Fake Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected II ❯ New Faces ( Chapter 33 )

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Title: The Unexpected II
Chapter 31 - New Faces
Rating: R
Fandom: FAKE
Pairings: Ryo/Dee (mostly), some Dee/Ryo
Warnings: Yaoi, Male/male, MPREG, AU If you don't like, don't read!
Disclaimer: FAKE is not mine. We have Sanami Matoh for giving us Dee, Ryo and the rest of the 27th precinct characters. Any OCs appearing in this fic are mine.
March 13, 2006
“So can you tell me how many times Brent came to you after you broke up?” Drake asked Peter Kane. Drake and JJ were in the college student's dorm room at New York University.
Peter shrugged. The last thing he expected to come back to his room for lunch was to two detectives waiting to speak to him.
JJ stood across the room from where Drake and Peter were seated, facing each other.
“I don't know,” Peter replied. “Every so many days or so. At least once a week. He had it in his mind that I was the other father and that we were going to get an apartment together.”
“Meanwhile you had other plans, huh?” Drake commented, as JJ wrote in his notepad.
“Oh hell yeah. For one thing, I told him right from the start that I didn't love him. What we did was for fun and nothing more. He was convinced I would change my mind because of a baby,” Peter snorted.
“What else?” JJ prompted him.
“Who knows who's baby that was. He slept around a lot, and not just with me. So it's anyone's guess who the other father was. I told him that too. Several times. He would get all upset and stuff, threaten to hurt himself. He was crazy, I tell you.”
Drake nodded. “I see. So when was the last time you saw Brent?”
“About two weeks ago.”
“Did you reject him again?” Drake asked.
“Yeah. It was late at night. He was going on about how it was my last chance.”
JJ raised an eyebrow. “How interesting,” he commented.
“Well, he said he was going to meet someone who offered to take him in, but lived out of town.” Peter shrugged. “I don't know. For all I know, Brent could have told that other guy the baby was his and the idiot believed him.”
“Do you know who the guy was? Or where he lived?” Drake asked.
“Brent never told me. He just said he was giving me a last chance before taking another offer.”
JJ frowned, pausing from his note taking. “Don't get me wrong, Mr. Kane, but do you even feel a twinge of guilt?”
Peter shook his head as he looked over at JJ, and met the smaller detective's cool gaze. “Sorry, but no. I'm sorry to hear that Brent is dead, but I don't miss him, nor do I blame myself for his getting killed. He created the situation he was in. Not me. And before you go into the `it takes two' routine, Detective Adams, I'm not even sure that baby was mine.”
“Sometimes you can't help who you love,” JJ retorted. “And it takes a lot more than the object of affection's rejection to make you move on.”
“You seem to speak from experience, Detective,” Peter commented, steel gray eyes fixed on the short detective.
JJ blushed ever so slightly as he nodded. “Well, for me, it turned out to be more an infatuation than love. Not that you could have convinced me otherwise until I discovered the person I did truly love.”
“I'll bet you didn't go around `infatuated' with everyone just so you could move out of your parents' house to play house with someone either,” Peter stated.
“Is that what Brent would do?” Drake asked.
“His parents weren't thrilled with his being gay, so he got it in his head to move out. One thing that amazes me is that all the guys he slept with were richer than he is. He was just wanting a big fancy place to live in and sugar daddy to take care of him. Like I said, he obviously found a sucker. He hated to work, you know. He wanted everything given to him.”
Drake and JJ shared a cautious look before Drake asked, “Do you know where Brent was living?”
“With his parents in Staten Island.”
Drake shook his head. “His parents said he emptied his room when he moved out two months ago.”
“He sure couldn't afford to live on his own,” Peter replied with a condescending sneer. “He quit his job at Starbucks the day after he found out he was knocked up. `Cause you know, he was pregnant.” He gave Drake and JJ a look conveying he did not believe that should be an excuse. “He expected to be catered to. I heard his parents gave him a lot of woe when they refused to do that. But they still let him stay at home, with no job and provided for him. But to him, his parents were horrible people because they made him do chores around the house. He said sometimes they'd make him do things more than what someone pregnant should be doing. He'd show up here, first whining about them, then beg me to take care of him and the baby. Then after I refused, he'd sometimes ask if he could stay over for the night. Again, I told him no. I didn't want to risk him making more of it.”
