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Chapter 9: From Deep Slumber
The knock becomes louder in every step that he make. This stirs up his anger; even planning to burn that someone at the moment he discovered who that was, who even dared to disturb him from his solemn moment, contemplating on everything that had happened that day.
He hold the knob, who started to turn red because of the heat he's emitting, his eyes are closed, inhaling every breathe to calm himself even a bit, hoping that he'll not do something wrong, that behind that door would be someone special, just like her - his brunette.
The knob clicked and he swung the door lightly, much to his surprise, it's just it. His eyebrows twitched, as he close his eyes again and inhaled deeply; he looked at that thing again and turned his back on it. As soon as he was about to close the door, its hands block it and have its way inside his room. He started to redden in fury and tried to burn that thing but no use, and the most irritating thing is it just flash a smile to him as a little black box gets out from its stomach, as if telling the alice extraordinaire to get it, and he did.
“What's this?” he frowned, “what could Imai be thinking?” he thought as he set his gaze on that thing with awe. How did the inventor alice have a great idea of almost cloning his precious brunette. The android started to blush from the stare that the fire wielder giving to her. He started to fake a cough hoping that he would receive a good answer, and the android seems to understand what he meant for his look.
“Uhmmm… Hyuuga-sama, that's a message from Imai-sama, she needs you to read that. Konbanwa Hyuuga-sama! Ja ne!” said Amanatsu as she hurried to exit the fire wielder's room that has no time on pulling her back for his further questioning.
He stared at the box blankly and much to his surprise, a mini hologram of the inventor appeared on top of the little black box. The raven-haired girl with her usual stoic expression started to talk, as he placed the black box on top of his side table, right beside his bed.
“Before continuing, place a 200 rabbits just on the ride side hole of the black box.” The hologram started to talk, while the flame caster raised an elegant eyebrow and inhaled deeply, thinking on how this ridiculous this girl can be. He turns his back on the thing but as soon as he feels comfortable on his position…
“Just do it, if you still want the baka.” demanded the hologram on him as he forcefully pulls 200 rabbits out on the wallet which he placed on the table a while ago and put it on the hole on the said position.
“Good boy Hyuuga!” she complimented him with a smirk on the face. He switches to a sitting position again, crossing his legs as he placed his elbow on his right knee while supporting his head by his palms. He looks bothered knowing that the incident that just happened back in the hospital is something he doesn't really meant, he did not wish to threatened the alice inventor but as he heard her say that it's her idea to get his best friend and her best friend to be in a relationship, that really flares him up, as he started to go crazy, and he really thanks Ruka a lot for the interruption. He just hopes that he didn't hear everything that they're talking about.
“Talk.” He ordered as he sighed heavily, he really doesn't like it having a conversation with someone especially in this time of night, not unless if it concerns Miyuki or his love interest.
“Regarding what happened earlier in the hospital, I appreciate your sacrifice for the baka, I just hope that if you just tell her what you really feel right before Nogi did, she might be yours forever, and I have no objection with that. On my actions on getting them together, it was really a great idea of mine, and you have no rights to complain. I have my reasons and that is not to see that baka youjo aka my best friend aka Mikan Sakura to lose her smile just because of waiting for you to love her.” She stopped with an expressionless face, but her eyes are evident that she's waiting for an answer.
“Hn. I don't need explanations. I know your point Imai.” He answered and sighed again. The hologram did not disappeared yet, instead it looks to him straight to his ruby orbs and sighed too.
“Miyuki Sarutobi, I haven't seen her for a while. I usually see her clinging to you.” She started to talk again and it really hit the flame caster. Really, he hasn't notice that the raven haired elemental girl was nowhere to be seen right after they brought the mind reader to the hospital. He just remembered her telling him that she'll just go to the bathroom to pee, but after several minutes, Persona intercede his conversations with the gang and started to talk to him.
Where's she?
“Hyuuga, I know there's something that you've been hiding to us all along that even Nogi didn't know. Well, she actually help me to increase my profits, thus, making me the richest student in the academy and I really appreciate her a lot for giving me a great opportunity to be my model. And I'll tell you this - she is indeed a beautiful girl, and it really intrigues me what does she have that attracts you, I know your type, you like my baka so you like loud mouthed ones.” And she smirked, as a flash of blinding light surrounded the room and the black box was gone together with his wallet containing a two thousand rabbit bills on it. A little note was left on his side deck -
That will make you owe me a three thousand rabbits for my talking.
Here's the breakdown:
1 thousand - Amanatsu's labor
2 thousand - my talking
And you still owe me 800 rabbits.
That girl! Grrr!
