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“Kagome say something…” Inuyasha pleaded as they walked towards the shrine.
“Something.” Kagome said without emotion and Inuyasha felt like shaking her just to give a rise out of her.
“What's bothering you, dammit!”
“Yeah and I'm stupid.”
“You are? Oh,” Kagome replied as she kicked at a pebble.
“What your father said bothered me,” Kagome confessed as she stopped to face Inuyasha.
“Which part…?”
“The part where he said that the parents would know if their kids have chosen life mates and so far nothing of such importance has happened yet…”
“What are you trying to say?” Inuyasha asked, his brow furrowing.
“If you have not chosen yours or else your family would have felt it, what am I then? What are we?” Kagome asked.
“I just want to know. I won't get mad promise…” Kagome said as she tried to smile.
“You are mine. You belong to me Kagome Higurashi… You are not the air that I breathe but the sweet scent that drifts upon it. You are not the sound that I hear but the music of my life…” Inuyasha said as he held her face in both his hands.
“Stop, you're making me cry.” Kagome said as tears raced down her cheeks.
“You are not the food that I need, you are the nourishment of my soul. You are not my will to survive, you are my reason for living… I need only you, Kagome. Only you. And I want you to promise me this instant that you'll never ever doubt how much you mean to me, that you'll never question what you are to me. I am yours as you are mine and no fucking signs or symbol is going to change that.
Kagome nodded mutely as Inuyasha wiped her tears with his thumbs. “You're too sweet for my sanity sometimes…” She sobbed.
“I'm driving you mad?” Inuyasha asked smiling gently.
“You keep sane and you drive me mad…”
“AH, you're worst… you kill me with one look and bring me to life with one touch.
“This is corny…” Kagome said as she continued to cry.
“You started it…” Inuyasha said as he hugged her close.
“I did? You were the one who broke into a poem…” Kagome retorted laughing and sobbing at the same time.
“Yes it was a poem and it's for you…it's not finished though.” Inuyasha replied smiling sheepishly at her.
“When will you stop?”
“Stop what?”
“Stop making me fall in love with you everyday…”
“When I stop breathing...”
“Damn, I hope you're not yet tired because I find you so sexy right now and no one's at home…” Kagome whispered as she toyed with a lock of his hair biting her lower up sexily at him.
“Why didn't you say so?” Inuyasha asked as he picked her up and dashed towards the shrine.
They reached Kagome's bedroom in record time and discarded all their clothing in ten seconds flat. Inuyasha laid Kagome gently on the bed as he covered her body with his.
“Wait,” Kagome said. “You can smell if I'm fertile, right?”
“Yes,” Inuyasha groaned as he tried to capture her lips. Kagome dodged as she put her had against his chest.
“I'm not today…am I?” She asked again.
“Good…” Kagome replied smiling.
“Finally…” Inuyasha said rolling his eyes.
“You're overeager…” Kagome laughed as he accidentally bumped her nose.
“You've been teasing me for a week, I thought I was going to die…” Inuyasha said as he nuzzled her neck.
“Don't worry, I could bring you back to life with one touch, remember?” Kagome said getting breathless.
“Bring me back to life now…I'm dying…” Inuyasha replied and Kagome slid lower to touch his length.
“That's not the touch I meant but I'm not complaining…” Inuyasha groaned as Kagome pushed him to lie on his back.
“You like it then…”Kagome asked teasingly as licked at the tip of his manhood, Inuyasha jerked helplessly, straining to get closer.
“Umm…” he moaned incoherently fisting her yellow and white bedspread.
“I can't hear you…” She said as she moved up slowly. Inuyasha opened his eyes at the loss of warmth.
“Yes…” He moaned as he pulled Kagome for a kiss. She readily opened her mouth and his tongue darted out to explore her. The kiss deepened as Inuyasha flipped them, bringing Kagome beneath him. He hungrily placed open mouthed kiss on her neck and Kagome whimpered when he sucked at her mark.