“Do you know the names of any of those other guys?” JJ asked.
“Don't know, don't care. I never asked him. All I knew is that he couldn't pin the baby on me, because I wasn't the only one he was screwing around with.”
Drake glanced over at JJ, who nodded. He took out his wallet and removed a business card. Handing it to Peter, he said, “You've been very helpful, Peter. Give me a call if you remember anything else that you think would help us. Especially if you hear any names of the others.”
“Will do, Detective Parker,” Peter said, taking the card. He remained sitting when Drake stood up. He watched the two detectives leave his dorm room.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
Down the hallway, by the elevator, Drake and JJ turned and looked at each other.
“Nah,” Drake remarked, pushing the button for the elevator.
“No way,” JJ agreed. “I find it hard to believe that a 21 year old NYU music major is our bad guy.”
“Yeah. But I still want to keep an eye on him, you know.”
“Yup. I know. Me too.” As they got into the elevator, he added, “Didn't Ted and Marty mention something about meeting up for lunch?”
“That was before we decided to hit up Peter during lunch,” Drake said.
“Well, it's still lunchtime for us. We might as well give them a call, then ask if they still need to eat.”
“Yeah. Might as well.”
Silently they left the building and walked the few blocks to where they had managed to find parking. It was a no parking zone for normal citizens, but the placard in their unmarked car gave them the right to park there.
Inside the car, Drake started it up.
“I think we need to come back and see who else we could speak to,” JJ stated as he put on his seat belt.
“My thoughts exactly. But let's give Peter the impression that we're finished snooping around,” Drake said, turning on the blinker and looking in the rear view mirror, looking for a chance to start to pull out of the parking space.
JJ nearly jumped when there was a sudden rap at his window. “What?” he asked and noticed the girl. He rolled down the window a little. “May we help you, ma'am?”
“I might be able to help you, but I don't want anyone to have seen me speaking to you. I'm Kira Albrighton. I went to class with Brent. H-he was one of my friends.”
Drake quickly pushed the button to unlock the back door. “Get in,” he stated.
“Thank you,” Kira said, slipping into the back seat and putting on her seatbelt.
“Do you mind if we head back to the precinct?” Drake asked as he pulled the car into the flow of traffic.
“No, not at all. It's better. That way no one would see us talking together.”
JJ glanced back at the pretty college student with long black hair with red highlights and green eyes. “I'm JJ Adams, and this is my partner, Drake Parker,” he introduced.
Drake waved, holding the radio in his hand as he called in their unit, stating they were returning to the precinct house, and requesting that Ted or Marty contact them.
JJ smiled kindly at the young girl. “Don't you feel the least bit uncomfortable riding in the backseat of a police car?”
She smiled back at JJ. “No, not one like this. It doesn't look like one. Besides, I used to get rides home from school in one of those cruisers with the wire partition and all.” At JJ's inquiring look, she added, “My daddy was a sheriff back in Wisconsin. He's a deputy chief now.”
“Oh. That explains it.” JJ paused when Drake's cell phone rang. “Anyway, I take it you know why we were there?”
Kira nodded. “Because of Brent.”
“How did you know? We haven't released anything yet.”
Kira shrugged. “You both looked like detectives when I was going back to my room. I noticed you went into Peter's room, so I thought it had to do with Brent. So, I…” Kira dropped her head and blushed a little. “I put my ear to the door and caught pieces of your conversation.”
JJ looked at the girl in amazement. “May I ask what your major is?”
Kira smiled at JJ. “Criminal justice. I want to be like my daddy, but in a big city.”
“It's going to be a long road here in New York City, Kira,” JJ felt he had to warn.
“I know. Daddy said that too. But I figure if I decide to go work for another city, having some experience in a city like New York, plus classes in NYU would account for something.” She looked at JJ. “I have to at least try. If nothing else, I'd be happy to be a cop.”
“Well, good luck then, young lady,” JJ said.
“Kira, I hope you like Chinese food, because our partners said they're meeting us back at the barn with Chinese for lunch,” Drake said, putting his phone away. “They're bringing some extra for you.”
“I'm not that hungry, Detective Parker, but maybe an egg roll?” she stated.
“Great. Look, let's hold off whatever you want to tell us until we can get there. Okay?” Drake stated.
