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Title: Writings From A Crossover Fangirl
Author: inuyashagirl5
Rating: K+
Fluffy Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Gravitation. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Gravitation is owned by Maki Murakami. I merely borrow their characters to entertain others.
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#10:< /b> You're All I Want For Christmas
Pairing: Kagome/Hiro
Word Count: 124
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"Are you serious? You don't want anything?" Hiro watched as his girlfriend kept busy by sweeping the kitchen floor of her apartment. She stopped for a moment to look at him and for a second he thought she might change her mind.

"Yeah, I'm sure." She smiled at him and went back to sweeping.



"Why do you not want anything?"

"Because I already have what I wanted." She smirked, raising his curiosity just a little.

"You do?"

"Absolutely!" Kagome leaned the broom against the wall and turned to face Hiro. She motioned for him to come closer, which he did, and she grinned as she embraced him. "I have you. How many girls out there can say they have Hiroshi Nakano for Christmas?"

"Two, but my mother doesn't count."
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