He pulled his blanket up to his head as he lie down. He's not cold or something, he just felt like covering his body, savoring the warmth that his alice is emitting. He closed his eyes again, as if searching himself in the oblivion. He tried to get his self that was just torn into pieces just this morning back to whole again. How he regretted his confession towards the brunette, thinking that if he just keeps those feelings would be better rather than be hurt by her. He pulls out his blanket revealing his face glistening with sweat and tears.
Why is this happening to me?
He started to clench his fist into balls, rage started to fill his heart. How could someone so dear to him would just shatter his entirety apart? She's his life, that's why in every mission that he took, and when everything started to go wrong, just the beautiful smile curving on her cherry lips would be enough for him to go and move on, to fight for the academy, and to avenge his little sister.
Why are some people like that? There are times they will make you feel how important you are to them, how special you are and how you are loved. Then all of a sudden, they'll just ignore you when you fall?
He hated this feeling. An overwhelming feeling that can make you the strongest as well as the weakest, it's really something that he can't comprehend, the thought that he just fell in love with someone that who truly cares, who will sit down beside you when the whole world seems to turn you down and will tell you that everything would be alright, who accepts you as you, and most of all, who keeps on pulling you out on your nested darkness. How lame does he have to be to fall easily? Is this love, getting you weaker, eating you bit by bit, till your existence would be forgotten forever?
He started to pull himself up again, closing eyes, inhaling deeply…
­­­­­­­­­­­ ;­­­­­­­­­­­­&# 173;­­
The sun's rays started to show its grace, enveloping the whole academy in its warm embrace. As for the trees, it blocks its way, darkening the grounds where a camp was settled. A brunette, in her thirty's was walking slowly, eyeing a certain someone, a very special captive. She started to smirk and sit down on the chair placed in front of the girl who's glaring at her ferociously.
“Ooohhhh…. I really never thought that we would be meeting in this way again… Surely, your mother is one heck of an idiot, keeping you alive would be the lamest idea!!!” she started to laugh like crazy, but only be replied with a shout from the girl
“You'll never get away with this Azumi!” shouted the elemental girl as she tries her best to get the alice-control device off her wrist.
“Well, well, well, Miyuki-san! You've never change a bit! But one thing is so sure! You'll never use your alice for some time or maybe forever!” and she laughed evilly, but stopped when Miyuki stared at her for a moment, blinking every second as if remembering someone but can't believe it.
“You…” she uttered, while Yuka stared at her while smiling slyly, she wants to hear her curse her again like four years ago, when her group attack their campus in America.
“What? Is there something wrong Miyuki-san?” she ask and started to smile sweetly at her, but a very fake one,
“That's it, but how?” she started to ask herself that just make Yuka irritated, she hated it when she ask and not be answered quickly, so she walks towards the girl, and spanks her as soon as she got near to her. The girl didn't even react, but just stared at her for a moment, her eyes full of disbelief…
“Answer my question Sarutobi Miyuki!!!” shouted Yuka, her eyes gleaming with anger, but only be replied with Miyuki's confused look
“You look just like her!” she squealed, only be replied by a kick in the stomach. She winced in pain but she never look away from the auburn orbs of her captor.
“Mikan Sakura. But how could that be! She's pure hearted, more like an angel! But you! YOU'RE MORE THAN A WHORE!!!” she blurted out, only be responded with an electrocuting pain produced by Yuka and smirked when she saw her spat out blood and her face started to drain its color.
“You're right! She's my daughter! That's why I'm here, to take her back where she really belongs.” She whispered right onto Miyuki's ear, but the poor girl just spit out some of her blood on her captor's face, thus, flaring her up into more anger.
“You slut!” she shouted as she put a tight grip on Miyuki's neck who just smiled slyly at her too.
“Look who's talking! What do you think you are anyway! Besides you will never get her! No matter how much alice you used against her, you'll never get her!” she shouted between breaths, and fell unconscious, but her words hit a nerve to Yuka.
“We'll see Miyuki-san, I'm gonna get her back to me. She's my daughter, I'm her mother, and she will do what I want her to do.” She whispered to the unconscious body of her captive and spit out some saliva on her face.
She started to walk towards the front of the assembly. She cleared her throat, combed her hair away from her face by her fingers, and signaled the voice pheromone guy to have his position beside her. The crowd silenced at the moment that they saw their leader in front of them, all wear their alice-amplifying device, and all are prepared for the battle to come.
“This is what we've been waiting for! We will erase this academy and so are the others, we should always keep in mind that this academy keeps us away from the real life. They threatened us only to have their nonsense power over us, and much worst, to use as in every way they please. We must turn this academy down, much like the way we did it on the other two. We must hold on to our principles that we alices should live with freedom! Yes Freedom!!!!” she shouted, as she heard the chorus of the crowd shouting her last words - FREEDOM.
