InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Happy Birthday, Kagome! ( Chapter 22 )

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I think you know what this means….
“HANDS OFF MY GIRL, BASTARD!” Inuyasha yelled as he pulled Kagome to his chest.
Perfect!!! Kagome groaned.
“I…..I…..I'm….” Jiromaru stuttered helplessly and Kagome nearly took pity on him.
“You what, bastard?! Do you want to die now? How dare you touch my mate!” Inuyasha hissed and Kagome coughed at the mention of the word `mate.'
“I'm…I'm…Jiromaru started to cry and pissed on his pants. Miroku chuckled and Sango raised her brow, the rest of the girls giggled making Jiromaru ran blindly towards the exits leaving them staring at the pool of liquid on the floor.
“Sick bastard!” Inuyasha said as he rubbed Kagome's arm idly and as if remembering that Kagome did him wrong, he spun her around.
“What the fuck were you thinking, woman?!”
“Just what the fuck is wrong with you, Kagome?! Why do you have to sneak around like that?! I was fucking worried when Miroku told me Sango supposedly will be spending the night in your place instead of you in hers!!”
“I'm…” Kagome started again but Inuyasha cut her off.
“You're what?!”
“I just want to have fun…” Kagome finished lamely.
“Do you think it's fun to have me running around worried to death about you?!”
“I did not ask you to run around worried to death about me, Inuyasha!!” Kagome retorted thanking the club for its ultra loud music and mostly drunk people who seemed to not pay them any attention.
“You did not but I did! I was worried! I love you dammit!!”
Ayame, Rin and Yuka sighed.
“Let's leave this place, the smell is making me gag and the noise is making my eye twitch!” Inuyasha said not waiting for her to finish her sentence. He turned suddenly to the small group they left behind and addressed Miroku.
“You'll be okay won't you, Miroku?” Inuyasha asked.
“Yeah, don't worry about me, I'm sure Sango will take perfectly good care of me.” Miroku answered draping his arm around Sango who stood there almost motionless staring at Inuyasha and then at the pool of urine on their feet.
“Good, we're going.” Inuyasha said and pulled Kagome with him.
“I don't want to leave yet!” Kagome finally found her voice and snapped at Inuyasha.
“You don't have a fucking choice! Unless you want me to drag you out!”
“You wouldn't dare…”
“Try me…”
“You…you…” Kagome started, fuming.
“Save it, we have the whole night to talk about it.” Inuyasha said as he half-dragged, half-carried Kagome towards the door.
Kagome narrowed her gaze when the gates of the Hirohito Manor opened.
“Why did you bring me here?” Kagome asked, looking straight ahead as Inuyasha unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over Kagome to unbuckle hers too.
“We're home…” Inuyasha said as he opened her door. Kagome did not budge, her temper rising drastically.
“Good but I don't remember living in a manor. I live in a shrine!” She snapped as she ignored Inuyasha's hand and got out of the car.
“Toutousai, clean the car, it stinks.” Inuyasha ordered the old man who ran towards them when they arrived.
“Are you saying I smell?” Kagome asked, gnashing her teeth.
“I was referring to the smell of cigarettes and alcohol we brought in with us from the bar.” Inuyasha calmly replied as he took Kagome's hand.
“Where are we going now?!” Kagome hissed as she allowed herself to be dragged towards a long, marble staircase.
“To my room.”
“We'll take a bath and talk, I can't stand the stench in our skin.”
“Okay, can I just I go home now and may be we could talk over the phone that way you wouldn't be able to smell me?!”
“Funny, honey…”
“I'm not laughing, Inuyasha!”
“Am I?”
“What's funny then, baka?”
“You, you're cute when you're flustered.”
“I am not going to take a bath here!” Kagome stomped her foot as Inuyasha opened a door. She quieted down for a minute when she looked at the room's black and red theme. Inuyasha watched her carefully, his brow arching when Kagome's eyes landed on the oak, king size bed, and swallowed.
“Can I go home now?” Kagome asked again.
“No, you stay here and we talk.”
“Okay, let's talk then.” Kagome said as she wrapped her arm around her middle, an action that totally puzzled Inuyasha.
“Take a bath first because I could smell that filthy bar on you…”
“Do you want me to drag you inside and bathe you myself because I honestly don't mind…?”
“You pervert, this is kidnapping! How dare you bring me here! I have my own house, my own room and my own bathtub!”