On the ride to the 27th, they made small talk. Kira told them of her impression of coming to live in a city like New York after living in a small town in Wisconsin.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
“Now that was interesting,” Ted mused after Kira left the precinct. She had insisted that she could get back herself, but the detectives set her up with fare for a cab. JJ went down with her and came back after the cab went out of sight.
The four detectives were sitting in the CI squad room, musing over what the young college student told them.
“I still don't think Peter is our killer,” Drake stated. “But I'm willing to put down a week's pay that he has something to do with Brent's disappearance.”
The other detectives nodded in agreement. Ted looked over JJ's notes from their interview with the art student. “Seems some things Kira had to say goes against what Peter said.”
“But to prove who is telling the truth,” Marty sighed.
“There was just something I didn't like about Peter,” JJ remarked, sitting at his desk. “Mind you, this was after getting pissed off about how Brent's parents and neighbors felt about Carriers and their children. Peter was the one I felt most uncomfortable around. You know that quiet calm. The fact that he hit both Brent and Kira fits into the profile I was thinking while speaking to him.”
“I believe Kira,” Drake stated to Marty. He looked at his watch. “And as soon as we hear what the Commissioner has to say, I want you and Ted to go to her dorm and get whatever possessions of Brent's that she has. She understands if there's something she wants to keep, we'll give it back when we're done with it.”
Marty nodded.
“We've got a long night ahead of us,” Drake stated. “We need to speak to everyone we managed to get a list of between both of our latest victims. And no one is going home until we do.”
Ted sighed. “Can the fives wait until the morning?” he asked.
Drake shook his head. “I'm afraid not. `Cause first thing tomorrow morning, you and Marty are going to check out that address the website is registered to.”
“I'm not surprised. I knew this was coming,” Ted groaned.
“But just check it out. Don't do anything else. Stay there a while, check out activity and then get back here,” JJ added.
“Even if we see suspicious movement?” Marty asked.
“Well then, you know what to do.”
“Call it in to you and you'll work with the local police for warrants. Yeah, but what if it's too late by then?” Ted asked.
“What if you think it's suspicious and go charging in and there's no evidence?” JJ asked.
Ted knew that, but he had to ask. He banged his fist on his desk in frustration. “Goddammit!”
The door opened during Ted's mini-tirade. The detectives looked up to find Berkeley Rose enter, along with Diana and another man.
“Gentlemen, I see things are moving as usual with this case,” Rose commented dryly.
“We have some leads, but freakin' red tape is frustrating,” Ted stated, his eyes flickering to the man who was about Dee's height.
“That's good to hear,” Rose stated, closing the door behind them. “About the leads. We'll see what we could work out about the red tape, if need. Gentlemen, this is probably good news and bad news wrapped in one, but I want you to meet Special Agent Dominic Romano. He's going to be working with Diana on this case. The FBI agreed they need to step in.”
The men of CI waved to Dominic. “Pleasure to meet you,” JJ stated politely.
“Welcome to the jungle, Agent Romano,” Drake remarked, then started to put their paperwork in order.
“Call me Dom, please,” he said. “I know FBI and police usually mix like vinegar and oil, but I'm hoping we can avoid that as we're all in agreement that these Carrier crimes are an atrocity to not only Carriers and their unborn children, but to the human race. Whether some of them will admit it or not.”
Rose introduced the men of CI to Dominic. “As mentioned before, Dee and Ryo Laytner-MacLean are currently on their honeymoon.” He looked at his detectives. “Now here me out completely before jumping in.”
The four men gazed at the Commissioner in curiosity, wondering what their superior was about to say that they would not like. Otherwise he would not have warned them to allow him to finish speaking.
“First off, no one is taking this case from you. This operation will be a joint effort between the NYPD and the FBI. Meaning, more precisely, the CI unit here at the 2-7, and the FBI agents assigned to the case. That would be Dominic and Diana.” He paused as heads nodded. “Secondly, as of now, any other cases you are currently working on will be redistributed to another unit. From this point on, until further notice, CI is now a specialized unit dealing with Carrier hate crimes. That will include everything that is called in through 911. It will also include all missing persons that are Carriers within the city and surrounding areas. While taking action against other types of hate crimes against Carriers, we are also hoping it will also give us more leads to find our killer. Detectives Parker and Adams will remain the catching detectives for this case.”
