InuYasha Fan Fiction ❯ Complexities of Fate ❯ Changes ( Chapter 24 )

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“Souta! Hurry! We'll be late!” Kagome yelled as she adjusted her neck tie. It was the first day of school and she and Souta had gotten used to sleeping in late so now they ran around the house trying to pick or remember where things they needed were stashed driving their grandfather crazy.
“You children could have been more responsible by waking up earlier and not tear the shrine down…kids today…” Kagome's grandfather said, sighing.
“Ji-chan, no time for a lecture, please we're running late as it is…SOUTA!!”
“Coming, coming! Man, can you scream? What's with the temper?” Souta said as he ran a brush through his hair. Kagome smiled at the sight of her brother, she quickly took the brush off his hand and brushed his hair herself.
“My baby brother is so handsome…” Kagome said smiling as she adjusted Souta's uniform.
“Quit that, Nee-chan…”Souta protested mildly, his ears turning red at Kagome's sentence.
“Aw and he's no longer a baby…” Kagome teased holding Souta's face in both her hands and kissing his nose.
“I said quit it! Mama, nee-chan's getting weird again!” Souta complained as he struggled to be free from Kagome's grasp.
“Brat!” Kagome said as she let her brother go.
“We're going Mama, Ji-chan!” Souta called.
“Okay, be careful!” Mrs. Higurashi replied and their grandfather merely grunted. They hurried down the steps, Souta running ahead.
“Cool!” He muttered and Kagome looked up. There stood Inuyasha, his head tilting to one side as he watched them approach, leaning against a black Ford F-150.
“What took you so long?” Inuyasha asked as he gently grabbed Kagome by the waist and kissed her on the forehead.
“I was not aware we were supposed to meet you here…” Kagome said and Souta sniggered.
“I'll fetch you and Souta every morning starting today.” Inuyasha said as he opened the car door.
“Later or else we'll be late.” Inuyasha replied tweaking Kagome's nose. Kagome sighed and climbed inside the car, she called Sango to inform the girl she and Souta won't be taking the school bus to school that morning.
“Okay, do whatever you lovers do, just pretend I'm not here…” Souta said as he took a manga out of his bag.
“Who are you smart-mouth and what did you do to my sweet brother?” Kagome said as she messed Souta's hair.
“Hey, nee-chan. Not.The.Hair.” Souta complained ducking away from Kagome's fingers.
“Ten-year old boys and their vanity.” Kagome said rolling her eyes. Inuyasha laughed and hugged her waist placing his lips near her right ear.
“Sorry I didn't wake you and said goodbye this morning. You looked so tired.” Inuyasha whispered. Since her birthday a week ago, Inuyasha managed to sneak inside her bedroom and slept there every night waking up early to sneak into his own bedroom before everyone wakes up.
“Let's stop this, I'm worried about you driving late at night and early in the morning without a license.”
“Nothing's going to happen to me.”
“What if something does?”
“No, I'm scared…I don't want anything to you and one day you might still be too sleepy to drive and…”
“Kagome, you're so pessimistic.”
“No, I'm just worried. I am your wife and I have the right to worry about my husband!” Kagome said aloud and someone coughed.
Oh shit! Kagome thought as she looked at the other two people in the car, Toutousai, the driver and Souta, her brother. Why oh why did I say that aloud? Inuyasha smiled at her and kissed her hair.
“It's sweet how you fret over me.” Inuyasha said oblivious to Kagome's blunder.
“Souta?” Kagome called her brother.
“I didn't hear anything nee-chan, promise.” Souta replied.
“I know you did…” Kagome said leaning away from Inuyasha's embrace.
“I won't tell Mama and Grandpa.” Souta answered.
“I don't want you to lie on my behalf when they ask, just don't volunteer the information, okay?” Kagome said.
“Okay…” Souta replied. “But it will cost you.” He grinned and Kagome and Inuyasha raised their brows.
“Ah, resorting to blackmail little brother? Remember I have a video of you in your light blue boxer shorts with hearts all over them…?” Kagome said grinning.
“You wouldn't dare!”
“Don't you dare then? As long as you close your mouth, the video stays safe.” Kagome replied and Souta glared.
“I love you baby brother. Ask for anything from me and I'll give it to you. Just not like this, it makes you cheap.” Kagome said sighing.
“I know, I wasn't going to tell on you but I like to see you squirm…” Souta retorted.
“Why you…!”
“I love you too, nee-chan. Welcome to the family, inunee-chan.” Souta said as he made a big show of browsing his favorite manga and shaking his head. Kagome laughed and dove towards her brother, kissing him on both cheeks.
