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“Baby, wake up…” Inuyasha murmured as he kissed Kagome's nose.
“Wake up….”
“Don't want to…” Kagome replied sleepily and Inuyasha shook her gently.
“You have to or your mother will be worried…” Inuyasha said and watched Kagome's eyes snapped open. She bolted up abruptly and…
“What the….why did you not wake me up sooner? Gods!” Kagome said as she looked at Inuyasha's bedside alarm clock which read 8:14 A.M.
“Um…because I'm still pretty much still asleep too….?”
“Goodness, oh crap where are my cloths?!” Kagome panicked as she searched frantically for something to wear.
“Kagome…calm down…”
“Calm down, I can't go home naked!” Kagome hissed as she held the silk blanket securely around her. She was crawling in all fours as she tried to reach for her sandals which were under Inuyasha's bed when Inuyasha's cell phone rang.
“Finally, you guys are awake…Must have been a tiring night, huh?”
“Zip it, Miroku…”
“Sango and I are outside your manor with Kagome's change of cloths. Sango thought it would be much of a giveaway to her mother if Kagome comes home in the same dress she wore when they went out…”
“Thank you, she's panicking…”
“Panicking, why?”
“Because she has nothing to wear…” Inuyasha said and ducked when Kagome's sandals flew straight to his face.
“Give me that…! Kagome hissed as she snatched the cell phone.
“Hello, Sango…? Oh sorry, Miroku…? May I speak with Sango for a moment? Oh, you're outside with some of Sango's clothes...great…Inuyasha will meet you downstairs kindly give the clothes to him…Yes…why you!….shut up leech!” Kagome sighed as she fell down Inuyasha's bed.
“Are you okay, Kagome?”
“Perfect…I'm sore, I'm aching all over and I have nothing to wear…just perfect.”
“I'll go down to get Sango's cloths…”
“I just need your parents to realize that I'm in your room and my day would truly be happy…” Kagome said and her stomach knotted at the idea.
“Don't worry, they left after I did last night to be with Sesshoumaru. He's moving in today to the new flat they bought for him near Tokyo University…” Inuyasha reassured as he put on a pair of boxers.
“Don't tell me you're going downstairs in that?” Kagome blandly said as she eyed Inuyasha's red boxers.
“Why, it's only Miroku?”
“Miroku is lecherous as it is, please don't give him anymore ideas…” Kagome groaned as she closed her eyes.
Inuyasha's bedroom phone sounded and he picked it up. “Myouga, yes let them in…I'll be downstairs in a minute.” Inuyasha said before putting the phone back.
Kagome felt the bed shift as Inuyasha lay beside her.
“Kagome, are you ashamed of what we did?” He asked, his voice devoid of emotion and Kagome felt her heart twitch. She turned to her side to face him and kissed his nose.
“I don't have any regrets, Inuyasha. It's just that the experience was new and I'm a little embarrassed for reasons my brain can't comprehend and I don't really know what to tell our friends when they find out…”
“I won't leave you. I'll always be here. You're not facing this alone. I love you more than anything else, Kagome and although I thought it's impossible to love you more than I already do… but I love you so much more now that we've shared last night.”
“I know, I just can't help it…sorry.”
“You have nothing to be sorry about. Even if I don't understand why you're freaking out because I absolutely feel euphoric after last night, I want you to know that I'm just here.” Inuyasha said as he hugged Kagome to his chest.
“You're sweet…”
“Keh, I would rather that you think of me as strong rather than sweet…”
“That too…” Kagome replied smiling.
Kagome and Inuyasha took a bath…separately as Kagome suddenly felt shy seeing him naked…again. She was combing her hair in front of the mirror when something caught her eye, she looked nearer and shrieked. Inuyasha slammed the door open as he hurried to Kagome's side.
“What, what is it?!” He asked as he hugged Kagome to him.
“What is this?!” Kagome yelled pointing at her neck.
“That's my mark.” Inuyasha said sighing with relief.
“What do you mean mark?”