Ted raised his hand. “Sir? While that all sounds great and wonderful, and so much work, what makes us more qualified? I mean, except for JJ, the rest of us are heterosexual men who have no intention of Carrying children, if we were Carriers. Which we don't know if we are, since there was no reason to take the test.”
Rose nodded. “You're afraid of that very same question being tossed back at you by victims?”
“Yes sir. Not that I'm not willing to help however I can. But it's frustrating when your victim doesn't trust you more than usual,” Ted replied.
Rose smiled. “Now here is the part I need everyone to not jump up, protesting. While talking over the needs of this unit in its new incarnation, some initial decisions made between Chief Smith and myself have been recinded.”
The CI detectives all traded glances.
“We have JJ, who we have found out is a Carrier, even if he never had children yet. But would like to one day,” Rose explained. “We have Dom, who has just returned to duty after baby leave.” Rose looked at the Special Agent.
“Yeah. Four months ago I gave birth to my 3rd, and I believe last, since we finally had a boy,” Dom explained.
Rose saw the looks on his men's faces and knew what they were thinking. Exactly why he had warned them to listen before they react. “At first, we thought Dee and Ryo would be too close emotionally to be on the case, but in light of the needs of this new unit, that is no longer the case. We need them active in working with violated Carriers. And I do believe it would give Dee more of a job than just pushing papers and quickly becoming the computer geek of CI.” He winked in amusement. Dee was good at computers, but in the last few months, he had learned more, catching on quickly and proving more than just adept at them. “Seems you have company on that, Ted,” he stated with a smirk while the others laughed.
The laughter broke the tension in the office.
“This unit will remain working Carrier Hate Crimes until it is determined there is no further need. Or until the funding runs out. It's experimental and one of a kind at the moment. Much like how the 6th started a unit to investigate hate crimes against the GBLT community way back when. So when Dee and Ryo return from their honeymoon, they have their work cut out for them. And if we're still on the hunt for our killer, they will also be officially back on the case. Everyone in this unit will work together on all cases, just like before, each case having a catching detective,” Rose continued to explain. “Dee and Ryo are still the leading detectives of the unit.”
Drake let out a sigh of relief. That meant that Dee and Ryo would be the ones responsible for reporting, and having the most paperwork.
Diana smiled at everyone. “Now don't you all look thrilled,” she commented with a chuckle.
“Can it, Diana,” JJ stated. “Yes, it sounds great. I think it will look good for the NYPD to have such a unit. And I'm proud I'm part of it. But it's still going to mean a lot of paperwork. Hell, it's going to mean a lot of work.”
“Think of the overtime pay,” Marty laughed, attempting to look on the bright side of working long hours and once again finding themselves overwhelmed with cases.
In the last few years, crime within the 27th precinct area dropped steadily. In the last year, it provided ample opportunity to work cold cases and hope to finally bring justice to a case that never had closure. However, at times, it would be slow, and hours going by slowly because of that. Without warning, their pace picked up again, because of the Carrier killer, and now it would pick up again back to what it was back when those who had been there longer first became detectives. Most of the Carrier hate crimes had previously gone to the hate crime unit, unless there were other reasons to pull in detectives from other units. No one was sure if the cases were looked at seriously, or were closed out as tactfully as they could.
“Now, one more thing. Two, actually. Right now we're working with two men out. Once Dee and Ryo get back, Dee will still have a reduced work load and it will continue to be reduced, the closer he gets to going full term. Then for at least two months, we are going to be operating minus Dee and Ryo. Dee might take more time, depending on his recovery and other post-delivery instances. And so on,” Rose stated. “So it was decided that this unit will be increased by two more. I have the newbies waiting in the hall. So everyone make them welcome. Please.”
Diana went to the door and opened it. “You may come in now.”
The two new detectives entered the squad room, along with Chief Smith, who was giving them the welcome speech while they waited.
“Gentlemen, this is Andy Rozinksky and Dana Johnsen,” Chief Smith introduced. He went around the room, introducing the CI detectives.
“Andy is truly a rookie. He just came from CSU. Dana just received her gold shield two months ago and was looking for reassignment from the 9-4 in Brooklyn. They were to go into the detective pool here at the 2-7 as floaters, but then this came up. Turns out that Dana's husband is a Carrier, and as she cannot have children, he is having their first child. Andy is also a Carrier, with one child,” Chief stated.
