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Chapter 2: To Your Heart
After Miyuki sat down, the whole class was in awe, considering that it's the first time the flame caster demanded a girl to be his seatmate. Sumire stares at her, carefully examining her features with jaws dropped down, but inside he felt herself heated up for seeing her 'boyfriend' is with someone else.
"Class, i forgot to tell you, besides of her alice, Miyuki Sarutobi is also an accelerated student, she's only 14 years old and an special student too, so being her older brothers and sisters, please take good care of her..." said Narumi as the class stared at the new student more which make Miyuki blush in embarrassment.
Natsume is staring at her, as if hallucinated by seeing her beside him. Little did he know, auburn orbs were secretly staring at them, carefully keeping an eye on the couple, and trying her best not to get caught. She then stared again on the pink envelope she's holding, as if she wanted to open it at the moment, but something stops her, the thought that it might be from someone she love or just a prank letter telling her to get away from the flame caster.
Narumi clapped his hand when he noticed that the class' attention was no longer on him; accordingly, they all faced him and waited for another announcement - ADIEU. instead of leaving them instantly, he started teaching them which amazed everyone, what he was teaching is far beyond their imagination, since what he's talking are all about mythological animals, very distant from their current topic - genetics.
The blonde who was sitting beside the mind reader was just there staring at the brunette carefully. Daydreaming of what could have happened once he told her his feelings. He twitched even more when he saw the young brunette examining the pink envelope he just placed on her desk before the bell rang. The assurance that his best friend still doesn't know how he really feels towards the nullifier plus seeing him getting interested on the new girl excites him more to tell Mikan all he really feels.
She remembered it again, how the animal boy just called her best friend in a romantic manner, much worse is that she felt like she's hurt. She already admitted it to herself that she has a crush on the blonde but the fact that he likes her best friend keeps her from falling for him. She still remembered how she obliged him to take care of her best friend and that stung her heart more. Just lately, she felt like she's more like a stalker than a blackmailer, since even there's no camera on her hand, here feet as if it has a mind of its own, kept on following him. Then just last night, after fixing her infamous baka gun, she saw him walking towards his best friend's room. She tiptoed towards the flame caster's room to hear what they're talking about, it's half past midnight, and seeing them talking at that time make her think that their talking something important. She placed her ears near the half-opened door to hear everything, and like a thousand needles pricked her chest when she heard that the blonde is indeed in love with Mikan and will tell her everything he feels. For the first time, she felt hot tears flowed on her face endlessly while she's running away to her room.
It's Saturday, the bell rang at exactly 12:00, the whole class packed all their books back into their school bags, and gathered into their groups. Sumire was the first one to walk towards Natsume, wearing a fake smile.
“Oh… Natsume-kun, why did you do that to Sarutobi, you're should be doing that to me!!!” whines the cat-dog alice, which irritates the flame caster and shock the elemental girl.
“I tink youi better go now Shouda-san! Before you lose your whiskers!!!” said Mochu as everybody laughed seeing Sumire blush a thousand shades of red, and her whiskers started to appear. Then she felt like there's something hot in her face, which indeed, nothing more than flames. She ran away towards the exit leaving the others to laugh even harder.
“I… I don't think you have to do that.” Suggested Miiyuki which stopped Natsume from laughing
“Don't worry Sarutobi-san, she's immune to that!” bursted Koko making another roll of laughter fill the classroom.
Natsume turn his head towards the brunette who's walking towards them with Ruka and Hotaru following her. He felt his heart beating faster when the brunette flashed her signature smile at him, making him to turn again to the new girl beside him.
“So tell us about yourself Sarutobi-san! You should be honored that the great Natsume Hyuuga, an alice extraordinaire welcomes a newbie like you for the first time!!!” exclaimed Ruka as everybody nods in agreement.
“Do I really have to? My alice is much more stronger than him! There's no way I feel myself honored just being welcomed by a grumpy lad!” said Miyuki snobbishly who seems to be uninterested on the info of her usher.
“Don't say that Sarutobi-san! He's one of the AAO's most feared opponents! So be honored that a savior welcomes you!” said KoKo as everybody seconds the motion
“Oh I see… Thank you Hyuuga-san for welcoming me here, though that reason is pointless.” Said Miyuki coldly and turn her back and was about to walk away, but Natsume held her hand which make MIkan stare at them and surprise Ruka.
“Tell us about yourself.” Commanded Natsume but a gust of wind answered him.
