Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Of Lovers and Bestfriends ❯ The Answer ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3: The Answer
He was sitting under the shades of his favorite Sakura tree, gazing and admiring the beauty of the moonlit sky. He lean his back on the tree's trunk to have a clear view of the full moon whose lighting up the whole academy. Suddenly, a familiar figure slowly walked towards him, trying her best not to disturb the flame caster's moment, but he seems to recognize her but ignoring her presence.
She stop for a moment and take a look on his serene face, she just realized that his crimson orbs are full of sadness but contented as well. She whispered something in the wind that make him glance at her. She starts walking again towards upon receiving his invitation to sit beside him. She blush at finding herself being stared by him as she was about to sit. She switch her look above the night sky and they both admired its stunning beauty.
“In America, you barely see such a picturesque.” she whispered while he just look at her in confusion
“Why is that?” he ask her curiously while staring at her face
“Because people there are so busy...” she answered that make him more confused
“I... I don't get your point...” he said and look up again, trying his best to understand what she meant
“Too busy to admire it's beauty...No time to just sit back and relax...” she said and look at his face again. She felt herself bush more so she return her gaze back at the night sky
“You're lucky you have a father...” he said melancholically while she nods in agreement
“I love him so much. He taught me everything to survive here in this cruel world.”
“Hn. Your mother where's she?” he ask which make her frown
“if you don't want to answer, that's alright.” he said but she just ignored him
“When I was 8, I've learned that my mom had a powerfu alice, the alice of ressurection but if ever she will use it, her soul would be an exchange...”
“Then, what happened?”
“2 years after, the AAO attack our campus, as for me, being a dangerous ability student, we were oblige to confront their attack. Unfortunately, i was shot right in my back enough for me to die. On that moment, when my life was about to end, I use my alice in full extent to defeat the enemy and I succeed but I lose my life. My father said that mom sacrifice herself to bring me back to life.”
“Tragic. Sorry for your mom, but look at the bright side, at least you're alive.”
“Yes, but there's a mission that I find it hard for me to accomplish.”
“Revenge? Right? I'll help you.”
“Huh? Why? Won't you avenge your mother?”
“That's my mission not to avenge them.”
“Hn. Weird.”
“I agree with you, bu my father said that it is pointless.”
“but the fruit is sweet...”
“no, it will just make you the same as them - heartless.”
“Hn. You 've got a point.”
Silence surround them again, but then two familiar silhouttes slowly appear from afar. Natsume stare at them trying to know who they were, but look away. Miyuki stars at them closely, and saw Ruka and Mikan walking towards them.
"Ohio Miyuki-san! Ohio Natsume-kun!" yelled the brunette as if it is not already half past 10:00 in the evening...
“Oi. Polka, better shut up, my precious ears are bleeding!” he whispered sarcastically but audible enough for them to hear
“So, where'd you've been?” ask Miyuki who smiled at them slyly…
“Somewhere there in the Northern Forest…” Ruka answered though he felt himself blush seeing Miyuki smile at them as if trying to say something embarrassing
“Miyuki-san, it…it is not what you're thinking…” Mikan stammered as droplets of sweats started to flow from her forehead
“I see, you already told her ha…” Natsume said expressionlessly as he can
“Hai, but I still have to wait for one more day…” the animal pheromone guy said childishly or whining which make Mikan the brunette smiled at him sheepishly…
“Another day?” whispered Natsume frowning but quickly return to his pissed-off look, while the raven-haired girl noticed his sudden change
“I…I guess we better go now… it's already late…” said Ruka as he invite the nullifier to come with him too
“Okay then see ya tomorrow…” the flame caster said coldly while gazing up at the night sky
So, he really didn't care at all…” she thought for a moment and entwined her arms around Ruka's and they started to walk
“You too, Miyuki, you better go now, it's already late. Better come with them so you won't get lost…” Natsume said with concerned which stops the couple from walking
“Natsume, you call her in her first name?” said Ruka which surprised Miyuki as tints of red stared to appear again at her cheeks
He called her by her first name…hmmm… guess he likes her… and me… just nobody… I guess…” the nullifier thought for the moment and started to invite the elemental girl to come with them too…
“That's not a big deal Ruka. Get over it. Take care of that two ladies, you might not know, your fan girls might be stalking to you and might kill those two…” he said and smirk
“You? Wanna come?” Miyuki ask
“Nope because I don't want to be infected by that baka's idiotic virus…” he said jokingly but as for the brunette, it feels like he just stab her
“Okay then, Hyuuga, bye.” The brunette sadly but managed to smile back at him, while Miyuki secretly staring at their reactions…
So they're close already, he really likes her…” the animal pheromone started to think dreamingly while walking away from him…
Please go now...” he pleaded in his thoughts as he felt more pain stabs him in his chest
As soon as Miyuki reach the couple, Natsume were lost again in his thoughts, back into his world.