Rose looked around at the other men. “Ted, Drake and Marty, while you're not Carriers, you have displayed nothing but support to Dee, and have given 110 percent to this case, finding yourself as sick and disgusted as Dee, Ryo and JJ get. There is no reason to believe that everyone in this unit is not qualified to handle offensives against Carriers, while continue to find our perp. I believe in everyone.”
The men of CI looked uncomfortable, yet pleased. They stood up to start shaking hands of the newcomers, welcoming them to the new unit.
Diana cleared her throat. “Oh, before I forget, from what I understand, Dee and Dana will take on the bulk of initial responses. Dee will also have additional duties of creating a survivor support network.”
Everyone looked surprised.
Rose nodded. “I received an email from Dee this morning, proposing the idea. Apparently he spend plenty of his idle time on the issue in the last few weeks and what I received was indeed a proposal that I was able to submit during our planning meeting today. I emailed him and Ryo with the changes going on around here as of today, and informing Dee he has the go ahead when they return. I hope with that, he will now put his mind singularly on his honeymoon, and enjoy being pampered while he has the chance.”
“If he doesn't, I'll call him and give him a piece of my mind,” JJ huffed. “He's on his honeymoon, for goodness sake!” He laughed, the others joining in.
Drake called attention of everyone in the room. “Marty and Ted are due to head out and collect some of Brent's possessions from a friend.” He looked at the Commissioner and Chief, who both nodded their heads. Ted and Marty gathered their belongings and headed out.
JJ went to get everyone tea and coffee, while Drake settled the three new faces and started to go over what they had on the case. Diana sat down, also listening and taking notes.
Rose and the Chief looked pleased as they left the squad room, leaving their detectives to do what they do best.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
March 14, 2006
Drake glared at the photos on his monitor. They were of an unkempt lot, high with weeds and wild flowers. Other photos showed the remains of a charred barn, and the foundation of a house that was no longer there.
“Are you certain there wasn't anything more there when the domain was registered?” JJ asked.
Ted shook his head. “You look at that. It took years for that lot to turn into that. Besides, we asked around and found out that the locals believe the land is haunted.”
Drake's head snapped up. “Haunted?” He tried not to smirk. “Perhaps we need to send Dee there for a second look when he gets back?”
The other men laughed. “The only thing creepy during that vacation was JJ,” Ted snickered.
JJ frowned. “Hey now. Ask me, creepy was Rose… um, sorry Commissioner.” JJ looked ruefully over at the man who arrived at their precinct shortly after Ryo and Dee had returned from their vacation in England.
The Commissioner waved him off. “I need to be creepy to keep the likes of you on your toes. Go on, Ted. Did you find out why they believe so?”
Ted nodded. “Yes sir, we did. A man killed his entire family, including himself in a fire. According to the local police, official story is that he snapped. He tied up his 4 children, his pregnant husband, poured gasoline all over the house and locking himself inside, he set the house on fire. From what forensics on the case were to determine, after he set the house up, he went and held onto his struggling husband. And that's how they died.”
Dom shivered. “That's creepy,” the FBI agent commented.
“Um yeah, keep Dee away from there, thank you,” JJ commented, also shivering.
“Should I ask if anyone knew why he did it?” Drake asked, looking uncomfortable.
“Theory is because of the latest pregnancy. He was already working two jobs trying to support the family. His husband refused to work, wanting to be a stay at home dad,” Marty supplied.
“Well, that's wonderful,” Dana sighed. “When did this happen?”
“Five years ago,” Ted replied.
“And the domain was registered when?” Dom asked.
“January of this year. January 2nd, in fact. Whoever registered the domain knew about what had happened there,” Marty stated. “At least that's our theory. The Pompton Lakes Police agreed with us. It's never been sold. The property went to next of kin, but no one wants to do anything with it, except let it continue to rot.”
“Nice,” JJ mumbled. “So someone who has it in for Carriers pick this address to register their new domain to lure unsuspecting Carriers to their deaths.”
“We don't know that for a fact, JJ,” Andy commented, then looked around to see what the Commissioner would do. He was not expecting to find himself working with brass from his first day as a white shield detective.
“Andy is correct,” Diana stated. “But that shouldn't stop us from looking further into making it fact.”
“Agreed,” Rose stated. “I want you to go back through the other victims, speak to their families again, if need, and see if this website comes up.”
