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Written for Challenge Destiny: By Sea. Originally posted July 30, 2011.
Title: Back to Shore
By Sea #11 High Tide
Author: ananova
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance
Universe: Canon
Word Count: 236
Summary: The tide comes in.

Inuyasha was more than happy to simply hold Kagome and push everything else away until a later time. Unfortunately for him the rest of the world didn't feel the same. Soon enough noise began to filter through to him as his sensitive ears picked up the loud noise of Kagome's world. He frowned, why was he suddenly able to hear the noise when a few minutes earlier he couldn't?

Looking around he realized that they were a lot closer to land than they had been. He nudged Kagome. “Oi wench, I think we're getting closer to shore.”

Kagome looked up at his words. “You're right,” she said, frowning as she tried to figure out how that could have happened. Her eyes lit up as she saw the waves. “It must be high tide! The current's bringing us back to shore.”

“Keh.” But his eyes expressed his true feelings. He was sad to see their alone time come to an end.

Kagome could easily read his expression and felt the same. Leaning up she gave him another kiss. “Don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to ourselves, I promise. I'm not about to let things go back to the way they were.”

“Keh. Let's get you back to your 'skool' trip,” he said as he lifted her up and leaped onto the shore before heading in the direction of her class.

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