InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Challenge Destiny: By Land ❯ All Comes Crashing Down ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Written for Challenge Destiny: By Land. Originally posted June 28, 2011.

Title: All Comes Crashing Down
By Land #6 Cave In
Author: ananova
Rating: T
Genre: Adventure
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 220
Summary: The youkai is defeated, now they just have to collect the shard. But when is it ever that simple?
Warnings: Language

Kagome grumbled as she went to retrieve the shard from near the back of the cavern. She continued to berate Inuyasha for his rash actions. “You shouldn't have used that attack, not in an enclosed space like this! The whole roof could have collapsed on us.”

“Feh, it didn't did it? We're fine. Just get the damn shard so we can get the hell out of this place already.” Inuyasha crossed his arms and looked away as he stood near the tunnel that had brought them to the cavern.

Kagome turned and glared at him. “Osuwari,” she stated calmly before she bent to retrieve the shard, satisfied with the muffled curses she can hear as the hanyou is face-planted into the ground again. But just as her hand closed around the shard she heard a terrible grinding noise and looked up to see the ceiling start to collapse. She screamed.

Inuyasha managed to lift his face from the dirt just in time to see the ceiling collapse, the falling rocks and dirt blocking his view of Kagome. “Kagome!” he yelled as he struggled against the spell holding him. But it was no use. By the time the spell finally released him all that could be seen was a solid wall of rock and dirt. “Kagomeee!”

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