a laugh. “I think he's gone forever.”
Dee lit a cigarette as they pulled up to the apartment, smoking it fast as they walked through the cold. Ryo shook his head and rolled his eyes.
“I swear you're such an addict.”
“I like cigarettes,” Dee said. “There's nothing wrong with that.”
“Of course not,” Rose said flatly. “It's not like they're known to have any negative effects on your health.”
Ryo snorted laughter and Dee glared at them both.
“Don't gang up on me, dammit,” he said.
The apartment was cold when they came inside and Ryo immediately flipped the heat on. Rose collapsed onto the couch and propped his ankle up on the coffee table. He gently took off his shoe and massage at the tender joint, a pale wince passing over his face. Ryo dropped a bag of ice into his hands and uncorked a bottle of wine, his light brown hair falling across his face as he sat down next to Dee. They split the bottle, the silence rich and companionable as Christmas faded around them, and the pressing of the New Year began.
“We're finally rid of him!” Dee said gleefully.
“You're such a selfish bastard,” Ryo said as he sat down on the couch, one of Dee's arms immediately snaking around him.
“What can I say,” Dee said as he turned and latched his mouth onto Ryo's neck. “I don't like sharing you with anyone.”
“God you pervert,” Bikky roared as he slammed a fist into the back of Dee's head. “Can't you even wait until I leave?”
“Well get your ass in gear!” Dee roared.
Ryo chuckled quietly.
“Have fun Bikky, and be safe.”
“Thanks Dad, we'll call if anything comes up.”
“Come here,” Ryo said.
“Come on Dad,” Bikky said with embarrassment but he bent and let Ryo hug him.
“Happy New Year,” Ryo said as he released the boy and then pressed a twenty into Bikky's hand. “Take Carol someplace nice.”
“Thanks Dad,” Bikky said. “Happy New Year to you too. I'll see you guys in the morning, Carol and I are heading over to that lock-in at the school.”
“Then you don't need that twenty,” Dee said. “Hand it over!”
“Go to hell!”
“Bikky,” Ryo said.
“Sorry. Damn, I'll see you guys. Happy New Year.”
The door clicked shut and Ryo managed to take a deep breath before Dee had him pinned to the couch. Dee's hands and mouth were insistent, almost demanding as he peeled Ryo's shirt open and began to suck and lick across the smooth skin. Ryo's fingers locked in Dee's hair and he panted for breath as Dee locked his mouth over one nipple. Ryo moaned as the nipple hardened and Dee continued to lap and torture across it until Ryo was writhing and quivering beneath him. Dee smiled as he slid across and latched onto the other nipple.
“This is just how I want to ring in the New Year,” Dee murmured as he teased the nipple into hardness. “You know what they say, whatever you're doing when the New Year begins you'll be doing for the rest of the year.”
Ryo smiled and arched up against Dee, his fingers tightening in the dark locks.
“Then you better slow things down because we've got almost an hour until midnight.”
“Hmm,” Dee said as he licked Ryo's chest. “How to pass the time?”
Ryo's hands slid down Dee's back and dipped beneath the waistband of Dee's pants. He caressed his fingers back and forth and dug down into the skin. Dee smiled and went back to work on Ryo's pale chest. Ryo's hands paused suddenly and then pulled free, causing Dee to freeze and glance up with a puzzled look.
Ryo stared down at him and gently toyed with a stray strand of hair.
“What do you want, Dee?”
Dee frowned.
“What?” he said again.
“What do you want?”
“Only you Ryo.”
“Well I know that.”
“Are you asking what I think you're asking?”
Ryo blushed darkly and his fingers continued to nervously play with Dee's hair.
“Well, it's just…I was just wondering…you never…”
Dee's smile became wolfish and hungry. He leaned back down and drug his tongue across Ryo's chest. Ryo shivered slightly and Dee kissed the smooth skin.
“Alright,” Dee whispered. “Are you sure?”
“Yes,” Ryo answered, his blush still dark.
Dee sat up and brushed one hand down Ryo's chest.
“Take your clothes off.”