(1st person: Natsume)
Will she say yes? I know I love her, but if this love will just cause her to die, if this love will just cause misery in her life, I better not dream nor hope that we'll be together. At least, in Ruka's arms, I know, she'll be safe. I'll just promise that I'll be loving her more. Anyways, Love means SACRIFICE.
While they were walking, there was nothing between the three of them but silence. Mikan, as usual, don't like it so she tried to start a conversation...
“So how'd you find Natsume?” she started to ask Miyuki
“He's fine, It thought he's just grumpy because almost all the girls here seems to like him and his control of alice is good...” she said monotonously
“Oh. Good thing he welcomes you like that! As for me, it's way too different!” the brunette said pondering the first time she met the flame caster
“Ah... so... how about you two?” the raven haired alice ask her curiously
“Were friends... for now...” answered Mikan sheepishly, that makes Ruka blush and Miyuki confused
“So that means...” stammered Ruka, flabbergasted from what Mikan said who smiled at him
“Oh.. here's my room... thank you for walking with me!” said Miyuki and smiled at them
“That's alright... we're friends... right?” ask Mikan while smiling at her. On the other hand, Miyuki stared at her for a moment
“Friends... yes.” she answered and bid them goodnight
“I'll be sleeping over with Hotaru tonight, do you mind to walk with me till I get to her room?” said Mikan as shades of red started to appear in his face
“Su..sure...” said Ruka as she wrap her hands around his arms which make him blush more
They walk through the corridors quietly till they reach a special star room...
She knock on the wooden door with the name Hotaru Imai engraved on it. Few students have this priveleged but as for the inventor, she deserve it, not minding the million of dollars was earned just because of her inventions. A camera welcome them, examining the features of the visitors. After the observation, the door opened opened revealing a lady in her night robe looking exhausted.
She started to blush seeing Ruka in her doorstep but quickly return to her usual composture upon seeing Mikan's arms wrap around his.
Ruka on the other hand felt shivers run to his spine upon seeing a pile of his pictures placed on a cabinet near her doorway, probably, the pictures when he and the animals in the farm are playing.
“Ruka, you're coming in or what?” Mikan said as she pulls him inside Hotaru's room
Another bed is placed beside Hotaru's bed where Mikan will be sleeping. It's been a habit for the two best fiends of sleeping over in each other's room every Fridays and Saturdays. Spending special time with each other not just to have their special bonding but to get away from the others even for a moment.
“She's R.N.!” squealed Mikan on Hotaru's ear who's preparing tea for her visitors
“I see...” she said melancholically which bothers Mikan more
“Is there any problem Hotaru?” I don't want to see you like that...” said Mikan worrily
“Nothing. I'm just tired.” she said as coldly as she can
“Okay then, if you said so...” Mikan said as she hand the tea to Ruka
“Arigatou.” he said as he sips the tea. Right after a few moments, five shutter sounds disturb his ears
“Money.” Hotaru said emotionlessly with dollar signs on her lilac eyes as Ruka looks dumbstruck
“Is...this...blackmail...AGAIN!!!” Ruka said furiously and look at Mikan who's smiling slyly
“Ne, Ruka-kun, don't be mad at Hotaru-chan, I requested her to do so , just want some of your pictures of you to be posted on my room...” said Mikan and burst out laughing seeing Ruka's picture who looks like a girl having a tea party with stuff toys.
“Okay, just in your room...” he said sheepishly but upon seeing Hotaru smiling slyly
“Yup. I promise.” Said Hotaru as she smirks while flipping the pictures on her fingers
“Just promise it... or else...” said Ruka as he gets something from his pocket - a picture of Hotaru carried by her brother Subaru from being treated from the clinic because of an accident in her lab.
“Where'd you get that?” the raven haired girl said as she walk towards the blonde while carrying her infamous baka gun
“Wow... you look cute here...” squealed Mikan and just a few seconds after, she received three shots from the baka gun which make her fell slightly unconscious
“Baka.” she whispered under her breath and points the baka gun onto Ruka's head who quickly hide the picture back into his pocket.