“Remember, have your positions at exactly 10:30. Your every movement would mean a lot. You know the rules; we've done them on all drills. Be sure not to make any failure, or else… You`ll just know what will happen next… a life full of terror being clasped by this academy's chains.” Shouted the violet eyed man without his alice activated. The group started to form into groups, doing what they're assigned to. It's already 8:00 and two hours and a half would just go quickly and they need to work fast…
Misaki started to discuss the daily lessons after checking their attendance. As soon as the biology teacher faced the board, the brunette started to be lost in her thoughts as she remembered how the flame caster looks and acts to her a while ago.
It's already 7:30 and surely, she's running fast, though the first teacher will not be Jinno, she just don't want to be late, knowing that if ever she will be again, three shots of the most deadly baka gun of her best friend would not be a very good welcome for such a good day. Since her clumsiness never subsides, she, again, accidentally bumps into someone, and that someone was none other than the flame caster.
She landed on her butt, as the pain remains on it. She expected to have a hand from him to help her up, but nothing came, only a cold stare from him. It really bother's her the way he looks. And much to her surprise, he didn't even bother to talk but rather walk continuously without looking at her again.
“Oi Natsume!” she shouted, and doesn't even know why she did it. She didn't receive a reply so she ran towards him and block his way.
“Don't block my way Sakura.” He demanded coldly and pushes the brunette aside, only falling into her butt again. It's not the pain that bothers her anymore, it's the way how empty his eyes could be. She thought about the confession she had from him, but still, she's not used to this kind of treatment from him, but she didn't ran after him anymore. She just walk slowly, as if walking in the moon, good thing the animal pheromone guy held her hand tightly and accompany her to the classroom.
The bell rang, signifying for a short break, the class started to fill the room with the same noise back when they were middle school students, but not with the same cheery atmosphere since the brunette, the number one in such kind of art is sitting quietly, eyeing someone from the corner of her eye hoping that she won't get caught.
“Mikan…” she heard a whisper, his breath tickles her ear. She turns around only to see her boyfriend smiling at her. He offered her a hand, as if inviting her to have their little talks outside the classroom. She reaches for the hand and exited the classroom, but the brunette's eyes seem not to get away from the sleeping flame caster with a manga covering his face.
As soon as they spotted a good place for them to talk, the blonde starts on staring at her olive orbs as if searching for something. This make the nullifier blush for a moment especially when the blonde's face is getting nearer and nearer to her. She didn't move, she knows what will happen next, and that is, he kissed her. She responded, she felt how passionate Ruka did it to her, she just hope that her answer would be just like him.
The blonde stopped but she didn't, hoping that she'll give him the feelings that he long wanted from her, but it's useless. He pulled her away from him gently. His eyes never evading hers. Mikan just gave him questioning looks, but he just smiled and lean his back on the wall, and Mikan did the same. She keeps her hold from his hands but Ruka pull away his hands to his pocket. This time, he started to speak.
“That kiss, do you feel something?” he asks, only be answered with questioning looks from her. He sighed, as he face her again.
“O..Of.. Of course Honey… I did feel something.” She answered, but with a confusing tone which made the blonde sighed heavily again
“Like what?” and look at her straight in the eye, but Mikan look away. She can't afford to look at him directly especially in this moment when she's bothered by… him.
“I may have tasted your lips, but never your sweetness.” He continues and this hit Mikan. She looks at him with mixed emotions filling her orbs. How could he tell that when she did everything to fulfill her role as his girlfriend?
“We are already seventeen, Mikan; don't play dumb especially to yourself. Surely, I was delighted when you say yes, but never did I dream that you'll be unhappy beside me. I'm sure you still have feelings for…”
“I do not have feelings for him anymore Ruka!” she shouted trying to convince him and herself that she really doesn't feel anything for that flame caster.
“Yes you still have Mikan. Look, if what you're saying is true, then why bother when he looks at you and didn't tease you on falling when you bumped to him just before the classes start? Plus, I can see that you've been crying every night especially when you always see him walking with Miyuki-san, happy with each other.” He replied, his voice is trembling, and tears are starting to form from the corner of his eyes, trying his best not to let it crawl down to his cheek.
“Ruka, don't tell me… you're” she muttered, but before he could say anything, she envelops him on a warm embrace.
“Mikan, you should be true to yourself. I don't want to see you forcing yourself to be happy when you're with me. And that kiss, I never felt sparks, so it means, my love may be fading away….” He said while replying on her embrace. After a minute or so, they free each other and wear their first true smile from the past two weeks.
“Ruka, can I still call you Honey?” she asks, while a sly smile plastered on her face…
­­­­­­­­­­­ ;­­­­­­­­­­­­&# 173;­­­­­­
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