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Title: Drabbles From A Crossover Fangirl
Author: inuyashagirl5
Rating: K++
Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha or Gravitation. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Gravitation is owned by Maki Murakami. I merely borrow their characters to entertain others.
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#11:< /b> Of Lollipops and Indirect Kisses
Pairing: Kagome/Shuichi (but not really)
Word Count: 263
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"Mmm, strawberry!" Kagome happily sucked on the red lollipop, giving a teasing smile at the pink-haired singer sitting across from her, staring at her with something akin to longing. It wasn't her that he desired though. No, it was that sweet treat she had in her mouth that he wanted. The lollipop that was his favorite flavor, strawberry.

"Wah! No fair, Kagome! You stole it!" He made an attempt to pluck it from her mouth, but with precise, graceful steps she moved out of his reach. "Gimmie!"

"Uh-uh, Shu! I can't." She took the candy from her mouth and waved it around, grinning as his eyes followed it like a hawk.

"Why not?" He pouted.

"Because, it's already been in my mouth. If I let you have it, then it'd be like an indirect kiss." She explained and popped the lollipop in into her mouth, "Technically, you'd be cheating on Eiri."

"'s strawberry!" He whined. Kagome chuckled, then removed the candy again, holding it out to him.

"Fine, you can have it. But, I will tell Eiri on you." She wiggled the treat a little, waiting to see if he'd take it even after her threat.

Large tears pooled in his eyes and his bottom lip quivered, but in the end he refused and cried.

"You're so mean to me!"

Yes, teasing him was fun for her on some occasions. But, she always made up for it in one way or another.

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot!" She said suddenly and fished around in her purse, removing a second strawberry flavored lollipop. "How silly of me! I had one for you all along!"