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Act 2: Scene 3
[The room is dark and you can hear whipping sounds and screams of pain]
Akito: [holding a whip and is mad. Panting] Now Hatori…I will ask you again…will you try to deny me as your God?
Hatori: [is wounded and hurt.] No Akito-sama
Akito: Good… [Hits Hatori with the whip again] Will you tell me everything I want to know?
Hatori: Yes Akito-sama
Aktito: Do you know what that little outsider is planning?
Hatori: No Akito-sama
Akito: [Hits Hatori with the whip across his back] Are you telling me the truth because I will find out.
Hatori: [coughs up some blood] Yes Akito-sama
[There's a knock at the door]
Akito: Who is it!?
[From on the other side of the door]
Voice: It's me, Rin
Akito: ….I will there in a second. [Looks over at Hatori] I will talk with you later you hear?
Hatori: [nods] Yes Akito-sama
Akito: [unties Hatori and spits in his face] Go clean yourself up. [leaves the room]
[[At Shigure's House]]
Tohru: Oh My Gosh! You look so adorable! [hugs Kisa]
[Kisa and Hiro was trying on the last set of uniforms that Ayame had given them for `The Red Butterfly']
Yuki: [smiles and laughs] You said that the last three outfits.
Tohru: Oh but it's true! Don't you think Hiro-kun?
Hiro: [looks at Kisa and blushes. Looks away] Yeah I guess
Tohru: [smiles] See? Even Hiro-kun agrees with me.
Yuki: I see.
Hiro: Can I please take off this ridiculous outfit?
Kisa: But…I like that one the best on you.
Hiro: [blushes] Well…
Shigure's Voice from downstairs: Kisa! Hiro! Phone call!
Hiro and Kisa: [both look at each other]
Hiro: We'll be right back.
Tohru: [smiles] Okay, we'll wait for you.
Kisa: Thanks
Kisa and Hiro: [exits the room and goes down stairs to the phone]
[[Down Stairs]]
Shigure: Here…it's the main house. [hands Hiro the phone]
Hiro: …Hello?
Maid #1: Hiro…Kisa…
Kisa: [next to Hiro, so she could hear too] Yes?
Maid #1: Akito would like a word with the both of you.
Hiro: …Right now?
Maid #1: Yes, he would like the two of you to come over right away.
Hiro: Okay, we'll be there.
Maid #1: Good. [Hangs up]
Hiro: [Hangs up]
[[In Tohru's Room]]
Tohru: [holding up an outfit] I like this one the best. What do you think Yuki-kun?
Yuki: [nods] I like that one too. Do you want to make it the club's uniform?
Tohru: [nods and smiles] Yes, very much!
Yuki: All right…I'll let Ayame know and he can make an order for us all right?
Tohru: [smiles] Okay! Thank you Yuki-kun!
Yuki: No problem.
[knock at the door]
Kisa: [steps in and is dressed back in her normal clothes] I'm sorry Onee-chan… Hiro and I have to leave.
Tohru: [smiles] It's okay. Yuki-kun already helped me pick out a uniform anyways.
Kisa: [smiles a little] Oh! Well we'll come back another time. Bye. [leaves]
Tohru: [gets up and hangs up the uniforms in her closest. Goes and starts to clean up her room, picking up books, pads, the phone book and more.]
Yuki: Tohru-kun… why are you cleaning?
Tohru: Oh I'm sorry! I'm straightening up before I leave.
Yuki: Leave? Where to?
Tohru: I'm going to meet Uo-chan and Hanna-chan!
Yuki: Oh I see… well then I would get the chance to call Nii-san.
Tohru: [smiles] Oh that's good! Please tell him I said hi.
Yuki: Will do. [Stands up and walks over to the door] See you later Tohru-kun.
Tohru: Later [goes back to cleaning]
[[The Main House]]
Hiro and Kisa: [walks into a room, it's dark]
[All the lights shine on them]
Akito: [sitting in a chair across the room] Well, well, well just the two I wanted to see.
Kisa: [hides slightly behind Hiro]
Hiro: Yes Akito-sama?
Akito: Let's talk that little Tohru shall we? I got a proposition for you…
[[Curtains Close]]
[End Scene]
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