“What happened?! That's supposed to be a tornado!” said Miyuki frantically while everybody looks indifferently and stared at Mikan.
“You nullify that?” ask Natsume and smirks as he felt like she did that for him.
“What did you do?” ask Miyuki in a demanding manner
“I am a nullifier, I nullified your alice, or else we'll all get hurt. So is that a big deal?” said Mikan playfully which makes Miyuki sighs signifying she gave up.
“Okay. I'll tell something about myself and that's it. We're done!” said Miyuki as everyone raised their eyebrows on how unfriendly she'd become especially to Natsume.
“Just tell it.” Demanded Natsume while Miyuki sighs again
“Miyuki Sarutobi. 14 years old. Alice of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, I transferred here because of my father's consent, to keep me away from AAO.” And turn around and walk away.
“Isn't she beautiful….” Said Koko dreamingly which catches Nonoko's attention and pinch him on the waist till he wince in pain while everybody tease them since they look like lovers in quarrel.
Natsume follows Miyuki as she exits the classroom which turns everybody's heads to see the flame caster acting so weird. First, just before the classes started, he entered the classroom so spaced out that even ignored the loud mouthed brunette's greeted him. Second, he demanded to Narumi to let Miyuki sat beside him, and now, he just followed the new girl in any other reasons they can't comprehend. They just ignored what just happened and left the classroom leaving Mikan and Hotaru all alone.
“You've been holding that letter long enough. You must read it now.” Said Hotaru emotionlessly while Mikan opened the letter and read it aloud:
You might be wondering
That a dead rose is pasted
On this letter's envelope
It just only means one thing-
My life is like a dead rose without you-
Still beautiful but life less
You're one of the best reasons why my life
Is worth livin'
> R.N<
“Hmmm… R.N.? Who could that be?” asked Mikan to Hotaru who looked shock upon hearing the initials
“There's something written on the back, read it first.” She said coldly as she stares at the envelope
“Oh. My bad.” As she flips the scented paper and read what's written on it
I don't want to remain mysteriously romantic.
Please gibe me a chance to tell all of my feelings
Towards you
8:00 right after dinner
In the Northern Forest' s entrance
Thebest place for us to meet
“What do you think? Should I go and meet him?” ask the brunette to the spaced out Hotaru
“Don't ask me…” whispered Hotaru but audible enough for Mikan to hear and walk slowly away from her
“oi! Hotaru! I need your suggestion…” pleaded the brunette but the inventor seems to be hearing nothing.
(sigh)… What's happening to her???
Her lilac eyes were evidently showing her sadness. Sadness she never thought she would feel. She's her best friend and there's just no way she should be jealous of her just because of him. She felt her feet heading her to somewhere she never thought she could be going - to her brother.
Ever since he graduated from college, he go back again in the academy. He applied to be one of the doctors of the academy. His reason to stay there is because of their parent's request - to take care of his younger sister and o have a quality time with her as well.
It's just the first time she'll ever be going to her brother's room. It's his day-off too, so it's sure that he's just there inside. She hesitated to knock the wooden door but her hands raises involuntarily and knock on it. The door opened revealing the tall figure of her older brother, and without a word, he invited her to come in.
Silence surrounds the room, but Subaru knows that there's something wrong with her so he started the conversation.
“Good to see you here…” started Subaru which brings back the raven-haired girl to reality
“You too…” whispered Hotaru but still audible for him to hear
“Something's wrong… isn't it?” he asked monotonously which she answered with a nod
“Have you ever been…. I mean… have you ever feel… like you're falling in love with somebody… but felt like it's a wrong thing to do… because that somebody is in love with your best friend… and your best friend… might be… in any ways… in love with that somebody too???” she stuttered melancholically
“I see… love triangle?” ask Subaru and smirks but Hotaru just gave him a deadly glare
“Look. If you'll not answer me, then, I'll better leave.” Said Hotaru and stand up
“Wait! I'm just kidding, sit there and I'll listen!” he said while scratching the back of his head. Though is strictness never fades, when it comes to her, he changes his attitude to a brotherly one.
“Just answer me. I need to know your answer.” She demanded while he just let out a sigh
“Of course, I did, back in high school.” He said and nods in assurance.
“What did you do?” listening intently on what he'll gonna say
“My thoughts are jumbled, at first, I don't know what to do, but then I've realized that there are some things better said than done.”
“What do you mean?”