“JJ and I are going back to speak to Peter Kane again,” Drake stated.
“Good idea. Ask him more about how much does he know about the site,” Diana said.
“According to another witness, he said he was going to find a place to dump off Brent so he wouldn't be bothered anymore,” Dana stated. “You think he's part of it?”
Drake shook his head. “I think he did just what he said. Something tells me he wasn't counting on Brent ending up dead, but he was planning on sending him away. Of course, we need to make sure on that. Which is why we're going back to speak to him. We have Kira's statements saying he mentioned a plan to get Brent out of his hair and help Brent get off the streets.”
Rose stood up. “I say go for it. Take Andy and Dana with you. I want you to canvas the entire dorm, speak to professors, directors for activities and clubs, everything. I don't care how long it takes, don't come back until everyone possible is spoken too. Meanwhile, let me sign the papers to allow Jim to transfer Brent's belongings to CSU over in the Bronx.”
JJ sighed as he watched the Commissioner leave before anyone acknowledged him. “Fine. I want Starbucks along the way.”
“Are we allowed to stop for that?” Andy asked.
Dana snorted. “As long as you pay for everyone, why not?” she commented.
Drake laughed. “I like her,” he commented to JJ. “Just wait until the lovebirds come back to this.”
JJ smirked. “Yeah.” He watched as Andy pulled together everything the rookie detective thought he would need and put into a briefcase. “Just wait until Ryo finds out we have someone who is so by the book, it'll make him look like a slacker just by comparison.”
Diana came up behind them. “So imagine what that makes the rest of you slackers look like then, hm?”
Drake and JJ glared as Diana sauntered by, heading for the door and laughing. Dominic was pulling his own things together as fast as he could so he could keep up with her.
“Don't worry, Dom,” Drake said to the harried man. “If you lose her, you'll be doing yourself the favor.”
JJ laughed as Dom allowed a small grin as he finally started to leave the office.
“Ted and Marty, continue to work on the databases, and poke around for anything else you might feel is necessary. And be prepared to gofer for any of us who calls in,” Drake instructed.
“Yeah yeah. That's the thanks we get for spending the morning up in Pompton Lakes. New Jersey sucks man,” Ted grumbled.
“Says you,” Marty laughed, who owned a home East New York, NJ, with a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline from his living room and upstairs master bedroom.
~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~ ~+~
March 16, 2006
Ryo entered the bedroom, dressed only in swim trunks. His skin glowed with a tan from being in the sun for the last few days. He had a tan line under his trunks, but it was only a little lighter than the rest of his body, thanks to the privacy of the pool that came with their suite.
Through the window, he saw Dee sitting on the edge of the pool, his legs in the water. Ryo felt sorry for Dee, who remained mostly covered, except for short periods, while he was out in the sun. Only his arms appeared darker than his normal olive complexion. At least Dee was following all the advice Vince gave him for vacationing in a warm, sunny climate while pregnant.
Smiling, Ryo went through the sliding doors to enter the pool area and join his husband. He had been studying Dee from the moment his eyes set sight on the dark haired man. Ryo had to admit there were no signs of stress coming from Dee. He did not care if he walked around the beach and resort in beach pants and a long loose lightweight shirt while Ryo wore shorts and tank tops. What mattered most to Dee was he was finally free to roam about. Dee enjoyed being able to go out for a short while on his own.
Ryo had let Dee make a run each day to the `Village Shoppe' next to the main building. Being that within the building was a mini-mart and gift shop, it was the only building that was non-inclusive. On the whole, both men found they were pretty much provided for in what came with the package, from fruit juices and ginger ale stocked daily in their fridge, along with a couple of cans of beer, Coke and a bottle of wine for Ryo, and some food stuff. When they signed up for the resort and were asked to fill out the survey, they believed it was just another way for the company that owned the resort to learn the demographics of their clients. As they discovered, the survey was read, and their amenities were catered to according to their survey. They were also asked by Gabrielle about some things during their tour, and she took notes. It was all for making their stay as pleasant as possible. However, Ryo allowed Dee to take the walk to the building, even if to come back empty handed, because for the first time in a while, Dee had the freedom to walk around on his own. It was good for Dee, and Ryo dreaded when they would have to return home. He found himself hoping for a miracle and they would return home to find their bad guy behind bars, making the streets safe for Dee once again.
