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Title: Drabbles From A Crossover Fangirl
Author: inuyashagirl5
Rating:  T
Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Bleach. InuYasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and Bleach is owned by Tite Kubo. I only borrow their characters for my own amusement and for the amusement of my readers.
A/N: I have no idea what I was thinking when writing this one. It was around 4:30 in the morning, and I had been up for almost 24 hours...maybe that's the reason?
#12: Buttons
Pairing: Kagome/Ichigo
Word Count: 469

"Shut up, idiot! You'll wake him up!" Kagome hissed at Renji, her new shinigami friend and partner in crime. Well, only crimes committed in the name of revenge on their common foe, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Sure, they were all friends, but Ichigo knew how to push their buttons just enough to piss them off and he loved doing it when it came to Kagome. Today had been a perfect example, the reason they were sneaking into Ichigo's room in the middle of the night.

She had been leaning against the wall in the classroom, having a pleasant conversation with Uryuu Ishida about the upcoming biology exam, when that good for nothing Ichigo had shoved Uryuu into her, making the Quincy pin her against the wall for the whole class to see. Then he had the nerve to tell them to get a room! She'd never been so insulted! As if she would ever date an uptight, know-it-all like Uryuu!

So, she wanted to get her revenge and Renji had been all too happy to help.

It had taken them a few hours, and many stupid suggestions from Renji, before they managed to think of something good enough to get back at the substitute shinigami.

It was gonna take a little finesse and the use of her priestess powers, but the end result would be worth it. Payback was a bitch after all.

The pair of sneaky criminals stood at the edge of Ichigo's bed while he slept on unaware. Renji motioned for Kagome to keep an eye on the closet door and when she turned her head away to look, he smirked.

Rukia wasn't in the house. In fact, nobody was but them and Ichigo. Kagome didn't know that though, which is exactly what Ichigo had wanted. When Ichigo rolled onto his side and faced the wall, he knew that was his cue.

Kagome was startled when Renji grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her forward, her body landing with a thud next to Ichigo. The substitute shinigami rolled quickly to his other side, throwing his arm over her back and pulling her in close to his body.

"I've got you now, Kagome." He whispered against her ear and grinned, "And you've been such a bad little priestess."

"What?" She squirmed and tried to maneuver herself out of his grasp, but it was no use. He was stronger. She glanced around for Renji, but he was already gone. Damn she was gonna have to get revenge on him too. "Renji, you traitor!"

"Now, now, Kagome. I can think of a better name for you to yell."

The second Ichigo's lips found her earlobe, Kagome turned to mush, his name leaving her mouth in a hushed, breathless moan.

He'd done it again. He always knew just which buttons to push to turn her off, or in most cases, turn her on.

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