“Careful with the hair!” Souta protested and Inuyasha and Kagome laughed harder.
“Kagome, I'm your friend right?” Sango asked as she sat across Kagome in the cafeteria.
“Yes…” Kagome replied looking at her friend with concern.
“Okay, then would you tell me if anything important is up with you?”
“I knew it!” Sango yelled excitedly.
“Knew what?” Inuyasha asked as he put his tray down and sat beside Kagome who scooted closer to the wall when she felt Inuyasha walked towards their table.
“You're hiding something!” Sango excitedly said peering into Kagome's face.
“Sango…later.” Kagome whispered.
“We're mated.” Inuyasha stated nonchalantly and Sango's jaw dropped open.
“What in world did you say that for?!” Kagome hissed and Inuyasha absentmindedly rubbed her back bringing her head to lie on his shoulder.
“I love you…” he whispered.
“You can't just say I love you everytime I get mad at you and get away with it!”
“I love you.” Inuyasha said again, winking at a gaping Sango.
“Oh crap!”
“I love you, Kagome.”
“I love you…forever.”
“I'm just proud that you're mine and I can't help it…”
“I love you too.” Kagome whispered back.
“Wow…” Was all Sango said as Miroku sat beside her.
“What did I miss?” Miroku asked the trio.
“They're…” Sango started.
“Mated?” Asked Miroku.
“What?! How did you know?” Asked Sango.
“I saw the marks and you could the feel the glow…” Miroku replied teasingly. “Sango, would you want us to be…”
“OUCH! I was going to ask if you want us to be partners for Biology Lab.” Miroku said rubbing his forehead.
“Oh,” Sango said biting her lips.
“Oh, don't tell me you were thinking about…tsk! Very bad girl, Sango.” Miroku muttered shaking his head.
“I'm sorry.” Sango said blushing furiously.
“You never gave me too much credit, you know…”
“Miroku, I'm sorry.”
“Okay, I'll be at your house tonight to give you a chance to make it up to me.”
“So, how is it?” Sango asked as hey sat on one of the students' kiosks.
“How's what?” Kagome asked back.
“How is it to be `married' to a hot, sexy hanyou?” Sango teased.
“He's hot and sexy alright.” Kagome replied and Sango rolled her eyes. “It's great to be married to him although only the four of us knows…no five, Souta knows but I don't think he realizes what being `mated' means.” Kagome said getting a faraway look in her eyes.
“Hmmm…” Sango replied noncommittally.
“Hmm what?”
“Just Hmm…”
“So how was the mating part?”
“Hmm…” Kagome replied grinning.
“Come on, I've been dying to ask you since two days ago when I learned that you and Inuyasha are married by youkai standards!”
“That good?”
“It's okay…” Kagome replied hesitantly.
“That's all you're going to tell me?!”
“It was painful at first but it got better and it will get better the more you do it…” Kagome replied, her face as red as her neck tie.
“Hmm….” Sango said.
“Hmmm, what?”
“Just hmmm…”
“Payback's a bitch isn't it?” Sango replied teasingly.
“Fine! What do you want to know?” Kagome said.
“Why what?”
“Why did you umm…”
“I don't know…May be because it felt right. Because I realized that I love him and I desperately want to be with him. Because reasons and logic are immaterial when you're faced with the prospect of…shhh….” Kagome suddenly said and Sango looked at her with confusion.
“Inuyasha come out, I know you're there.” Kagome said and true enough Inuyasha and Miroku showed themselves.
“How did you know?” Inuyasha asked as he draped his arm around Kagome kissing her head.
“I just do. I can sense you.”
“Aww, that's just sweet.” Sango commented.
“What other things have you experienced, Kagome aside from sensing Inuyasha?” Miroku asked suddenly.
“I know where he is…I can sense what he's feeling….I can't sleep without him near…”
“Your auras have fused…” Miroku stated watching the bluish white glow. Inuyasha lifted Kagome off her seat and deposited her to his lap. Sango and Miroku watched as Kagome did not even bat an eye.
“I can hear his heartbeat as if I have my ear on his chest,” Kagome said looking at Inuyasha. “My senses are sharper I guess when it comes to him.” Kagome finished.
“Hmmm…” Miroku said stroking his chin.
“You look so sexy when do that, Miroku…” Sango said.
“Really?” Miroku asked stroking his chin some more.
“Now, stop. You're starting to look like a monkey.” Sango snapped shaking her head. “My boyfriend is such an idiot.”
“How about you Inuyasha?” Miroku asked his friend.
“Same thing, I can sense her more, I somehow know how or what she feels, I feel like my heart is being ripped from my chest when she's far.”