“Kagome enough!” Inuyasha snapped.
“Don't order me around!”
“Well then will you take a bath now, please?”
“NO, I won't!”
“Make me…”
“My pleasure…” Inuyasha said as he carried Kagome to the bathroom kicking the bathroom door closed.
“What the hell are you doing?!” Kagome shrieked as Inuyasha deposited her to her feet and turned the shower on wetting them both.
“What the…!”
“Do you want me to take your clothes off for you?” Inuyasha asked as he stood facing Kagome, his hands braced on either side of her face.
“Fine you win for now. Leave then.” Kagome said as she tried to push past him.
“No.” Inuyasha replied, his youkai was livid at his intended's recklessness.
“No…” Inuyasha said as flashes of Jiromaru touching Kagome run through his mind. How dare that filth touch my mate?
“Are you serious?!”
“Never been so serious in my entire life…” Inuyasha whispered as he nuzzled Kagome's neck. Mine. Mine. Mine.
“Look Inuyasha, I'll take a bath and we'll talk…” Kagome said, her breathing growing shallow
“I want to watch you take them off…” Inuyasha whispered and Kagome's heartbeat raced.
“Ha ha. Funny.” Kagome replied backing off towards the wall. Gods!
“I mean it…” My mate. How dare anyone touch my mate!
“For a second there I thought you were going to say `make me…' and I would have gladly obliged.” Inuyasha whispered tracing her ear with the tip of his tongue. Kagome shivered involuntarily.
“Gods, stop this madness.” Kagome said as she felt her toes curl.
“You're mine, Kagome.” Inuyasha said before he captured her lips in his. Mine alone.
“Okay…” Kagome squeaked after the kiss as she tried to weight her options. Good, she knows. Inuyasha thought as he watch Kagome's worried eyes.
I could scream and wake everyone up. But then they'd probably wonder what I'm doing inside Inuyasha's room, wet.
I could plead for him to get out and cry and beg until he does…
I could..shit…I…. Kagome bit her lip as she felt Inuyasha nibbled her neck. Crap, I'm losing it.
“I want to claim you fully…” Inuyasha whispered and Kagome frantically searched her brain for a witty comeback but nothing came.
“I want the world to know that you're mine and I belong to you…” Inuyasha continued and Kagome shivered. She did not even notice that Inuyasha has discarded his shirt.
“Inuyasha please…” Kagome whimpered as she watched water lazily race through Inuyasha's chest.
“Please what, hon?”
“Please stop…”
“Do you really want me to?” Inuyasha asked as his fingers slid the spaghetti straps of her blouse off her shoulders. Kagome's breathing quickened.
“You lie, I can smell otherwise…”
“Fine! Kagome said pushing him off her. “I'm sexually aroused, I want you. I'm dripping wet all over and it's not because of the shower but this isn't right.” Kagome said as she hastily pulled her blouse's strap back. She looked up when she heard a gasping sound and groaned. Shit, I turned him on more? You got to be kidding me!
“Is this the punishment for going to the bar without your knowledge?” Kagome asked hesitantly.
“No, it's not although I admit it was a pretty stupid idea…I can feel if something's wrong, I felt it tonight that's why I looked for you…”
“Inuyasha, I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself…”
“I know but I want to be the one taking care of you…” Inuyasha replied and Kagome sighed, standing on tip toes, she kissed him on the lips briefly. Inuyasha pulled her away from the shower for a few seconds not breaking their kiss as he tempered the water. He moved under the shower again bringing Kagome with him who sighed when lukewarm water trickled down her back.
“You're going to take me tonight, are you?”
“Yes.” Yes.
“What if I don't want to?”
“Then I would die before the night is over.” Inuyasha said as he slowly helped Kagome off her shirt.
“I'm fifteen…” Kagome protested biting her lips when Inuyasha kissed the valley between her breasts.
“You're mine… and you're turning sixteen in less than an hour…”
“Gods, stop that…” Kagome moaned as he sucked at her pulse point. She yelped when she felt his hand on her breasts.
“So soft…” Inuyasha whispered kissing her on the lips again while his hand unceasingly fondled her nipples. Okay, are you sure your boyfriend's a virgin, Kagome? He's rather doing too well for a virgin…
“Where did you learn all this?” Kagome asked breathlessly.
“Nowhere, your body's calling to me, I know what it needs…” Inuyasha replied as he lowered the zipper of Kagome's skirt.