Ryo sat down next to Dee, placing his legs in the tepid water. He leaned over to lightly kiss his new husband. Dee returned the kiss, running a hand down Ryo's bronze back.
One other thing Ryo had noticed. Ever since Dee sent Rose the email from Miami and found a reply waiting for them when he was able to log into the laptop the next day in their suite at the resort, Dee was willing to forget about what was happening in New York City. In Miami, they had heard on CNN about the two bodies discovered on their wedding day. Rose addressed Dee's question on why they weren't told, and both men accepted the explanation. As they read on, they were pleased to hear of the changes being made to their unit. It was enough for them to decide to stay away from newspapers and TV news unless it was local. This was their honeymoon getaway. They were content with what was going on back home being handled . This was what they both needed since Ryo came home from that first crime scene in January.
“Did you enjoy yourself today?” Dee asked, kicking his feet gently in the water.
Ryo nodded. “Oh yeah. It was great to spend the day going around town.”
Dee chuckled. “Do you think we spent enough today?”
Ryo laughed. “Well, we did get presents for everyone at home. And we even got some cute items for the baby. I'm not worried; that AMEX is far from getting declined anytime soon anyway.”
Dee sighed dramatically. “I don't know what we're going to do when we get home and there's no Rolls to get us around.”
Ryo peered at Dee, seeing he was joking, and yet knowing Dee was enjoying that treat of luxury while they had it. “Well, I can always speak to Grandma and see if something could be worked out.”
“RYO!” Dee gasped.
Ryo laughed again. He kissed Dee before leaning forward and going into the water.
Dee jumped off the edge, not able to roll off the side as gracefully as Ryo did. Ryo came out from the water, grabbing onto Dee for a kiss. The two men remained in the middle of the pool, kissing for a few minutes in the setting sun. When they broke the kiss, Ryo went over to the ramp that gently sloped into the water. He lay on his back, the majority of his body below his shoulders submerged in the water, while his head remained above the water. Dee swam over in a few easy strides and straddled Ryo. Grinning, he stared down, allowing the water from his hair to drip on his lounging husband.
“Hey, go drip somewhere else,” Ryo tried to complain. For a reply, Dee leaned over and started to kiss Ryo, his hands roaming along the fine, hard contours of Ryo's chest.
Ryo groaned when Dee pulled back to give them air. “Dee, why must you do this just before we need to get ready for dinner?” Dark eyes gazed up at Dee.
Dee licked his lips, as a finger drew lazy circles around Ryo's right nipple. “Because it give us something to look forward to come back to?” he asked.
“Dee, last night we ended up taking in some entertainment after dinner, then we had that nice stroll along the beach back here… and we almost didn't make it.”
Dee laughed. “I'm sure we wouldn't have been the first ones,” he stated. “But we did make it back here. Barely. I had you in the entryway.”
Ryo glanced up at Dee with teasing eyes. “Well tonight, can we at least make it into the living room? Or even upstairs?”
“You want to do me with a view of the beach? You want to do me with all of the Caribbean looking on?” Dee asked, amused, a smirk on his face.
“No one is looking on,” Ryo protested. “But it is nice to make love in such an open place like it is up there.”
Dee nodded. “Yeah. I know.”
Ryo placed his hands on Dee's hips. “Besides, I can always pretend that those people on the beach are watching as I do you.”
Dee's eyes went wide with surprise, and Ryo took advantage of the moment, rolling them both to the side and off the ramp. He held onto Dee, making sure his pregnant husband's head did not go under the water. Dee ended up wrapping his legs around Ryo.
“Bad move, Mr. Laytner-MacLean,” Dee remarked, then lightly kissed Ryo. “Because how are we ever going to get to dinner like this?” he asked and kissed Ryo again, this time deeply.
There came no reply as Ryo hungrily returned the kiss. There was no set time for dinner, unless they intended to make one of the shows with dinner or one of the beach parties. The restaurants were open throughout the evening, but reservations were recommended for the choice seating in some of the places.
Their first night there, they had dinner sent to their suite, but found themselves later in the evening glad to find the pub had late hours, as they found themselves with an appetite to match their sex drives. The night before, they had participated in a beach party, that served grilled seafood, meat and vegetables, including local specialties, while there was native dancing around the bon fire. That night, the newlyweds were planning to eat at the beachside Polynesian restaurant.
The two men made it to dinner later than they planned.