“It's our mating mark…” Inuyasha replied as he opened his collar and Kagome remembered vaguely how he bit her and how she bit him back. She winced at the memory.
“Oh, a ring would have been okay but we just had to bite each other on my birthday and it's summer so I can't wear turtle neck shirts…” Kagome said sounding very miserable.
“Honey, stop. Snap out of it. What's bothering you…really?” Inuyasha asked as he peered into Kagome's face.
“Inuyasha, you did realize we did not use anything, didn't you? I mean what if I….?”
“No you won't.”
“Are you saying you can't…?” Kagome asked her eyes widening.
“You're funny love, I can…I assure you but you were not fertile last night so…”
“And how did you know…?”
“I can smell it.”
“Youkai senses?”
“What else can you smell…?” Kagome asked, her eyes narrowing.
“Everything about you…” Inuyasha whispered as he ran his hand through Kagome's hair.
“I hate how you make me fall in love with you more…” Kagome said as she smiled at him.
“Likewise…” Inuyasha grinned.
“Aw, you're so sweet…and strong.” Kagome said teasingly as Inuyasha gathered a few of her hair to cover the mark.
“I know, that's why you love me, remember?”
“Not to mention overbearing, high and mighty and vain…” Kagome added sticking her tongue out at Inuyasha who gave her a swift kiss.
“Are you uncomfortable that we're mated?”
“Goodness, the sound of that makes me blush so let's not mention it?” Kagome said wrinkling her nose.
“Why? Aren't you proud that you belong to me and me to you?”
“Inuyasha don't get me wrong. We're sixteen and in the third millennium where women don't actually marry very early so this new set-up is a bit disconcerting for me.
“You're right, we're married by youkai law.”
“What does that mean?”
“Meaning, other demons would know that you're mine, they'll smell me on you and likewise…” Inuyasha said as she watched Kagome's face grow pale.
“They can smell you on me?! You mean they'll know that we had…had…OH MY GOD!!! I should have listened to Sango when she discussed markings and youkai courtship. I AM SO DEAD!!” Kagome uttered as she slumped to the floor.
“They would know that we did it? CRAP!”
“Not necessarily, you see they can already smell me on you since we're always together so…”
“But…oh, I'm so stupid!” Kagome groaned.
“Kagome, don't….just don't, you're hurting me.” Inuyasha said as he turned around and left.
Kagome let her hair down literally as they went down to join Sango and Miroku. Inuyasha had no problem hiding his mark since he was wearing a shirt with collar.
“Hmmm….so?” Miroku started as he looked at Kagome and Inuyasha's grim faces.
“Happy Birthday, Kagome-chan!” Sango greeted as she embraced Kagome totally oblivious to the gray atmosphere.
“Thank you, Sango.” Kagome smiled as she hugged her friend back.
“Okay, let's go, we have a party to attend!” Sango excitedly said as she pulled Kagome with her. “I must say that I'm jealous how that dress looks better on you than it does on me…” Sango commented eyeing her friend.
“Thanks.” Kagome said not looking at her.
“Kagome, what's wrong?” Sango said touching her friend's shoulder.
“Nothing, nothing's wrong.” Kagome quickly said as she watched Inuyasha who, with Miroku, walked ahead of the girls.
Me and my big mouth, it's not as if I didn't like it. I even made the first move. Kagome thought hating herself for what she said. Besides, I love him…I love him and I desperately want to spend the rest of my life with him…desperately.
“Inuyasha!” Kagome called and Inuyasha and Miroku stopped to look at her. Inuyasha watched as Kagome ran towards him, she launched herself into his arms and he caught her in mid-jump.
“I'm sorry.” Kagome cried as she sobbed in Inuyasha's neck. “I'm sorry.”
“It's okay, hon.” Inuyasha said as he hugged her close and kissed her passionately.
“I'm not ashamed being with you, I'm proud to be your mate.” Kagome said when their lips parted.
“MATES?!” Sango yelled and both Inuyasha and Kagome stiffened.
“Yes, do you have any problem with that?” Inuyasha said as he protectively hugged Kagome to his chest.