Oh my God, help! Kagome cried in her head as sensations pooled in her stomach when Inuyasha accidentally brushed his clawed hand on her hips.
“Are you scared of me, Kagome?” Inuyasha asked cupping her face in both his hands.
“No.” Kagome replied, her voice sounding too breathy for her liking.
“Good, you have no reason to be…I'll take care of you…” Inuyasha whispered as he reached behind her. Kagome gasped when she felt his hands soaping her body.
This topped all the erotic dreams I've had. Kagome thought as she looked at Inuyasha, mouth slightly agape. Inuyasha moaned when his gaze fell to her slightly-opened mouth and he dipped his head to claim her lips.
“Touch me…” He whispered and Kagome could not help but blush.
“Huh?” She asked stupidly.
“Touch me…please…”
“Okay…” Kagome said as she touched his chest tentatively, they both shivered. Kagome felt herself being lifted off the tiled floor and a moan escape her throat when Inuyasha guided her legs to wrap around him. It's a good thing he still has his pants on…Kagome thought as Inuyasha lapped at her mouth. She opened her lips for him and he hungrily sucked her tongue inside his. Kagome's sanity shattered when he felt Inuyasha lean against the pristine, white walls and unbuckled his belt using one hand, his other hand supporting her. Oh shit! Kagome thought panicking completely.
“No!” She said as she pulled away from him. Inuyasha looked into her fearful eyes and sighed. His youkai whimpered but followed.
“I respect that. I'll go out so you can finish bathing.” Inuyasha said as he turned and left. Kagome slid to the floor clutching her chest, her breathing heavy. She unhurriedly stood up and rinsed the soap off her body. Trembling slightly, she squeezed shampoo into her palm and lathered it before applying to her hair. She was relieved that Inuyasha stopped but a part of her was sad and disappointed that he did. She quickly dried herself using the towel he left for her and wrapped it securely around her. Okay, I'm naked underneath this and my clothes are wet so how the hell am I supposed to go home? She asked herself as she looked at her sodden clothes.
Inuyasha was watching television when Kagome got out.
“Hey,” he said smiling at her.
“Hey,” She replied.
“You can use my pajamas. I'm sorry your clothes got wet. That wasn't quick thinking on my part.” Inuyasha said as he stood up and opened the bathroom door.
“You're not angry?”
“Why should I be?”
“You're not angry that I made you stop?”
“No. I told you I'd let you come to me, I'll never force you into doing something you don't want to, Kagome. Now sleep, I'll let the maid take care of your clothes, I already called Sango and she's calling your mother now telling her you're with her.”
“I'm sleeping here?” Kagome asked, her nervousness apparent.
“You're safe with me, Kagome. Don't ever doubt that.” Inuyasha seriously said before closing the bathroom door.
Kagome sat still, thinking after Inuyasha closed the door.
“You're going to take me tonight, are you?”
“What if I don't want to?”
“Then I would die before the night is over.”
Oh great, Kagome thought as she combed her hand through her hair replaying hers and Inuyasha's conversation inside the bathroom. She sighed as looked at the pajamas Inuyasha laid out for her.
“I'm sleeping here?”
“You're safe with me, Kagome. Don't ever doubt that.”
Shit! What the hell is wrong with me? Kagome thought as she let her fingers run through the satiny softness of Inuyasha's bed cover.
“Where did you learn all this?”
“Nowhere, your body's calling to me, I know what it needs…”
Kagome sighed again and closed her eyes briefly. She heard the soft click of the bathroom door and she opened her eyes. Inuyasha was wearing a towel, similar to hers, around his hips. She stared at him as he vigorously toweled his hair dry.
Inuyasha sensed her staring and looked up to hold her gaze, he smiled briefly as he turned to rummage his cabinet for another pair of pajamas.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome whispered behind him and he turned to look at her.
“Yes?” Inuyasha watched as Kagome leisurely stood up, her eyes never leaving his, she deliberately unknotted the towel and let it fall off her body. Inuyasha's eyes bulged.
“Come here…I don't want you to die before the night is over.” Kagome whispered as she stood still waiting for him. Inuyasha's mouth went dry as he made his way towards her.
“You don't have to…” He whispered.
“I'm yours and you're mine…” Kagome replied as she wrapped her arms around him. Inuyasha groaned as he claimed her lips. Kagome's hand went to the towel on his hips and she pried it off him. She felt Inuyasha lift her off the floor and she wrapped her legs around him. They reached the bed in two strides and Inuyasha laid her down carefully.