“Hn. You don't want to know your soft side eh? I'm sure that a lot of your stupid fan boys will drool over this picture!” he said teasingly which make Hotaru furiously red.
“Give me that or... else...” she threatened the blonde as she pin the baka gun harder on his head, but as for Ruka, he lowered the baka gun and pull her face closer to him, which make her blush thousand shades of red
“You see, you can't harm this beautiful face of mine...” he whispered to the dumbstruck inventor who quickly push him away and shot him right into his chest but he just ended up laughing seeing her reddening face.
“GO! OUT! NOW!” she yelled from the top of her lungs while Ruka stood up rubbing his chest but still laughing ridiculously.
“ See ya around Imai...” Ruka said as he exits her room
“Ne... Hotaru...You're so mean... try to be nice to him...” said Mikan still dizzy
“You mean you will say yes?” she ask trying not to stare at her
“I'm not sure, but I like him though...” the brunette as she look outside the window where she saw the young flame caster at the same spot, dusting off his clothes...
“You're not over him yet, youjo...” she said sarcastically as the nullifier slowly crawl towards her bed
“Hotaru...” she whispered which stops Hotaru from fixing the tea cups on her table...
“Is four years enough for a wait???”
“Why? Are you tired of waiting for him?”
“Not yet, but got no reasons to wait for more...”
“Is that so?”
“Well, stop waiting... You deserve someone better...” she whispered while Mikan sit up as tears started to crawl down her cheeks
“I deserve someone better??? Bullshit!” she cursed while Hotaru was shock upon hearing her say such a word for the first time
“What's up? That's the truth, there's nothing you can do about it!”
“Because he could have been better if... if ...(sob) he tried to... and it could have been me...(sob)... if he wanted too...”she squealed as she burrows her face into her pillow. Hotaru walk towards her and sit beside her best friend...
“Don't let your heart run your life Mikan, Be sensible enough and let your mind speak for itself. Listen not only to your feelings but to reason as well. Always remember that if you lose someone today, it means that someone better is coming tomorrow. It is true that love can wait forever but it's crazy to stubbornly hope for someone who doesn't even care or understand how you feel. You deserve to be happy not in the arms that keeps you waiting but in the arms of someone who will take you now and love you forever...” she said which makes the brunette stop crying. As for the inventor, she lie down immediately to hide the tears that are starting to swallow her back into loneliness
“Arigatou Hotaru... for always being there...” the brunette whispered as she lie down as well, and sleep
(1st person: Hotaru)
Curse you Hyuuga... Why can't you just feel that she's waiting? Curse you. Curse you. You're the reason why she cries, and now you're also the reason why I cry. Curse You Natsume Hyuuga... If not only because of her, I could've put you to death. Now I have to sacrifice for her... that's it... this love should learn how to sacrifice...”
It's already 10:00 in the morning and only a certain brunette is the only one they're waiting for. It's their day to go to Central Town, just to hang out.
Out of the blue, the brunette started to show up and looks exhausted...
“Gomeno... I'm late again!!!” she said and inhaled some air deeply
“Were used to that.” the raven haired lad started to talk while the others started to laugh, as for Mikan she just ignore trying her best to not ruin her day
“Where's Ruka? “ she ask which make the flame caster look at the blonde walking pass him
“I'm here Mikan...” said the blonde which let out his famous smile to the nullifier
“Ruka! About last night, I change my mind...” she said while Hotaru turn away and Natsume tried to listen to them intently
“Huh? You mean you will...” the animal pheromone said frowning but the brunette peck him on the cheeks which delights him quickly while the place started to heat up...
“Yes. You're my boyfriend now.” she said straightforwardly while the others are still flabbergasted on what they were hearing and seeing
“Just yesterday, it was Mochu and Sumire, with the help of Natsume... indirectly I mean... how about you?” Koko asked since he can clearly read what's on the flame caster's mind
“Hotaru...” she answered while their jaws dropped upon hearing the Ice Queen's name
“She... (gulp)... she helped you...(gulp)???” Mochu stuttered
“Oi. The bus is here, better hop on if you want to go...” said the inventor who were sitting comfortably in the front seat..
“Can I can seat with you?” the elemental girl ask Natsume which catches Mikan's attention
“Sure. Why not?” He said while staring at the brunette secretly "she will not care anyway.."
“Okay.” said Miyuki cheerfully as they all hop on the bus and sit in pairs, as for Hotaru, Youichi sit with him while staring at her
The bus ride is not that long but as for the brunette, the inventor and the flame caster, as if they were riding too long.