“Oh…” She cried as waves and waves of sensation wash over her turning her pliant against his assault.
“For someone who's not sure if she's my life mate, you react rather strongly to my mark…” Inuyasha murmured before licking her nipple. Kagome arched off the bed as she fisted his hair.
“Don't stop…” She moaned as Inuyasha's finger strayed towards her center to test her readiness. The wetness that greeted his touch made him hiss as he moved up to capture her mouth again.
“Kagome, I want….” Inuyasha moaned as he felt her hands on his ears.
“Damn….” Inuyasha hissed as he rocked slightly against Kagome making her fully aware of his painfully stiff arousal. Kagome reacted by opening her legs wider. They stared at each other as Inuyasha slowly slid his manhood inside her.
“Don't close your eyes, look at me…” Inuyasha commanded as he started a rhythm. Kagome obeyed and held his gaze.
“You're beautiful,” Inuyasha rasped as buried himself deeper inside her. Kagome wrapped her legs round his waist and snaked her arms around his neck.
“So are you…” She whispered, panting slightly as he quickened his pace. Inuyasha swooped down to clamp her lips with his own swallowing her moans.
“Faster…” Kagome moaned and Inuyasha obeyed without hesitation. She burned slowly, painfully as she felt his velvety hardness slid in and out of her.
“Inuyasha….ahh….almost….please don't stop…” Kagome wrenched her mouth free as she writhed beneath him.
“Don't worry….I'm not…going…to…” He replied as he felt her walls start to squeeze him. He deepened his strokes as she clung to his neck desperately. Suddenly…
“Kagome….?” Kagome's eyes widened when she heard her mother's voice. “Are you inside?” She heard her mother slowly climb the stairs. Her gaze darted towards the door uncertain if they locked the door or not. Inuyasha shook his head at her, his message was clear, he's near the edge and he'd rather die than stop.
“Ma…Mama…” Kagome replied. “Be down….in…a minute….” She gasped as Inuyasha's thrust hit a sensitive spot. She moaned and Inuyasha quickly covered her mouth with his hand all the while plunging with wild abandon inside her. Her eyes widened as she felt herself nearing her release. She bit Inuyasha's palm and he gasped.
“Okay…” They heard Mrs. Higurshi say but they were too near the verge to mind. She opened her mouth in a silent scream as she felt something in her uncoil. She snapped as Inuyasha sunk into her one last time. She felt him shudder as he released his seed into her womb, her walls milking him efficiently. She brought his head down and fastened her lips on his mouth to swallow his cry as he swallowed hers.
They lay prone for a full minute before Inuyasha rolled unto his back bringing Kagome with him.
“Shit.” He said smirking like an idiot.
“We almost got caught…” Kagome said grinning at him
“Let's do again…” She whispered and he laughed.
They heard footsteps climb the stairs for the second time and they did not dare breathe.
“Kagome, will Inuyasha be staying for dinner?” Mrs. Higurashi asked and Kagome groaned into Inuyasha's chest.
“Oh shit…” They muttered in unison under their breath.
“I'm bored…” Kagome said as she stretched and yawned on her bed, fortunately for them, Mrs. Higurashi never mentioned nor acted as if she knew about the `incident.' Inuyasha and Kagome discussed it in no end if her mother knew or not.
“She does, I'm 90% sure about it.” Kagome had argued biting her nails nervously.
“Honey, if she did, she would have bitten our head off by now.” Inuyasha had retorted as he laid his head on Kagome's lap.
“But she did ask if you plan to eat dinner after…”
“Hon, if she knew about what we did, would she have invited me to dinner?” Inuyasha asked.
“You're right…” Kagome agreed.
“Of course I am…”
“Feh!” Kagome replied.
“Hey, that's my favorite word.”
“Not anymore…” Kagome retorted imitating Inuyasha's smirk.
“Do you want to do it again?” Inuyasha asked and Kagome blushed.
“Sure, bring it on…” She replied.
“Kagome…earth to Kagome…” Inuyasha said waving his hand in front of Kagome's face.
