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A Damaged Soul
Chapter 12
Sango sighed and Miroku looked up immediately, concerned. He didn't ask what the matter was. He knew Sango like he knew his heart. She would tell him herself.
She sighed again.
He shifted to face her.
She didn't meet his piercing gaze, “Have you noticed. …”
He waited for her to find the words to voice her thoughts. Then when he saw she couldn't, he took her hand, “What is it, Sango?”
Finally, unable to take it, she burst out, “Kagome! She's so-so different!”
Miroku stared at her, compassion evident in his eyes, “After everything that has happened, she's bound to be different.”
Sango shook her head vehemently, “Not that kind of distant! It's like she doesn't want us here. She doesn't smile like she used to. She's avoiding me, Miroku! She doesn't look me in the eyes, anymore. When I offered to go with her when she was going to the springs, she was so-so cold.”
“Cold?” He frowned. Looking over to where Kagome was sitting with the children, laughing at their foolish attempts to make her smile. He noticed that although she was laughing her eyes were distant, glazed with pain.
His eyes narrowed, as he folded his arms across his chest, and said in a soft voice, “Yes, I see what you mean.”
Closing his eyes and concentrated on Kagome's aura. Many times, in the past when he would meditate, but find himself disturbed, he would often concentrate on Kagome's aura and find himself at peace. The strange girl from the future had the purest soul he had ever come across. Her aura was filled with happiness. But now, he could sense no speck of happiness in her aura. It was dark, with pain, wariness, fear, defeat. Kind of like Sango's had been when she had first joined their group.
He bowed his head, overwhelmed by the pain radiating from Kagome, and then let out a small sigh. Lifting his head, he gazed at the unaware girl, his eyes hard, and filled with sorrow. She had finally been broken. And the only one capable of healing her was nowhere in sight.
Seshoumaru walked into the clearing, and Rin rushed towards him, “Seshoumaru-sama!”
The girl clung to the demon lord's leg.
She gave him a lopsided smile, “We built mud pies.”
Seshoumaru looked at his muddy ward and sighed as he realized that she was getting mud over his white hakama(It is called hakama, rite?).
“I can see that.”
He looked down again to see the little girl looking up at him, a frown puckering her eyebrows.
He lifted a brow, “What is the matter, Rin?”
She let go of his leg and tugged on his arm, trying to pull him down to her level.
Sighing again, he did as requested. She cupped her hand near her mouth and whispered into his ear, “Will Kagome be all right soon?”
He looked at her, not knowing how to answer, for he himself was not sure if the miko would recover. He needed to talk to his brother.
He looked at Rin's soft face and said as gently as he possibly could, “All wounds take time to heal. Give the miko time.”
With that he got up, and looked at the silent miko. She was still wearing the black kimono, he noted. She stared right back at him. He saw the way her cheeks were hollow and winced. He still expected to turn around and find her back to her old cheerful self.
When the barrier had let down, and her friends had rushed to her, she had panicked. It was obvious by her eyes that she didn't want them near her. He had wondered but had not asked. She had then suddenly let out a keening cry. He had immediately known that his brother was in pain. And he had felt sorrow and pity for him, for the first time in his life. He had the taken her from her friends with a few subtle hints.
The demon slayer was fiercely protective of the girl, as was the monk, but they had let him take her.
The miko had not objected as he had lifted her into his arms, and sat down with her at a distance. He had not let her go, knowing that she trusted him. If she hadn't she wouldn't have been calmed by his aura. So he had told her to sleep, that he would watch over him. And she had. She had slept for a few hours and when she had woken, up she looked better.
He needed to talk to his brother. He sensed his presence and moved as if to go in that direction when a single word from Kagome stopped him in his tracks.
Kagome got up and walked towards him. She looked up at him as he stared down at her, curiously. Then she walked past him, “Follow me. I want to talk to you.”
He followed her, feeling the eyes of the demon slayer and the monk following them.
A.N: Okay, so I was a bit late in updating but I have a good excuse. It is a very GOOD excuse. I didn't feel like it.
Feel like killing me yet? Well, do you? You know, I was thinking, wud you guys kill me if I make this a Seshoumaru and Kagome pairing? I'm just wondering. Because if you don't have a problem with it, then bonds can be broken and love can be born. If you don't, just say so. It is a demon Inuyasha and Kagome pairing though. Just wondering if you wud mind if I change it, and don't give me that crap that you're the writer, its your choice. Its not my choice. I'm writing for u, so I want it to be your choice. That's all. LOVE YA! I'll update soon, if I feel like it.

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