Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Of Lovers and Bestfriends ❯ Jealousy Has It ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4: The Assurance
They all sit in pairs, from the front row: Hotaru and Youichi, Anna and Tobita, Nonoko and Koko, Mochu and Sumire, Natsume and Miyuki, and lastly, Ruka and Mikan.
The blond is still surprise for what is happening. He just can't believe it, he is now the brunette's girlfriend, his dream girl, every boys' dream girl. He put his gaze on her lovely face whose unsurpassable beauty and her carefree attitude he adorn very much. He love this feeling, the feeling of being complete, the feeling that make him call himself to be the happiest man on earth. He starts daydreaming again, their future, having their own house, their own farm, their own family, well, of course, living with Natsume too…
The brunette is sitting till beside the animal pheromone, thinking deeply of two things - can Ruka make her happy or she just did a wrong decision. She looks at the two people in front of them; the flame caster is quiet as well as the elemental girl. In her eyes, they are just perfect, very perfect to be with each other. She put her stare back outside the window to be lost in her thoughts again. Suddenly, she felt a pair of blue eyes eyeing at her, she blush, knowing that he really give her such attention unlike the other guy, this blushing of hers finally free the blond from his phantasm.
As for the raven-haired fire alice, is still extremely dumbstruck, abstracted from what is happening. He feels like coldness entered his body, a feeling of loneliness, being alone in such a manner that makes him hard to breathe. This caught the elemental girl's attention, bedeviled her from the sudden change. She patted him which at first he ignored. She called out his name, which finally bring him back to his equanimity. He smiled at her, assuring that he's alright.
The violet-eyed inventor's reason to sit in the front row is her last resort to focus her mind on other things, or maybe to share the gloominess of her soul with the demon caster who's staring at the new girl while facing at their direction, kneeling on his sit, as if he know her from some time in the past he just couldn't revoke. He slowly gyrated to sit properly, and then look at her face, he pokes her on her arm to catch her attention, but she was totally absent minded. He pokes her again, now at her cheeks, which make her jerk, while the boy beside her started to laugh heartily, seeing the Ice Queen to be lost in her thoughts for the first time.
Five minutes after, the bus park smoothly and signals them that they already arrive at the Central Town. They all walk out of the bus, guys offering their hands to help them, but it such an unusual thing to do for the braggart flame caster to offer his hand to a girl since for him it is not in his nature to be such a gentleman. As for the brunette, she was aghast upon seeing him do such a thing, fortunately, she saw Ruka offered her a hand, or else she will be caught by her boyfriend eyeing another man.
“So where do we start?” ask Anna who's holding her precious Tobita's hand
“Why don't we go first at…hmmm…” started Youichi but then stopped, turning red, upon seeing a girl about his age, with dreamy emerald eyes and midnight blue curly hair reaching her shoulders. This scene makes the brunette and the flame caster chuckle in unison, which caught the gang's attention and smiled sweetly at the demon caster.
“Oh… is love at first sight?!” Koko said giggling at the sight, and suddenly, an evil spirit poke him at the back which make his sweat drop
“I know her You-chan… wanna know her name???” ask Mikan teasingly which totally catches Youichi's attention immediately
“Wha...what's her name?” stammered the boy
“Her name is… Andou Hana...” answered the brunette which left the boy dreamingly uttering her name
“Andou… You're here…” said Natsume coldly upon seeing the shadow manipulator hand-in-hand with the girl who is happily licking her lollipop
“Waah!!! Tsubasa-sempai! You're here!” squealed the brunette and run towards him open arms - like lovers
“Ne… Mikan-chan! I miss you so much!!!” said Tsubasa who lift the brunette's slender frame, embracing her ever-so-tight which make her boyfriend and her ever-so-possessive admirer throw a deadly glare at him.
“So… are you staying here?” ask the brunette with her arms still wrap around Tsubasa's neck
“Hai. Overnight. Just come by to visit you and Mr. Bear…” answered Tsubasa and free her from his embrace but still have their hands intertwined.