Ryo stared at him and Dee smiled back, his hand rising to caress down Ryo's face.
Ryo hesitated a moment longer and then stood up. He shrugged out of the shirt that Dee had already so deftly opened and dropped it to the floor. Dee's eyes followed his movements and Ryo fumbled with his belt and zipper as he felt the weight of Dee's gaze. His skin grew flushed and dark as the pants slid free and he stepped out of them. Dee smiled at him and then rested his hands on Ryo's waist, gently pulling him forward until Ryo stood between his legs.
Dee gently caressed Ryo's side and then began to rub his hand across Ryo's stomach, his other hand holding Ryo firmly still. He smiled as he caressed Ryo's abdomen, Ryo's breathing shifting a little beneath Dee's able hands. He leaned forward and gently kissed Ryo's stomach, his lips light and chaste as he breathed against the skin.
“Say my name,” he murmured quietly.
Ryo's eyes slid closed and his lips parted.
Dee shivered and kissed Ryo's stomach again. He smiled and stood up, pulling Ryo close as he pressed his thigh between Ryo's legs. His mouth clamped over Ryo's, his tongue firmly pulsing into Ryo's mouth. Ryo's fingers tangled in his shirt as he clung to Dee, his eyes still closed as Dee explored every inch of his mouth. Dee finally pulled back and shifted his weight, his thigh rubbing hotly against Ryo. A low moan escaped the brown haired man and Dee licked his jaw.
“The bedroom,” Dee whispered.
Ryo nodded a little and Dee released him, Ryo blinking thickly as he stood shakily. Dee's eyes brushed across the naked body and he smiled as he reached out and brushed his hand down Ryo's form.
“I love you Sexy little Ryo.”
“I love you too,” Ryo answered in a breathy voice.
Dee pulled him into another kiss and Ryo hungrily opened his mouth. He reveled in Dee's taste, enjoying the heated pressing that raced through him. He leaned against Dee and ran his fingers down Dee's back, his eyes closing again as he panted a little. Dee pulled free and tugged at Ryo's hand, leading him into the bedroom.
“On the bed,” Dee commanded. “Sit down.”
Ryo climbed into the center of the bed and sat there, his cheeks stained red and his eyes dark and passion filled. Dee stared at him a moment longer and then slid onto the bed behind Ryo. He pulled the man between his legs, his chest pressing tightly against Ryo's back as he licked and kissed at the long smooth neck. Ryo bowed his head to give Dee access to every inch of skin, and Dee's hands slid down Ryo's arms and over his pale hands. Dee's fingers pressed lightly over his and then guided Ryo's hands to his chest, brushing their fingers over taunt pink nipples, Ryo moaning quietly as their touch skated lower. Dee guided their hands down over Ryo's stomach, caressing and touching as Ryo leaned back against him. Now Dee pressed Ryo's hands over the growing erection. Ryo blinked as Dee's hands slid up his arms and Dee continued to kiss and lick at his neck. Ryo's eyes slid closed again and he lightly squeezed himself, a shiver racing through his body. Dee moaned with pleasure and continued to brush his lips over Ryo's neck.
Ryo caressed his fingers over his erection and brushed his thumb gently across the head. He shivered again and Dee sucked at his neck.
“Don't stop,” Dee whispered.
Ryo's touch grew firmer and he began to squeeze and pump, his hands stroking and brushing over each other as he touched and rubbed. He felt Dee thrust lightly against him, the stiff fabric of his pants brushing achingly over his ass. Ryo moaned and gave himself a long slow squeeze to calm back down. Dee's fingers began to toy with Ryo's nipples, lightly circling them before he pinched them roughly. Ryo cried out and pumped faster, his body straining forward. Dee chuckled quietly and his hands became gentler, calming almost, and Ryo slumped back against him as his hands loosened.
“You're so beautiful,” Dee murmured.
He kissed Ryo's neck again and his eyes darted down to Ryo's hands.
“Keep going,” he whispered as his lips trailed up Ryo's neck and found one delicate ear.
