Fruits Basket Fan Fiction ❯ Stripper By Day, Gangsta By Night ❯ Act 3 Scene 1 ( Chapter 8 )

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Act 3—Scene 1
[At down town, where it would be considered a shady part of the city. Tohru, Uotani, and Kyo are standing in front of a abandon building. The place is a good medium size with dark alleys on both sides. Tohru walks up towards the front door and slowly starts to open it.]
Uotani- Hold on Tohru…
Tohru- Yes? [turns around to look at Uotani]
Uotani- [takes Tohru's hand off the doorknob and starts to walk in front of her.] I'm going inside first, better safe than sorry.
[Uotani starts to open the door and it's a little dusty inside. Only looking the age of dirt and dust it had dissevered]
Kyo- [looks around the place, walking behind Tohru] We're gonna have to clean this place up?
Tohru- [looks around also, smiling to herself] Yup, we're waiting on everyone else to come so we better get started.
Uotani- [rolls up the sleeve on her shirt and grabs the brooms that she had found in the corner of the club] Come one carrot top. [Tosses a broom towards Kyo's direction and he catches it]
Kyo- Hey! Watch where you're throwing things!
[There was a knock at the door as Momiji and Yuki walk through the door]
Momiji- [jumps onto Tohru and hugs her] We're here!
Tohru- [smiles and hugs Momiji back] I'm so glad. Thank you for coming Momiji!
Momiji- [bows] Always here for Princess Tohru.
Tohru- [smiles and laughs a little] Why thank you my young Prince.
Yuki- Did you guys start yet?
Tohru- No not yet, but we were just about to start.
Momiji- Oh Goody!
[Kyo comes up behind Momiji and starts to… ((A/N: that thing he always does to Momiji in the anime. I forget what it's called. -.- I'm an idiot))]
Momiji- [starts to whine] Waaaaaaahhhh!!! Someone! Kyo's hitting me!!!
Kyo- I swear! Every time you open your mouth it pisses me off!
Uotani- [swings the mop onto Kyo's head and pulls him off] Enough horsing around! We gotta clean!
Kyo- [muffled] Why always me…
[[At Shigure's House]]
[Shigure and Hatori are sitting inside having tea]
Shigure- Well… how are you and everyone at the main house?
Hatori- [glares]
Shigure- Eh… I'm sorry Ha'ri
Hatori- [sighs] It's fine… it's not like it's your fault.
Shigure- I know but still, you know I don't like to see you like this. Especially when she created the wounds.
Hatori- [takes another sip of tea] I need your help…
Shigure- Who? Mines? Honestly?
Hatori- [nods and puts the tea cup down.] Yes, I need your help.
Shigure- Help with what pray tell?
Hatori- I need you to help me get Tohru's medical records.
Shigure- [looks a little confused] Medical records? What for?
Hatori- Akito wants Tohru's medical records.
Shigure- [tilts head slightly] Why would she needs Tohru's medical records?
Hatori- [shrugs a little and slightly winces] I wouldn't know, I don't think like her.
Shigure- [sighs and looks down] I don't like this… [Everything freezes on stage and Shigure stands up and walks to the center and faces the audience] I don't like this, the fact that Akito wants Tohru's medical records. I mean… maybe family history but medical records? It doesn't sound much like her. When she had set up the car accident for Kyoko Honda, we didn't know that months later her daughter would come into our lives. Akito looked up family history but not very specific with names. I'm afraid… afraid of what she might be up to. What Tohru might have to go up against… [goes sit back down in place in front of Hatori]
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