“Oi. You… Girl with lollipop… goes here!” demanded the gray-haired boy which makes the little girl stuck up her nose and ignored the demon caster's invitation
“Stupid, just like Hyuuga…” Tsubasa said which completely registered to Natsume's mind
“What did you say?!” ask Natsume angrily, being pissed in his presence, as balls of fire started to appear in his clenched fist
“Ehem… (as he fake a cough)… mind to let go of her hand for a while?” said the animal pheromone sweetly which make the shadow manipulator to look at him confusingly
“Ne… Why do I have to?” ask Tsubasa as he wrap his arms around the brunette's waist
“Because… I… said so…” he said in a more demanding manner but still calm
“Hn. What if I don't want to?” said Tsubasa teasingly as he pulls the brunette closer to him who started to blush, and somewhat waiting for that certain somebody to speak out
“'Coz she's my girlfriend… did you hear it right?” said the blonde as the shadow manipulator carefully losing his arms around the nullifier
“Is that true Mikan-chan?” whispered Tsubasa as the brunette nods in agreement

”What about that `guy'?” he ask again whispering
“Oh… he's a nobody” She whispered back and forced a smile and hold Ruka's hand, leaving her sempai confused
“Why don't you come and we sleep over to Mr. Bear's cabin tonight…” invited Tsubasa as he receives two deadly glares, eight pairs of flabbergasted eyes, and the surrounding's full attention.
“SURE! I'D LOVE TO!” squealed the brunette while everybody were dumbfounded
“I'm coming with you.” Said the blonde while the flame caster started to curse under his breathe, trying his best not to get attention, but as far as the mind-reader's concern, he is starting to hold back his laughter but unfortunately, he chortled.
“Hn. What's funny Koko?” ask Nonoko while he gulps as another thought registered his mind
He took a glimpse on the flame caster who's looking at him more pernicious than before. Sweat started to form at his forehead, then his nape, then his whole body which is usually because of the heat radiated by the fire alice. Then, something felt painful into his head, throbbing faster as droplets of salty liquids reach his lips, and his vision started to blur.
“Koko… what's happening to you?” Nonoko ask as she glared at Natsume turn away, she started to fret, good thing, and the mind-reader regain his composure before he loses his balance
“I…I'm alright, just need to rest…” he said but something stops him, it is usual for him, even he's sick thoughts will just show up, thoughts that will involuntarily appear in his mind, was all gone, all gone. He looks again at the stunning beauty that in such a way, full of energy before, now it started to show somber. He doesn't want her to see such grief, so he kisses her on the forehead and lock her from his embrace.
“I told you I'm alright… so please, don't worry too much…” he whispered and releases her slowly
“You… sure?” ask the chemist whose face is still red from blushing
“Yup. I'm just tired…that's all…there's nothing to worry” I must go to Serina-sensei today… he said as he thumbs up energetically enough for Nonoko to stop worrying
He surely loves me… but it's better if he'll tell me…” thought Nonoko as she clasp her hands close to her chest daydreaming when that day comes
“Tch. Snap out of it… Osegawara-san…” cutted Hotaru who's getting more and more irritated, er… jealous upon seeing the animal pheromone insisting himself to go with Mikan to Mr. Bear tonight.
“You two look stupid… very stupid…” whispered Natsume but audible enough for them to hear
“Natsume-kun, better get yourself a girlfriend if you find us getting mushy sometimes… So better go now! Need some rest!” he said as he smile at the fire alice who's getting pissed again
“I want to go with you…” said Nonoko but Koko nods in disagreement
“Okay then, bye!” bid the mind reader and started to walk away.
“So that's it! Mikan-chan, you'll be sleeping over with me in Mr. Bear's cabin, and that's just the two of us! And this guy here will accompany to and from Mr. Bear! I just need some time with you alone!” said the shadow manipulator as the blonde started to grit his teeth signaling his defeat, what can he do, what the brunette wants, that what she'll get.