“None at all.” Miroku replied as he pulled Sango to his side.
“Good.” Inuyasha said as he carried a giggling Kagome to his car. Miroku shook his head when Sango opened her mouth.
“Damn that Inuyasha, does he know what being mates mean?” Sango whispered.
“Sango, Inuyasha called Kagome his mate last night and we both know nothing happened between them then…” Miroku said, his brows furrowing and Sango let out a sigh.
“You're right, may be that's what he calls her, I'm overreacting.” Sango smiled at Miroku. “I love how you make sense…” Sango whispered.
“Just how I make sense?” Miroku replied smiling charmingly.
“Ah, we both know what else I love…” Sango winked and ran towards Inuyasha's car.
“Tease….” Miroku called after Sango who laughed flirtatiously at him.
Inuyasha watched Kagome as she laughed with her mother and brother. The party her family prepared was a very intimate one with only himself, Miroku and Sango as guests. Souta whispered something in Kagome's ear and he watched as her expression instantly changed.
“Come back here, Souta!!” Kagome yelled as she chased her brother around the house.
“Mama! Help!” Souta yelled as he dove towards Mrs. Higurashi.
“Kagome, quit playing around, you're sixteen already, you're even old enough to get married.” Mrs. Higurashi reprimanded gently and Inuyasha watched as Kagome's hand went up instinctively to her neck. She had changed into a high-collared yellow and white blouse. Her gaze swiveled towards Inuyasha and he slowly stood up and put his arms around her kissing her forehead in front of her family, Miroku and Sango.
“May I ask for Kagome's hand, Mrs. Higurashi?” Inuyasha asked Kagome's mother solemnly and the older woman's brow raise.
“I can't say I'm not hoping you two would get married but not this soon…” Mrs. Higurashi replied as she stared intently at Kagome and Inuyasha.
“Mama, don't mind Inuyasha he's being overly dramatic.” Kagome said as she squeezed Inuyasha's hand. Crap, I did not expect the guilt to be this great. But Inuyasha is really sweet…
“If we're old enough to get married, would you give us permission?” Inuyasha pressed on ignoring the other's silent curiosity.
“Yes, I would.”
“Thank you, that's all I need to know.” Inuyasha said smiling at Kagome's mother.
“That was sweet, man.” Miroku said pretending to dab at invisible tears.
“Aww, Inuyasha, I nearly fell in love with you.” Sango crooned clasping both her hands to her chest and Kagome laughed as the rest made their way towards the dining room.
“That was sweet.” Kagome whispered in Inuyasha's ear.
“Don't tell me you've fallen in love with me more…” Inuyasha whispered back winking at her.
“Ah, we should do something about that overflowing confidence.” Kagome replied.
“I Love you, mate.” Inuyasha whispered.
“I love you too, my mate.” Kagome whispered back as she turned to kiss him.
Kagome was restless, the party has ended hours ago and she was pacing her room in her pajamas.
I can't sleep, something seems missing. Kagome thought as she scanned her bookcase for a novel to read. Nothing interesting, Kagome thought as she peered at the books lined neatly inside their glass-covered shelf.
She snatched her MP3 player from her study table and plugged the earphones into her ears. She lay lazily on her bed tapping her foot to the tune.
Kagome bolted upright when she felt a tightening in her chest. Inuyasha is restless, he's worried. And he's near. Kagome thought as she took her cell phone out from her bag and dialed Inuyasha's number. She jumped when a nearby cell phone rang followed by a soft curse. Kagome ran to her window and slid the glass pane open.
“Inuyasha?” She called and Inuyasha jumped to the window ledge gracefully.
“What the….where did you come from?” Kagome asked as she stepped aside to let Inuyasha inside her bedroom.
“From your roof?” Inuyasha replied sheepishly.
“What? What were you doing there?” Kagome asked.
“I can't sleep.”
“So you planned on sleeping on my rooftop?”
“I was planning to sneak in as soon as you fall asleep.” Inuyasha confessed bowing his head.