“I love you…” He whispered as he lay beside her.
“I know, I love you too.” Kagome replied as she traced his jaw with her finger. Inuyasha caught her hand and he slowly licked her fingers causing her breathing to stop momentarily.
“Kagome Higurashi, will you be my mate?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome felt her eyes mist.
“I already am…” She replied as she pulled his face closer to her kissing him soundly on the lips. Inuyasha deepened the kiss as he coaxed her mouth to open for him. They parted hesitantly for air and Inuyasha continued to place small kisses on her neck, sucking and biting the skin gently. Kagome arched her back as Inuyasha's mouth traveled from her collar bone to the valley between her breasts. She gasped aloud when his hand strayed to her hips, moving with agonizing slowness. He began to knead her thigh as his mouth devoured her breast.
“Oh Gods…” Kagome moaned, her back arching off the bed.
“You're so soft….” Inuyasha whispered as he parted her thighs, his hand wandering dangerously to the juncture in between them while he continued to lavish her chest.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome moaned his name and Inuyasha's blood boiled.
“I'm here, don't be afraid…I'm here…” He whispered soothingly against her skin. He moved in between Kagome's thighs and kissed her on the mouth again.
“I love you…” He whispered as he smoothed her bangs away from her face. He moved higher until his arousal lay against her warmth. “I love you this much, Kagome.” He whispered as he rocked slightly against her. Kagome cried out.
He got off her again and Kagome whimpered at the loss of warmth. She nearly fainted when she felt him move lower and felt his breath caress her in between her thighs.
“Wait!” She protested as she tried to bolt upright and collapsed back into the bed when she felt his tongue on her. OH MY!
Inuyasha nearly went mad when he tasted her. Her taste is as intoxicating as her smell and he lapped greedily, Kagome's moans above him making his erection pulse painfully. He spent more time on the nub that seemed to make her writhe more every time his tongue touches it. Kagome's hips began to buck against him and he held her hips steady.
“Inuyasha…please…” Kagome moaned as she fisted the silk covers.
“Please what, hon?” Inuyasha answered.
“I don't….know…just please…” Kagome groaned and Inuyasha begun to lick the nub with short, quick strokes. Kagome's hand found his ears and she rubbed them idly making Inuyasha's eyes roll to his head.
“Inuyasha….” Kagome moaned again and Inuyasha felt her stiffen. He continued to lick at her until she called his name brokenly muffling her scream with a pillow. He felt wetness rush out of her opening and he licked it off her, loving its sweet, tangy taste.
Kagome lay limp for a minute before she felt Inuyasha move up to her, he kissed her on the nose and grinned at her smugly.
“Are you okay?” He asked and Kagome rolled her eyes at him.
“Do you like tasting me?” Kagome asked and Inuyasha's groin tightened.
“Yes…” He whispered as he felt her pull him closer, snaking her arms around his neck.
“Good…for I sure as hell would like to return the favor…” Kagome murmured as sat up and pushed him to lie on his back. She straddled his waist and placed both his hand on her chest.
“Shhh…you talk too much.” Kagome replied as she moved lightly over his arousal, Inuyasha groaned and closed his eyes. Emboldened by his reaction, Kagome leaned down and kissed his nipples. Inuyasha's eyes snapped open and he stared in wonder at Kagome's head.
“Holy shit, where did you learn that?” Inuyasha whispered as Kagome moved to his other nipple.
“From you baka, where else?” Kagome whispered as she grinned at him and Inuyasha realized that Kagome was mimicking his previous actions. Inuyasha bit his lips until he tasted blood when Kagome moved lower and touched his length.
“You're huge…” Kagome said, her eyes wide as she continued to touch him making Inuyasha smirk. His smirk turned to a grimace though when he felt Kagome's tongue.
“Later…” Kagome said naughtily as she took him inside her mouth. Inuyasha reflexively held her head in place gently guiding her in her movements. He glanced down and the sight almost took him to the edge - Kagome's beautiful head bobbing up and down below him.
“Kagome…” he moaned again as he felt her take him deeper.
“Oh….” Inuyasha moaned as he desperately tried to find release. “Don't stop…oh…don't stop…” Inuyasha chanted and Kagome smiled. She yelped softly when Inuyasha hauled her to his chest and kissed her thoroughly.