“Hn. be sure you'll not do anything- yeah I mean anything to her…” said the blonde and grab Mikan away from him as she stomps his feet towards the others
“So it's a deal! Bye now!” said Tsubasa but when he was about to look after for his sister , she's nowhere to be found, little did he know, she was actually grabbed by the demon caster to somewhere they don't know.
“Oh well, I'll better go now, if ever you found them, just tell her to go to Mr. Bear's cabin.” Said Andou and wave them goodbye.
“What?! You'll just leave her that way?” shouted Mikan
“She is a tracking alice, and I'm her brother, I'm sure she'll find me in no time.” Shouted Tsubasa back and continued walking confidently
“So let's eat…” said the flame caster as he grab Miyuki's hand to the direction of the nearest café named “Café Amore” one of the newly opened café in Central town, best for dates especially for lovers but good for group dates too. I can't stand this!!! He thought as he slows down walking
And now… he's holding her hand!!!” thought the nullifier as she wrap her arms around Ruka's and follow their direction as everybody started to follow too.
They ate and started a conversation and the topic is mainly about the two new couples. Mochu and Sumire were the first one to talk, their love story fascinate the brunette, knowing that on the past years, she could really see how Mochu develop his feelings towards the cat-dog alice, who doesn't mind him at all. She also started to daydream about the time when she and the flame caster would be together in a relationship, but she quickly snap out of her thoughts when Ruka hold her hand.
“You might all know, that I truly cared for her ever since we were in grade school, so that might be the reason why she finally, in any means, fall in love with me… Am I correct HONEY?” said Ruka which of course, heated the ears of two certain raven haired guys who were actually sitting in front of them, especially when he emphasized that unspeakable word that caught their attention
“Honey? Is that how`ll call me? How sweet…” said the brunette acting that she really like it, but deep inside, it really feels awkward.
So now she likes him… what's next… need to roast somebody…” the flame caster thought, slowly gritting his teeth
Does she really got over him that instant?! This is all your fault Hyuuga!!!” shouted Hotaru mentally as she raised an eyebrow meaning she's hearing things that disgust her
So he don't even react, don't even comment! Natsume! Speak up! I need you to tell something! Please, that I may change my mind!” the brunette thought as she stared at the flame caster munching on the donuts for him and for Miyuki
She said that calling her honey is sweet… wow… this will be a good start!” as the animal pheromone smile dreamingly which catches the inventor's attention again, of course, as she blush seeing those dreamy eyes that curved his lips that will actually melt her heart, and this blushing were seen gradually by the flame caster who leans his head to her
“Oi! What's the blushing for, Imai?!” whispered the flame caster but the inventor just give him a good shot of her beloved-ever-so-infamous-baka-gun V10.2 throwing him outside the widely open door of the resto
“Ne… Natsume-kun! Are you alright?!” ask the elemental girl as she threw a deadly glare to the cunning inventor while running to the injured fire alice with Ruka and Mikan following her
“What's that for Imai?!” shouted Ruka and was about to use his alice to summon that giant mutated yellow bird named Tori to step on that unspeakable lady
“Honey… you better not do that… she's my best friend… remember?” said the nullifier calmly as she can, since Miyuki is actually hugging er… helping Natsume to stand up while his arms are placed or wrap around the air bender's neck.
“What's your problem, you're not the one being hit here anyways.” Said the inventor monotonously while her eyes closed, as for Ruka he walk closely to her, this time he let his face brush onto hers, which turn Hotaru's face redder, good thing everybody were overwhelmed on helping Natsume, including the brunette of course
“Do you really want your most disgusted fan boys see such charming picture of your as they call it?” whispered Ruka as he face her again to see her reaction, but he was surprised to see her blushing
“Try doing that, if you want to break up with my best friend immediately” she warned him but tints of red on her cheeks are still visible, very visible
“Hn. And what will you do?”
“Well, easy. Since I am Mikan's best friend, she'll believe in everything I will say, and I will tell her any of these two things - you're just a maniac trying to score on her, or you're a gay… convincing… right?! No-gi?”