Ryo panted for breath, but his hands began to move again across the ready flesh. Dee licked Ryo's ear, enjoying the shivers that ran through his lover's body, Ryo's moans and panting breath washing over him. He thrust against Ryo again, enjoying the tenseness against his jeans and the wonderful way Ryo arched back against him.
Dee's fingers became more insistent at Ryo's nipples, pinching and squeezing them now as Ryo cried out and writhed against him.
“Say my name,” Dee commanded again.
“Deeeee,” Ryo moaned.
“I love you so much,” Dee breathed and gently bit Ryo's ear.
Ryo cried out and Dee nuzzled against his neck.
“Harder,” Dee whispered. “Faster.”
Ryo's mouth dropped open slightly as his hands followed Dee's commands, his touch clasping and needy as he stroked and pulled. He cried out and Dee squeezed and caressed over his nipples, his eyes locked down on Ryo's hands. His lover was close now, and Dee found himself panting as Ryo's hips began to thrust into his hands.
“Good,” Dee murmured. “Good.”
Ryo cried out and suddenly arched back against Dee, his head thrown back as he came, everything pulsing into his touch. Dee stared down with rapt attention as Ryo slumped back against him, panting heavily as Dee's fingers still lightly played across his chest.
“I love you,” Dee whispered again.
“I love you too,” Ryo panted in a husky voice.
“Lay down.”
Ryo stretched out across the bed on his stomach, his eyes closing as he pressed himself into the soft bed. Dee traced his hands and eyes down Ryo's body, loving the touch of his skin and enjoying the quiet moans and gasps that he drew from Ryo. He knelt down and carefully drug his finger down the cleft of Ryo's ass.
“I want you,” Dee said softly. “I want every part of you. Forever.”
He popped the lid off the lubricant and poured it down across Ryo's waiting ass, the smooth liquid resting in glittering pools on Ryo's skin. Ryo hissed at the coldness and Dee drug his fingers through it. He gently began to push and scratch at Ryo's tight entrance, Ryo's legs widening a little as he moaned again.
Dee loved these moments. He liked taking his time and dragging this out as long as he could, gently pulling and stretching his lover as Ryo shivered beneath him. Ryo was just so open and relaxed in these moments, his whole body giving way to Dee and his touch. Dee leaned forward and bit into the smooth silky skin of Ryo's ass. Ryo cried out and Dee smiled as he drug his tongue across the pale mark.
Dee caressed Ryo's waist as he slid a second finger in and he curved and arched his fingers. Ryo panted and his hands clenched in the blankets as his eyes clenched shut. He bit back on a cry as Dee abruptly slid in a third finger and Dee kissed his waist again.
“Pull your legs up,” Dee murmured.
Ryo did as he was told and Dee continued to slide his fingers in and out. Ryo moaned and his hips began to work back onto Dee's hand, his face flushed darkly as Dee's fingertips brushed deep inside of him. Dee smiled and continued to pump his fingers in and out, his other hand now sliding around Ryo and again toying with his nipples. Ryo cried out and thrust himself harder against Dee's hand, his eyes still tightly closed. Dee stared at him, his pants painful now as he continued to work Ryo's entrance.
He pulled his hand free and Ryo panted, ready and waiting, but Dee just leaned forward and kissed Ryo's waist again.
“Roll over.”
Ryo panted heavily and rolled over, his eyes half-lidded as he stared at Dee. Dee stared down at him and then leaned down and pressed his lips over Ryo's. Ryo sucked at his tongue, adrift in passion as Dee's hands traced down his body. The kiss stretched out and Ryo found himself arching up against Dee as his skin screamed to be touch. Dee slid between his legs and hooked his arms under Ryo's knees, pulling him quickly up as Dee deftly unzipped his jeans and then slid into Ryo.
Ryo's head thrust back into the pillow as he cried out, everything tensing as Dee began a fast pounding rhythm. One hand slipped away from his legs and wrapped around his growing erection, pumping him in time as Dee continued to slam into him. Long pleased cries began to escape Ryo and Dee continued, his face clenched and tight as he thrust again and again into Ryo's ready body. Dee's eyes snapped shut as he came, his head thrown back as he cried out, his back arching as he filled Ryo, Ryo cumming hotly against him as Dee continued to thrust into him.