“Huh?” Kagome asked bringing herself back to the present.
“You were off somewhere…”
“I was just thinking…”
“I thought you were bored?”
“I am…”
“Want me to make your day better…?” Inuyasha asked almost innocently.
“Ah, my mate is horny.”
“I'm not.
“You caught me, I am.”
“Come here…” Kagome said as she held her hand out towards Inuyasha.
“I like it when you say those two little words…” Inuyasha said grinning as he locked the door before walking slowly towards Kagome.
“Just lay with me…” Kagome said rolling her eyes.
“No, I don't want to just lay with you…” Inuyasha said as he kissed her forehead.
“Would you rather lie inside me…?” Kagome teased arching her brow.
“You're bad, Kagome…”
“But you like it…” Kagome replied as she shifted her knees when Inuyasha stretched himself in between her thighs.
“I love you…” Inuyasha whispered.
“I love you…” Kagome whispered back.
“I'm hungry…” Kagome said and Inuyasha got off her and helped her to her feet.
“Okay, let's eat…” He said and raised his brow when Kagome frowned.
“I said I'm hungry…” Kagome said as she walked ahead of him and opened the door.
“That's why we're going out to eat…” Inuyasha replied.
“What made you think I'm hungry for food?” Kagome asked as she flipped her hair and descended the stairs grinning to herself. She counted slowly in her head 3…2…1…
“Why you…!” Kagome squeaked as Inuyasha ran after her and lifted her up to carry her back to the bedroom. He put her on the bed and followed her tickling her relentlessly.
“Stop!” Kagome shrieked.
“I show no mercy!” Inuyasha replied as he pinned Kagome with his body tickling her from all side.
“Oh great, minor here….” Souta said and they broke apart guiltily.
“Don't you knock?” Kagome asked after she pushed Inuyasha off her.
“Don't you lock your door?' Souta replied grinning.
“Don't get smart with me, little brother…”
“Well, well, big sister I learned from you…” Souta said smirking.
“Well little brother, does Hitomi know you sing in the shower?” Kagome asked imitating Souta's smirk.
“That's foul!” Souta replied.
“That was a threat, you not knocking was foul.” Kagome replied calmly.
“MAMA!” Souta yelled.
“Why baby brother, scared?” Kagome taunted.
“MAMA! Nee-chan and inu-nichan are making out!” Souta yelled as he made a wild dash towards the stairs.
“Why you…BRAT! Come back here!” Kagome said as she followed her brother downstairs leaving Inuyasha gaping at them.
“Back to your seats!” Mr. Garachi, their section adviser yelled and they all scrambled to get seated.
“Okay, as you are all aware, we will be celebrating Midoriko High's foundation day in three weeks. As sophomores, you are required to participate and not just watch like you did last year…” Mr. Garachi paused as the class groaned.
“SILENCE!” He yelled and a few jumped in their seats, Miroku included who was busy passing love notes to Sango. Kagome bit her lip to avoid laughing as Miroku fell off his chair.
“Idiot…” Sango said under her breath. Unlike their freshman year, the class were given free reign on the seating arrangements so the four friends sat beside each other.
“Wow….that's what I call falling hard…” Inuyasha said and Kagome giggled helplessly.
“What's so funny, Higurashi?!” Mr. Garachi asked, irritated and Kagome sat up straighter.
“Nothing, Sir.” Kagome replied.
“For that you shall represent section 2-A in the Miss Midoriko beauty pageant.” Mr. Garachi said grinning.
“WHAT?!” Kagome and Inuyasha both yelled.
“Unless of course Mr. Hirohito volunteers himself.” Mr. Garachi said and the class laughed.
“Sir, I would rather that we vote, it's not fair that not everyone is given the chance to represent this esteemed section…” Kagome said smoothly and Inuyasha felt so proud he could have hugged her.
“Okay, fair enough.” Mr. Garachi relented.