“Don't you ever dare…”
“You too… don't ever show that picture to anyone, or else, I'll just do the best thing to do- to let the whole academy that you're gay and have all of your gay fans run after you…” she said smiling sweetly er… slyly to him as the thought of gay fans started to run after him
“Okay. We have a deal.” He said offering her a hand
“Sure.” Agreed the inventor as he and Ruka shake hands “I swear... I'll never wash my hands…”
▬♥♥â&# 8482;¥â–¬
Later that night after dinner, the brunette started to pack her things for her sleep over with her greatest sempai as she calls it. She's just so excited, but a thought stops her. The thought that she's just invited to go because her sempai might want to clear some things out, like what happen to her and the other guy, and why did she choose this other guy instead of him. She sighs again… tears started to fall from her porcelain skin as she recalls what happened from their trip in Central Town, Natsume is with Miyuki all the time, and much worse, she's clinging to him like crazy from her point of view (but for other's eyes Natsume was just being a gentleman) and even accompany her back to her room after the trip, which he never did to her.
“I could get over him. Yes I can, and yes I will! Why do I have to think of him anyway? I have Ruka, and he's there, always there for me, but as for him he might be… but does he love me like Ruka does? Hay!!! (She throws herself back to her bed), Oh Kami, I feel like cheating on him already. Mikan, better fix yourself… you don't want to break his heart, right?! So please…”
Then a knock suddenly disturb her from her soliloquy in which she thought was her boyfriend, but as soon as she open the door, the guy who she was thinking a while ago, was already in front of her, looking at her with those crimson eyes rightly staring at her, never taking his gaze away from her hazel eyes, that surely make her blush for a moment.
“What are you doing here Natsume?” she ask at him snobbishly
“Hn. Are you ready?” he asks monotonously and get into her room…
“Hey! Don't be so rude! What are you doing here! I'm talking to you! Answer me!” she shouted but he already grabbed her backpack and get out of her room
“Ruka said that I'll be accompanying you to Andou.”
“Wha…what! Where is he?”
“Tsk. Stop shouting, I'm just pushed to do this, since there's just no way I'd like doing this.” He shouted and let out a sigh
“Where's Ruka?” she ask again which make him getting more and more pissed
Hmmm… please stop looking for him…” he thought but he's getting more irritated since the brunette keeps on whining
Please Ruka, come her and pick me up, don't want to go with him or else…” she thought but stomping her feet trying o show him that she really don't like him being there
The truth is he volunteered to accompany her when Ruka was about to tell him that he can't go because of an emergency in the farm, thought it didn't surprise Ruka since he's with Miyuki, but in some ways. He was a bit confused but he agreed to his offer and hurriedly ran to the farm, while thanking him a lot, whilst on the background, fan girls started to squeal and shout their names, as they were about to ran after him and Ruka, thanks to Natsume's flame, and they almost burn out…
“Natsume, Where's he?” she ask again
“(Sigh) he's in the farm, one of the cows got sick so he needs to go there and so why I'm here” he said calmly as he can
“Okay… so I'll be going to Tsubasa-sempai….ALONE” she said and grab her backpack but Natsume hold it firmly making her stumble and fall atop of him
“Hn. It's my responsibility to accompany you to that Andou.” He said and the reason he didn't complain for having Mikan fall down on top of her is because he likes it - raging hormones as they call it. She quickly stand up and dusted off her clothes but blushing furiously
“And when did I become your responsibility?! Tell me your reason Natsume…please”
“Well, first you are my partner…
“After we entered high school, that `partner' thing was disregarded, because I was promoted to three-star student! Remember?!”
“Okay, kinda forgot that, so here's the reason - you are my best friend's...”
“Girlfriend… Is that all?” she said and started to frown
“Hn. What else?! It's true anyway, Ruka is your boyfriend, and I feel responsible for you…and no matter how much I deny it... i..just want to be with you...”
“Okay then, shall we go?” she said and lighten up a bit
“Sure.” he said and started on walking towards the Northern Forest.
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