Slowly, Dee came down from his high, his body weak and sweat covered as he gently pulled free and lowered Ryo back to the bed. Ryo panted heavily, his eyes still lightly closed as Dee peeled free from his clothing and spread himself across Ryo's flushed body. Ryo smiled and his hands traced down Dee's strong back. It felt so good, and laying there, skin to skin…he rubbed his hips lightly against Dee and he felt his lover's breathing change.
Dee's tongue gently traced over Ryo's soft lips, and then lightly dueled with Ryo's tongue as their mouths pressed together. Dee's hands rested against Ryo's waist and he caressed the smooth skin as Ryo's hands continued to play and roll across his back. Ryo's eyes slid half open and he stared into Dee's deep green eyes. It was like being consumed, wonderfully completely swallowed up in Dee. He leaned forward for another kiss and lapped up Dee's wonderful flavor.
Dee moaned and his hands became firmer, rubbing across the firm skin. Ryo's lips broke away from Dee's and then clamped onto his neck, Ryo's hips arching up against him again. Dee thrust in answer and both shivered and panted. Ryo's hands slid lower down Dee's back and then brushed down his sides before darting between his legs. Dee cried out and thrust down into Ryo's hands, his body already straining and ready.
“God Sexy,” Dee breathed.
Ryo continued to suck and kiss at Dee's neck, his hands pulling and pumping as Dee thrust into his hold. Dee closed his eyes and held himself still as Ryo lapped and nuzzled against his neck. He panted roughly and then pulled away, quickly dropping down and wrapping his lips around Ryo's erection. Ryo cried out and thrust deeply into Dee's mouth, his legs spreading wide as Dee swirled his tongue and hummed loudly.
Ryo's mouth hung open as he writhed in ecstasy, his muscles shivering and wavering as Dee continued to suck and lick. Dee took a deep breath and blew hard, Ryo crying out again as he arched up off the bed. Dee swallowed once more and then slid his mouth free. Ryo panted and sat up, his arms wrapping around Dee as he pulled him into another long kiss. Dee hungrily met him and his fingers tangled in Ryo's hair as he held his lover close.
Ryo straddled his thighs, his lips still caressing over Dee's and then tracing over his face as he gently lowered himself, a long pleased sigh escaping him. Dee shivered at the sound, his stomach clenching as Ryo began a slow seductive rhythm. His mouth continued to play over Dee, tongue caressing down his jaw and across firm dark nipples as Ryo thrust and bucked. Dee wrapped his hand around Ryo's erection and began to pump in time with Ryo's movements, the brown haired man moaning loudly.
“Yes,” Ryo panted. “Dee…”
Their lips met again as Ryo began to thrust harder, burying Dee deeper as he sucked at Dee's tongue. Dee squeezed and pulled, Ryo arching hard against him as he came in a long wavering scream. Dee's eyes slid half-closed and he buried his face against Ryo's sweat covered chest as the firm stroking pushed him into a heady orgasm. Ryo panted and clung to him until both became still and calm and then he pulled free and fell back onto the bed.
Ryo lay in a panting heap, his hair matted against his head as Dee collapsed against him. Dee curled up close and sighed happily as Ryo's arms wrapped around him.
“This is what I always want,” Dee murmured.
Ryo's eyes opened to bare slits and Dee smiled at him.
“When you hold me,” Dee said softly. “To be with you forever, I want that.”
Ryo's lips were touched by a bare curve of a smile and Dee leaned forward for a long slow kiss. The clock chimed loudly and Dee stretched the kiss out until the last sound had faded.
“Happy New Year,” Dee said softly.
“I love you,” Ryo whispered.
“I love you too.”
Dee sprawled across Ryo, Ryo's pale arms wrapping lightly around him as he drifted away to sleep. Ryo's heartbeat was steady and warm against him and he smiled peacefully. Ryo played his fingers through Dee's hair and felt his eyes drift closed again.
You and only you, forever.