“I thought…” Kagome said.
“I want to be inside you…please don't say no…” Inuyasha whispered at he looked at Kagome's desire-darkened eyes.
“I won't…” Kagome replied and he gently rolled them over, bringing Kagome to lie beneath him. He reached down and felt the wetness in her core. He positioned himself carefully above her.
“I am yours and you are mine….” Inuyasha pronounced as he held her gaze.
“I am yours as you are mine.….” Kagome repeated and Inuyasha slowly lowered himself to her. Kagome opened her legs wider and she felt his manhood probed her entrance.
“This will hurt a little….” Inuyasha murmured as he kissed her forehead. Kagome squirmed at the intrusion as she felt him slide inside her. Inuyasha begun to whisper soothingly in her ear and she relaxed. As soon as Inuyasha felt the tension leave Kagome's body, he drove fully inside her and clamped his mouth on hers catching her cry. Dammit! It hurts a lot!! Kagome's mind rebelled as she felt tears trek down her cheeks.
“Honey, I'm sorry, I'll make you feel better soon…” Inuyasha said, worry etched on his face as he wiped Kagome's tears with his thumb. Kagome nodded mutely as she willed her body to adjust to him. Inuyasha stilled and placed small kisses on her face licking at the tears that continued to flow freely.
“Baby, I'm sorry…” Inuyasha said feeling guilty at the pain he caused her. Kagome smiled gently as she cupped his face.
“You're worth it…” She whispered and Inuyasha kissed her. He moved tentatively and Kagome gasped as pain and something else shot through her body.
“Inuyasha…” She whispered as he quickened the pace.
“You're so tight…” Inuyasha hissed as he felt Kagome moved against him.
“Faster…” Kagome whispered as she rolled her head from side to side. “Faster…”
Inuyasha watched as sweat trickled down Kagome's brow. He kissed her gently as he flipped them over watching Kagome move sensually above him. He guided her hips with his hand and watched in wonder as Kagome threw her head back, exposing her breast and throat to him.
“You're beautiful, Kagome…” Inuyasha whispered and Kagome moaned in response as Inuyasha lifted her up and guided her back down again and again.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome murmured opening her eyes to look at his dark gold ones.
“Yes, baby?”
“Please…” Kagome whispered and Inuyasha sat up, not breaking their joined bodies as he sidled slowly towards the bed's edge. His movements making both him and Kagome moan. He placed his feet on the floor as he sat on the border of the bed and made Kagome wrap her legs around him. He thrust into her forcefully and Kagome cried out.
“Inuyasha…” She whispered brokenly and Inuyasha latched his mouth on her breast. He looked up when he felt Kagome tug his head.
“Only with you…” Kagome whispered and Inuyasha understood. There will be no others, it's her and him forever.
“Only with you…” he responded as he thrust continuously inside her. He felt Kagome's walls tightened around him and he accelerated his pace, feeling his own release near.
“Inuyasha!” Kagome called her eyes widening when Inuyasha's eyes turned red, his fangs lengthened and his claws became more prominent. Purple, jagged strips marred his face and Kagome's excitement escalated as she looked at the demon before her who continued to thrust with reckless abandon inside her. A barrier erected and swallowed them both.
“MINE!” The demon roared as Kagome found her release screaming his name brokenly into his shoulder. She gasped aloud when she felt him bite her neck. By instinct, she clamped her teeth on his neck and bit until she tasted blood. Their auras fused and the barrier crackled, its pink glow turned a blinding white and receded, the two souls ensconced inside it too far gone with passion to notice.
Minutes later, Kagome and Inuyasha both lapped at the wounds they inflicted on each other and Inuyasha fell back on the bed, bringing Kagome with him, straddling his hips. They listened to each other's heartbeat and Kagome stared in amazement as Inuyasha's claws returned to their original size. She scooted closer to his chest, careful not to dislodge his manhood which was still inside her. She felt him kiss her hair. His alarm clock sounded and Inuyasha reached for it lazily. He looked at the time and grinned.
“Happy Birthday, Kagome.” He whispered with meaning as he pulled her closer, bending his knees to bury himself deeper inside her warmth. He caressed her face and kissed her hair again.
“Thank you, Inuyasha.” Kagome replied and she raised her brow when she felt his manhood stir inside her body. “But honestly, a birthday card would have been enough…” Inuyasha laughed as he kissed her soundly on the lips and rolled her to her back.
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