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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Written for Challenge Destiny: By Land. Originally posted June 28, 2011.

Title: A Clue is Found
By Land #2 Footprints
Author: ananova
Rating: T
Genre: General/Adventure
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 254
Summary: Kagome spots a clue that will hopefully lead them to the youkai.
Warnings: Language

Inuyasha cursed again before turning to face Kagome. “Well?” he asked expectantly, his whole body screaming his impatience.

“Huh?” Kagome asked as she continued to look at the different tunnels.

“The shard, wench! Which way is it?”

“Oh!” Kagome concentrated on the feeling she always received when a shard was near. Her heart sank when she realized that while she could feel the shard, she couldn't really get a sense of direction. She turned to face Inuyasha and smiled sheepishly. “I can sense it but I can't tell which way it is.”

“What?!” Inuyasha roared. “What the fuck, bitch?! Do your job and find the shard!”

“Hey!” Kagome snapped, stalking towards him. “This is not my fault. I-” She cut off as she spotted something on the ground. “Look Inuyasha! Footprints.”

Inuyasha followed her pointing finger and spotted the fresh footprints in the light of Kagome's flashlight. “Keh. Come on,” he said as he started down the tunnel the footprints lead into.

Kagome huffed in irritation. “This isn't over, we will be having a discussion about your language once we get the shard,” she told him matter of factly.


As they continued down the tunnel, Kagome was happy to note that the sense she got from the shard was getting stronger and she told Inuyasha as much. “Feh, at least we know we're going the right way” he said before glancing at her. “Good job wen- er, Kagome.”

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