“The table is open for the nomination for section 2-A's representative to the Ms. Midoriko High beauty pageant…” Mr. Garachi said. “Yes, Kouga?”
“I nominate Ms. Kagome Higurashi to be this section's representative.” Kouga said smiling sweetly at Kagome.
“Aww…Kouga, you shouldn't have unless of course you want to die…” Kagome whispered smiling at Kouga sweetly who mistook what Kagome said.
“Anything for you, Kagome.” Kouga replied and Inuyasha glared at him.
“Kouga is it just me or are you really an idiot. DUH!” Kagome said as she scooted closer to Inuyasha who smiled indulgingly at her.
“Okay, any more nominations?” Mr. Garachi asked and smiled when no one raised their hand. “See Ms. Higurashi, I was right all along.” Mr. Garachi said smiling at Kagome.
“Great, sir. I'm just thrilled…” Kagome sarcastically said.
“It's settled then. The pageant for the sophomore representative will be in two weeks, so please prepare for it. Portions are as follows, sports wear, long gown and talent.”
“Would I win if I just blast people to pieces?” Kagome asked Inuyasha in a whisper.
“You might, if you let the judges live…” Inuyasha whispered back.
“Ah, my baby is so supportive…”
“You know I am for whatever makes you happy…”
“Oh, being in a beauty pageant would really just make me the happiest person alive…” Kagome said rolling her eyes at him. Inuyasha chuckled as he brought her hand to his lips.
Kagome adjusted her pink, empire-style dress as she waited for Inuyasha by the shrine steps. Inuyasha had invited her to the manor for dinner. She looked at her watch and pouted. He's late. Kagome thought as she tapped her foot impatiently on the gray pavement. She frowned when an unfamiliar red Porsche stopped in front of her. What now?
“Honey, hop in.” Inuyasha yelled from inside and Kagome raised her brow, her temper rising slowly.
“What the hell are you doing driving without a license?! You should just have asked Toutousai to drive you here!” Kagome snapped as she buckled her seat belt.
“Temper, temper….” Inuyasha said grinning waving something in her face.
“What's that?” Kagome asked as she grabbed the thing he waved in front of her. “You got yourself a license? How come, you're not even eighteen yet?”
“Ah, sex appeal….” Inuyasha replied grinning crazily.
“Let me guess, you slept with someone from the land transportation office?” Kagome asked hiding her giggle.
“Funny honey.”
“How did you get a license then?”
“Dad.” Inuyasha replied as he maneuvered his car around a curb.
“And this car?”
“Dad's gift.” Inuyasha replied.
“Oh, how generous.” Kagome replied smiling at him. “Your parents are there too, right?”
“Yes, why? Scared we'd be alone and I'd ravish you?”
“No, baka. And if you do, I'd just ravish you back.”
“Smart girl, but why the question then?”
“It's just that our last discussion with your parents is still fresh on my mind and I don't feel like doing another round of mating forum with them…it's too embarrassing to be real.…” Kagome said and Inuyasha laughed, pressing a button on the dashboard. The heavy black gates of the Hirohito manor opened silently.
“Sesshoumaru's here.” Inuyasha said sniffing the air as he got out of the car.
“Oh, he is? I haven't seen him in ages…” Kagome said smiling.
“Are you excited to see him?” He asked as he opened Kagome's door.
“Inuyasha, we're not having this kind of discussion now…” Kagome sighed taking the hand he offered.
“Why?” Inuyasha asked stopping to face her. “I want to know…”
“Because he's you're brother and it's insane that you should be jealous of him. I already told you that I am yours not Sesshoumaru's or anybody else's but yours.”
“But still…” Inuyasha protested.
“Kagome, Inuyasha!” Mrs. Hirohito called and they both turned to face her as she walked gracefully towards them.
“Mrs. Hirohito.” Kagome said as the older woman kissed both Kagome's cheeks.
“Glad you could make it. Come inside, it's rather cold out here.” Mrs. Hirohito said as she ushered the pair inside the manor.
“Hello, Miko.” Sesshoumaru greeted as they got inside.