“I told her my feelings though I know I'll hurt her other lover - a close friend.”
“What happened to you and your friend?”
“We settle things down. We've decided that whoever she chose, we must accept it.”
“Did she choose you?”
“How does it feel?”
“Why's that?”
“Because she chooses between us straightforwardly, this let us know what our place is.”
“I see…”
“Did I answer your question?”
“Yup, and there's another thing that I want to ask… when did you told her how you feel?”
“The time I was so sure what I really feel. Look Hotaru-san, it will be hard for you to tell those things to him immediately after you find out how you really feel.”
“Mine is just a close friend whilst yours, she's your best friend.”
“I see.”
“You must wait for the guy to tell you his feelings for you.”
“Do I really have to? Can't I just tell it to him?”
“You really can tell him immediately, but it feels better when he's the first to tell you.”
“Hai.” And stand up and get a box of Howalons from his fridge.
“Is that for me?” she asks and smiles at him while he nods in agreement.
“This is a sign of gratitude for coming here and asking my advice.” He said while Hotaru just give him confusing looks
“I must be the one to thank you for being available on answering my questions…”
“I'm your brother, and it's my job to be always available for my only sister…”
“You don't have too onii-san, I can take care of myself.”
“Oh really? Then why did you…” then he felt a cold piece of metal touching his forehead and that's nothing more than her baka gun
“Ho…Ho…Hotaru… Remember I can heal myself… and… bring back the pain to you.”
“You've got a good reason. Anyways, I have to go now. The headmaster still wants me to improvise a new alice controller device for fourth type alices.” And stand up walking towards the door.
“Okay… see you around… Bye!” as he accompanies her outside his room.
Around the corner, a certain guy with dark blue hair and gray eyes was listening closely on their conversation. The moment the raven-haired lady gets out of the room, he quickly hide himself to the darkness of the corridor.
“Got you… Imai.” He whispered and started to walk away.
She puts on a pink headband and dressed up in a red blouse and denim skirt just a knee high. She look at herself in the mirror and felt satisfied on how she look.
Just a minute after, a knock on her door disturbed her. Her first night in the academy is really something surprising. She stood up and opened the door and their, the flame caster standing in front of her, smiling. She really thought that he already gave up from following her that afternoon, but it's obvious that she failed.
“Hyuuga, you're here…” she said snobbishly as she can
“Hai. I'm here to pick you up for dinner.” He replied and offer her a hand
“How many times will I tell you, I don't need anyone!” she shouts making everyone stared at them, surprised that the flame caster is just humiliated in front of everybody.
“Hmmm… The AAO, you might not know when will they attack to hunt you down…” he said calmly a he can
“What?! Are you applying to be my bodyguard? Have you forgotten that I have four alices, way better than you, and enough to protect myself!” she shouts again right in front of his face. She raised her hands and was about to make an earthquake, but something felt painful in her head. She loses her balance and was about to fall, and luckily Natsume caught her before her head touch the ground.
“See… You know the consequences when you use you alices.” He said and smirks, she tried her best to stand up and succeed to maintain her balance.
“Okay. Okay. Okay. Fine. I agree to be your friend. Just you and nobody else, it's hard for me to trust anyone instantly…” and let out a small smile while Natsume smiled even brighter on hearing her decision.
“You might not know, you might be one of the gang later, especially that nullifier, she's really good on making friends. You might see yourself hypnotized on her smile.” He said and they started to walk to the dining hall.
The dining hall, as usual, its elegant beauty might be the reason for the student's discreet manner. Just around the corner, seven high school students were already gathered and looks like having a little conversation.
“Where's Natsume-kun?” ask Sumire who in some circumstances, don't know how she feels like she belong to the group she's in.
“Still looking at him eh?” whispered Mochu, jealousy is obvious in his voice.
“Why not? He's not yet here!” snaps Sumire and turn around on the two best friends in front of her.
“They're here.” Koko said as Mikan and Sumire both smiled on the two raven-haired flame casters
“Waiting for us?” Natsume ask as he stared at Ruka and Mikan sitting together.
“Hai. And looks like you've got somebody with you…” said Sumire snobbishly
“What's your problem Permy? You don't have any right to talk to me like you're my girlfriend and lecture me.” He said coldly while Sumire started to cry and run away while Mikan and the others are flabbergasted on the way Natsume acted. He might be grumpy and snobbish, but he's not the type to humiliate a lady seriously.