“I know, I don't want you to think that I'm some overly protective, possessive, paranoid husband wanting to always be beside his wife even when she sleeps. I mean, I'll just go home. It's a pretty stupid idea anyway. I'm sorry for disturbing you.” Inuyasha said as he prepared to leave through Kagome's window again when Kagome spun him to face her and kissed him longingly on the lips.
“Stay. I can't stand not sleeping next to you…” Kagome whispered as she laid her cheek on his chest. Inuyasha sighed as lifted her off the floor and carried her to the pink and white bed.
“Sleep. Let's talk tomorrow. I know you're tired.” Inuyasha said as he cradled the girl's head on his chest. He watched as Kagome closed her eyes. He caressed her face lovingly and felt for his mark on her neck, just above her shoulder. Sleep tight, my mate. Inuyasha thought as he guided Kagome's arm around his neck.
“Sleep tight, Inuyasha.” Kagome murmured as she moved closer towards him. Firefly-like radiance danced around them and settled on their marks. Inuyasha and Kagome stirred a little as they felt a tingling on their necks and unknown to them, the flesh wounds glowed and shrank, looking like innocent reddish scars. But if one were to look closer, they'd discover ancient kanji symbols imbedded on the skin signifying the bond. The symbols glimmered brighter as Inuyasha pressed his lips on Kagome's forehead in his sleep which glowed as another symbol appeared and vanished. The same symbol appeared on Inuyasha's nape and it too disappeared as abruptly as it materialized. Kagome's breathing hitched as her heartbeat adjusted to match that of her mate. But the changes did not end there…
“Something is going on between those two.” Sango said as they watched Kagome and Inuyasha feed each other ice cream.
“They're in love?” Miroku replied, bored with the subject. It seems that Sango has made it her business to observe the other couple and Miroku is starting to get annoyed.
“No, I mean they are obviously. But there's something different with how they treat each other…they seem more intimate.” Sango said as she watched Inuyasha playfully nip Kagome's nose.
“Sango, will you stop?” Miroku said.
“Because it's rude to get into other people's business,”
“I'm not `getting into other people's business,' I'm just curious.” Sango said as she watched Kagome whisper something in Inuyasha's ear that had the couple laughing.
“You are and it's getting annoying!”
“What the hell is wrong with you, Miroku?”
“You. You're so into them….”
“What do you mean?”
“You've forgotten about me!” Miroku said as he stood up to leave. Sango grasped his wrist quickly.
“You're jealous because I'm paying Kagome and Inuyasha more attention?”
“No.” Miroku sighed. “Yes. It's irritating how you would rather talk about them than talk to me or…”
“Make out with you?” Sango finished Miroku's sentence.
“That too,”
“You're a leech…”
“I'm only human…”
“And I like it.” Sango replied smiling at her boyfriend.
“You do?”
“Then you should have said something…” Miroku muttered looking at Sango with puzzlement.
“You're slow Miroku, why do you think I talk about Inuyasha and Kagome so much?”
“Because you love putting your nose where it shouldn't be?” Miroku replied jokingly.
“No goodnight kisses for you for a month!”
“I was kidding…”
“It's not funny…”
“Okay, is it because perhaps you're envious of Inuyasha and Kagome's closeness…?”
“Damn, Miroku, why are you so fucking slow?”
“Fine, I'm slow so would you care to enlighten me?”
“Because I want you to take the initiative, baka! A no does not always mean no, idiot. Gods, you're so dense!” Sango said as she bonked Miroku on the head and walked away.
“You want me to…? Sango wait!!” Miroku yelled as he ran after Sango.
“Those two are so weird.” Inuyasha commented as they watched Miroku chase Sango.
“Yes, but at least they're not boring.” Kagome replied as she fed Inuyasha her French fries.
“Are you saying we are?”
“No, I'm saying we're hot…” Kagome replied rolling her eyes heavenwards.
“Aw baby, I know.” Inuyasha replied as he put his arms around Kagome.
“Promise me you'll never leave me, Inuyasha…” Kagome said.
“I promise. And even if I get lost, I will always come back to you.” Inuyasha replied as he kissed her.
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