“Anything else?” Miroku asked.
“Hmm…why are you asking us this, Miroku?” Kagome inquired as she toyed with Inuyasha's hair.
“Because according to what I read, when a human and a youkai or hanyou mate, they assume their mates characteristics through the mixing of the blood,” Miroku said with authority as Inuyasha and Kagome frowned.
“Bite marks…” Sango supplied.
“Oh,” Kagome said as she felt for her scar.
“The bond is supposedly permanent but there were instances when it fades because of the bearer's will for it to.”
“What do you mean?” Kagome asked.
“For the bond to hold, it has to be accepted by both parties but if one wants freedom, the aura recognizes that want and although, getting yourself free from a bond is messy, it could happen.” Miroku said watching his friends closely.
“Wow, Miroku, you know a lot!” Sango squealed.
“Ah, Sango dear, I know so much more if you'd let me…” Miroku smirked.
“Hello, Inuyasha….” Kikyo said, they did not even notice her approach.
“Hi, Kikyo.” Inuyasha replied, his arm tightening around Kagome.
“Bankoutsu and I broke up.” Kikyo said without preamble.
“I'm sorry.” Inuyasha said as Kagome looked at the older girl with something akin to boredom. She decided to nuzzle Inuyasha's neck and licked at his scar. Inuyasha's eyes bulged out.
“Don't do that…” Inuyasha whispered.
“Why?” Kagome replied looking at him.
“Because…” Inuyasha said as he looked meaningfully at Kagome.
“Oh,” Kagome said her eyes twinkling mischievously.
“What the fuck is going on here?! Inuyasha talk to me!” Kikyo said as she looked at Kagome and Inuyasha practically making out in front of her.
“Hey!” Kikyo yelled again and she tried to grab Kagome's hair but Inuyasha was faster.
“Hand's off my mate!” He hissed, his eyes turning red as he seized Kikyo's arm. “No one hurts my mate!” He snapped and Kikyo paled as she tried to free her arm from Inuyasha's long claws. Miroku pulled Sango protectively behind him.
“Inuyasha, let her go.” Kagome said calmly as she smoothed his bangs off his face. She kissed his forehead and then his nose all the while rubbing his nape. Inuyasha grew limp and let go of Kikyo's hand.
“Run,” Kagome quietly said and Kikyo need not be told twice as the older girl sprinted away. Kagome hugged Inuyasha to her chest and murmured something in his ear. Inuyasha closed his eyes and when he opened them, they were amber again.
“Kagome?” He asked. “What happened?”
“You changed.” Kagome said.
“You turned full demon.” Sango piped in from behind Miroku.
“I did?”
“Yes,” Miroku said.
“You turned full demon too when we first….” Kagome whispered.
“Oh,” Inuyasha as Kagome blushed.
“You don't remember?” Kagome asked.
“No, did I hurt you?”
“No, you didn't.”
“I'm glad…” Inuyasha said kissing her nose.
“Kagome, how did you know what to do?” Sango inquired.
“I don't know…instinct?” Kagome replied.
“That's one of the changes…you'll be attuned to each other's needs.” Miroku said helpfully.
“Impressive…” Sango said, her eyes wide.
“Give me your hand, Kagome.” Miroku commanded and Inuyasha snarled.
“I will kill you if you try anything funny, Miroku!” Inuyasha snapped.
“Don't worry, I like living too much…” Miroku assured as Kagome held her hand out. When Miroku touched her nothing happened.
“See?” Miroku said.
“See what?” Sango asked.
“When Kagome feels threatened or when a man touching her has impure intensions, he'll be repelled.”
“And how did you know about these?” Inuyasha asked snatching Kagome's hand away.
“Youkai markings and courtship has always been an interesting subject for me and I read whatever material I could get my hands on about it…”
“I'm awed, Miroku. I never realized you took monk-hood seriously.” Sango said.
“Nah, it has nothing to do with Buddha…youkai mating is wild and animalistic and that appeals to me…” Miroku said laughing as he ducked to avoid Sango's fist.
“You're too perverted for this world!” Sango called as she chased Miroku.
“What are you thinking?” Kagome asked when Inuyasha remained quiet.
“I'm scared I might hurt you the next time I turn full demon and I'd be too far gone to realize I've hurt you.”
“I'd rather die than hurt you, Kagome…”
“I know…”
“What if…”
“Baby, I'm not scared of you. I love you and even when the time comes when you won't recognize me, my heart will call you back to me. You'll never get lost.” Kagome said and Inuyasha moaned as he captured her lips in his.
Author's Note:
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