Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Of Lovers and Bestfriends ❯ A Brother's Love ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1: A Brother's Love
He held her so tight, her crimson eyes pleads to let her go eternally, that their memories when they were children be gone forever, but he just can't, letting her go that easily would be the hardest thing he would ever do. He blames himself for not protecting her, for not looking after her. For six years, he's been waiting for that moment, to be with her, to reunite with her again, but those dreams just melted away, because, here, in this place which is suppose to be full of solace would be his worst nightmare. He did everything, from stealing to killing people who hinders the Academy's plans, just to win her back, but still, he did not succeed, instead, the AAO managed to attack him, when he was about to free her from Persona's prison. He did everything to save her, to face all their attacks to protect her, even if it will cost him his life.
Her raven hair covers her face enough to hide the sadness. In order to protect him, she blocked the bullet aimed at him. Unfortunately, there she was, in his arms, trying hard to breathe, her blood spilled on his scarred arms, trying to explain to him that it is a sign of gratitude for saving her from the devil's mouth.
“Natsume nii-san…” she began to utter his name again, pain is obvious from her voice, and he faced her, full of grief.
“Yukiaoi…” he softened his embrace, the tears that he keeps on holding back, started to flow endlessly
“Onii-san, Arigatou…” was all she can say, she let out a small smile of relief from her pain and lost into the oblivion.
“AOI!” shouted Natsume from the bottom of his lungs. He cursed himself from losing her; he even cursed more from letting her murderers from escaping.
Revenge. The only word that describes his anger, his lost his grief.
He stood up carrying his sister's dead body and give out everything that he had, blue flames swallow the corpse, enough to turn it into ashes. Rain started to pour from the dark skies, grieving with him. The ashes flew together with the wind, as if he hears her whispering to him, that she's happy, that at least, they met again, even in the most tragic way.
He felt every raindrop that touched his pale skin, which slowly extinguished his flames from his clenched fist. He will always remember that face pasted with a devilish smile, as if telling him that everything was his fault. He surely knew that man, the same man who threatened the Academy, threatened his friends, threatened his life, and killed his sister - REO MOURI.
He walked away from that desolate place, trying to ponder what will be his next move. For the first time in his life, he will love to be the Academy's best weapon. That's the best way he could ever think of to protect his remaining loved ones - Ruka and Mikan, and the rest of the people who treated him as member of a family. He will never let anyone, to get them away from him, never again. For one is enough…
Three month has passed after that dreadful moment. He never thought that just because of a childish brunette, he can overcome her lost. Nobody knows what happened on that moment, but his pain was so obvious that troubled everybody especially his little girl - Mikan. She did everything; she cried if he's going back from his missions bleeding, she even acted like his nurse, his body guard, though he was supposed to be the one doing that for her. One thing that he's so unsure of - the feelings that the brunette have for him, if ever she feels the same way like he feels for her.
That same day, just in the middle of the night, a knock disturb him. As soon as he opened the door, there he saw his bestfriend, as if trying to tell something…
“What is it?” he asked at the blonde in front of him
“I wanted to tell you something…” Ruka said, trying his best to make an eye contact to his crimson orbs.
“What?” trying his best to decipher whatever his bestfriend was trying to say
“Mikan.” He boldly says the name that make the flame caster twitch from his seat
“What about her?” his voice full of concern
“Do you like her?” ask the blonde again, which make him let out a sigh
“I… still… don't know…” he uttered, which make him think curiously of what his friend want to say
“I see…” uttered Ruka…and sighs, he started to think of some good words to say,
“Why do you ask?” replied the flame caster, as if he knows what will be the next thing his best friend will say.
“Nothing, I just want some assurance, (sigh) before I make a move.”
“What move?”
“To tell her what I really feel, so that I know what I am for her.”
“Okay… and if ever (gulp) she feels the same way for you?”
“Well… That's it. She's mine.”
“Wish you luck.”
“Are you sure?”
“I also think that she feels the same way for you, you're such a ladies' man anyway…” whispered Natsume, and turn away, walking towards the window…
“I hope so.” Whispered Ruka in relief, he's just speechless from his friend's reaction
“Okay then, I'm sleepy, see ya tomorrow!” said Natsume, as Ruka stand up and bid him goodbye.
He close the door, walking slowly towards his bed, he, too, is speechless. He doesn't know what to feel, it's just mixed emotions. Happy for hearing that his bestfriend is already making a move and envious for knowing that he's the first one to do so. He reminisced the moments when he and Ruka became best friends.
