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Just a random little thing I wrote for a drabble contest in the space of three minutes. Corny. It's supposed to be corny. It's a drabble. Drabbles are too short to be anything but corny or depressing.
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Black Coffee
Dee didn't understand why people insisted on putting things in coffee. Cream, sugar, half-and-half…they just ruined what was otherwise a perfectly fine batch of teeth-blackening, stomach-rotting caffeine.
Caffeine kept people alive.
All that other crap just put a damper on coffee's gloriously negative effect on one's immune system.
“…Ryo…why did you put all this shit in my coffee?”
“Because it makes it taste better.”

Dee looked down at the coffee mug in his hands. The liquid in it nearly matched the color of Ryo's hair.
The smile widened.
Maybe a little cream wasn't such a bad thing after all.