“Natsume, you should be telling that more carefully on her.” Mochu said staring eye to eye with him
“Look, if I will not do that do you think she'll ever wake up that there's a lot of guys trying their best to be loved by her. She should learn that she can't get anything she wants.” Said Natsume calmly as everyone agrees on him.
“Okay, but next time, please be nicer. She's still a girl, you should learn to respect her even she's like that” Said Mochu and followed Sumire.
“What time is it?” interrupted Mikan
“Hotaru-san, I think Mikan is asking you something.” Said Anna to the spaced out lady
“Huh. It's… It's already 7:30.” She answered coldly.
“Why do you ask?” ask Natsume while staring at the blushing Ruka
“Hmmm… Nothing important, I juts have to meet someone later.” She said while everyone looks at her curiously except for Ruka and Hotaru and Natsume who knows the reason…
“What time?” ask Natsume, his ruby eyes still pasted on the blonde who's blushing a thousands shade of red
“8:00” said Mikan as everybody's face started to look at their watches since it only half an hour to go before her meeting
“Okay then. Let's eat.” Said Natsume melancholically while Mikan silence herself upon hearing his reaction
So… he really doesn't care…
He followed her until she stopped by the playground. She sat on the swing as tears rolled down her cheeks. He walk closely and offered her a handkerchief. She look at him as if asking him why she's insanely in love with a person who just treats her nothing more than a friend. She stood up and lean her head onto his chest which shock him, making his face redder.
“Shouda-san, sometimes when you know there's no reason to continue on loving someone, better give him up.” He started while stroking her hair softly
“He cares for me Mochu and that's enough for me to live him more. He goes on missions to protect us, to protect me.” She said as tears started to wet the levitation guy's shirt.
“Okay. You've got a point. He cares for us but not doing that especially for you. He treats you not that special.”
“If loving means being loved, then, I do not love enough. If loving means being special, then I barely love, but if loving means getting hurt like this, I guess I'm loving too much…” she said as she cry harder.
“Too much for a realization…” he whispered and hold Sumire's chin to face him. Their eyes meet, closing their world from the others.
“I guess this will be the right time to say these…” as he face her closer making it just centimeters apart.
“I guess I've been so apathetic for a long time…”
“Not really, it helps me to be so sure of how I really feel for you…”
“So… I guess I will tell you the same thing you wan to tell me…” she said romantically and nearing her face to him, just millimeters apart from his…
“I love you…” they both said in unison which makes them blush more. Mochu kiss her as she waited for her to kiss him back. Passionate kiss, indeed, enough for them to savor the sweetness of their exploration.
She wandered around the wilderness of the Northern Forest. She then remembered the crimson-eyed flame caster the way he usher Miyuki to the dining hall plus that he picked her up before going to dinner. She admitted it to herself that she has fallen in love with him three years ago. That's why she did her best to bring him back to reality that he still got somebody else when she saw him all gloomy just three months ago. She did not intended to know the reason of his sadness but push herself to do everything to bring back again the sparkle he once had. She look above the moonlit sky which make her feel hypnotized by its beauty especially that the moon shines ever so brightly, but then…
“You're the moon, and I'm the might sky, that loses its beauty when the moon is not around.” A familiar male voice startled her, she turn around and saw the blonde with baby blue eyes smiling at her.
“Oh, Ruka, what are you doing here?” she ask at she smile back at him
“I can't say that Io can't live without you because I already lived before we met. One thing that changes this life of mine was the day you came in, you just make my life worth living.” He said as he walks closer to her. She looks startled upon hearing his last statement.
“You…. R.N.?” stuttered Mikan as Ruka smiled at her.
“Hai. To tell you the truth, the time you're just new here , I already got a crush on you, but later on, I've realized that I'm falling in love with you…” he said as he blush like a tomato
“Why me? There's lot of other girls going gaga over you?”
“Because you changed me, and not only me, but everyone else too”
“Since when did you know that you're falling…”
“I've waited for four years, and it's just now that I gathered all of my strength to tell you how much I feel for you…”
“I see…”
“You? Do you feel the same? “
“Would you wait for another day to wait for my answer?”
“It looks like I'm rejected…”
“Baka… I told you, just wait for another day…”
“Okay then, what time?”
“This same time, this same place…”
“Sure. I'll wait.” He said gleefully as they both look above the night sky.
Little did they know, lilac eyes were watching over them, teary eyed.
If only you know better…
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