He suffered enough for me… maybe it's just the best way to let him… Anyway, she's not mine…
A bright sunny day welcomes the Academy. Inside a certain three star room, a blonde prepares himself excitedly. He packed all of his books and notebooks into his bag. He then took a shower and after that, puts on his school uniform. He exited his room and rushed towards the brunette's room and stop when he saw a familiar figure standing in front of its door.
He walks slowly and saw her, her violet orbs started to look at his direction, the wind slowly wave her waist-length raven hair.
“Oi. Nogi, you picking her up?” Hotaru ask monotonously, curious on seeing him there.
“Hai. You?” Ruka ask back
“Hn. Waking her up. She'll gonna be late.” and turn away from his stare. She feels her heart as if something stung it.
“Unbelievable.” And he smirks. He doesn't know that such an Ice Queen would be doing such a thing for her best friend…
“What?” she asks but then the door opened and a brunette walks out with her familiar pasted on her face.
“Ruka!” exclaimed the brunette; it's the first time that a guy will actually pick her up before going to school. Little did she know, many have tried to do so, but because of her famous flame caster friend, no one dared.
“Ohio! Mikan!” said Ruka, which stunned Hotaru, it's just unusual to hear him say her name, but it seems the brunette don't mind
“Ohio! Ruka! Ohio! Hotaru!” greeted Mikan and they all started walking towards the High School Building.
They were all in their second year in high school. Some things have changed, but almost everything remained the same, they were all grown up. And Sumire, she's still the president of the Natsume and Ruka fan club, she acts like she's his girlfriend, and shouts at Mikan whenever she saw her with Natsume.
Regarding their love life, Tobita and Anna where the first couple in the gang, Koko and Anna, they were still silent, though they were already obvious. The other four - Mikan, Natsume, Hotaru and Ruka, they were unpredictable, since Hotaru still blackmails Ruka, Natsume still loves to burn Mikan's hair.
They reach their classrooms at exactly &:30. They were expecting teachers but it seems that they were nowhere to be found.
“Iinchou, where is Jinno-sensei? Isn't biology our first subject?” ask the brunette as she gazed into the room
“Ah… They said that he will not be attending class today, he sort of, sick or something. Narumi-sensei will be his substitute….” Said Tobita and go back to his seat, seeing that the blonde teacher is already there, trying to silence them
“Class! I have good news and bad news! Want o hear them?!” shouted Narumi which make everyone stop from what they were doing and hurried back to her seat.
“What is it Narumi-sensei?” ask Mikan first, while everybody looks at the homeroom teacher curiously.
“What do you want me to tell first? The bad news or the good news?” ask Narumi
“Bad news.” Said Natsume boldly, since the last mission he accomplished was already a week ago and there's still no news from AAO.
“Okay the. The bad news is, Persona-sensei will be transferring to another branch of the Academy somewhere in Europe.” Said Narumi while everyone let out a sigh as if it's the most wonderful thing they've ever heard
“How about the good news?” ask Tobita
“We have a new student. Her name is Miyuki Sarutobi. Please come in Sarutobi-san!” said Narumi, as a girl with a waist-length hair, and cold crimson orbs entered the classroom. She let out a forced smile to assure that loves the welcome reaction of her new classmates.
“What's her alice?” ask Sumire, who look stunned from seeing a beautiful lady in front of them, even Mikan stare at Miyuki.
“We call her an Elemental girl, since her Alice are Alice of Fire, Alice of Water, Alice of Air, and Alice of Earth. All in the fourth type.” Said Narumi which make Natsume stare at the lady again.
“Ohio minna-san! I'm Miyuki Sarutobi from Gakuen Alice - American Campus, please to meet you all!” said Miyuki and look at Narumi again as if trying to tell him that she wants to sit.
“Okay then, where will you sit?” said Narumi as he caught an eye in a vacant seat near Sumire but then he caught someone raising his hand.
“Here, beside me, she will sit here.” Commanded Natsume while Miyuki look at Narumi again for approval, and nods since he felt the whole room started to heat up.
“Okay then. Miyuki Sarutobi, sit beside Hyuuga san!” said Narumi, while Mikan stared at her desk, spaced out… She was hurt, since she was about to tell him how she feels, but then this new girl caught his attention, how could she tell it now. She stare at the lady walking near them, her hands were clenched under her desk, but then she felt something - an envelope… a pink one with a dried rose petals pasted on it…
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