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Written for Challenge Destiny: By Sea. Originally posted July 30, 2011.
Title: Field Trip
By Sea #2 Ocean
Author: ananova
Rating: K
Genre: General
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 251
Summary: A field trip to the marina. What could go wrong?

Kagome sighed as she gazed out the bus's window, ignoring the chatter of her friends. She had come back for this? If only she had remembered that today was the day of the school's annual trip to the marina, she would have put off her return for another day or two. It's not like there would be a test or anything. Unfortunately for her, her mother had already sent in the permission slip so here she was, stuck on a bus full of teenagers gossiping about things that were of no real importance.

A sudden jolt drew her out of her thoughts as the bus came to a halt. She gave her curious friends a reassuring smile as they exited the vehicle. Taking in the salty air and the brief glimpse of the ocean before her view was blocked, her smile became genuine. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad after all.

“Oh, this is gonna be so much fun,” Yuka squealed and the others agreed. Kagome allowed them to drag her towards one of the piers to watch the boats sailing by as others entered the nearby museum to study the various boats.

Kagome merely took in the sight of the ocean, allowing the sight of the waves to calm her. A break from all of the stresses of her life would do her some good she decided, determined to enjoy her time there. A flash of red caught her eye and she turned, heart sinking at what she saw.

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