“Hello, Sesshoumaru.” Kagome smiled pleasantly at Inuyasha's older brother.
“I'm glad we see each other again.” Sesshoumaru said and Kagome gripped Inuyasha's hand when she heard him growl and chose to just smile at Sesshoumaru rather than reply. Inuyasha's eyes flickered red.
“He's flirting with you…” Inuyasha hissed and Kagome rolled her eyes. They were at the kitchen volunteering to get the chocolate cake from the fridge.
“He's just talking to me…”
“No, I can sense it…”
“Sense what?”
“He likes you, dammit!”
“Dammit, dammit! I already told you that you hold my heart, what else do you want to hear? That with my body I thee worship?!” Kagome snapped, her temper rising uncontrollably.
“Show me…”
“You want me to fuck your brains out in front of your parents just to prove that? This jealousy is getting tiring!” Kagome replied angrily.
“That's not what I meant…”
“Then what the hell did you mean by that? Should I start bearing placards with the words `I'm Inuyasha's Property' to make you feel better?!”
“I can't help what I feel…”
“Of course you can! The more I think about it the more I come to realize that you don't trust me at all! Do you think I'd sleep around when you're not looking?”
“Enough…” Kagome held up her hand as she walked towards the door bringing the cake with her.
“Is everything okay?” Mr. Hirohito asked as he looked at the teenagers.
“Yes, Sir.” Kagome said as Sesshoumaru stood up to pull her chair out for her, Inuyasha thought of the same thing and in his haste pushed Kagome towards Sesshoumaru. Kagome shrieked.
“Caught you.” Sesshoumaru said as he held Kagome by the waist.
“Thank you,” Kagome replied and stopped when she heard a growl and Mrs. Hirohito's gasp.
“Izza…run, we'll handle it.” Mr. Hirohito told his wife as they watched Inuyasha's eyes bled crimson, his fangs lengthened and his claws extended. Jagged purple marks marred his face as he snarled at them.
“No, I won't leave my son…” Mrs. Hirohito cried as she watched Inuyasha advanced towards them.
My mate. I want my mate!
“Father, take mother and run, I'll take care of Kagome.” Sesshoumaru said as he pulled Kagome behind him.
“But…” Mrs. Hirohito protested.
“Come, Izza.”
“There's not much we can do, the more threatened he feels, the longer he stays in that form!”
“I won't leave my son, Tai!” Mrs. Hirohito yelled as her husband lifted her off the floor and carried her to another room.
“Kagome!” Sesshoumaru yelled as Kagome made a move towards Inuyasha. “He's dangerous!”
“He's my Inuyasha!” Kagome said as she pushed Sesshoumaru's hand away. She advanced carefully towards Inuyasha holding her hand out towards him.
Inuyasha looked at his mate and he growled when he sniffed the air and smelled someone else's scent on her. She was talking to him and he tilted his head as he tried to listen.
My mate. Come to me.
“Inuyasha…” Kagome called as she walked bravely forward. He snarled and felt irritated when he smelt fear in her scent for a second.
“Careful, Kagome…” Sesshoumaru warned and Inuyasha bared his fangs at him.
He has his scent on my mate! My mate! Mine! Mine!
Inuyasha growled impatiently as he waited for Kagome to reach him, he extended his arm and grabbed hers when she was near enough. Kagome winced as his claws dug into her flesh.
“Inuyasha, it's me…” Kagome whispered and Inuyasha licked her face, nipping at her neck none too gently.
Mine. Mine. Mine. His blood roared in his ears as he tried to eliminate the other demon's scent on his mate. Kagome closed her eyes as she felt his fangs tear on her skin. Calm down, Kagome. He shouldn't feel threatened. Sesshoumaru hissed when he saw how Kagome closed her eyes in pain, he made a move towards them…
“No, stop!” Kagome yelled and Sesshoumaru stilled. Inuyasha snarled as his grip on Kagome tightened. Kagome bit her lip as his claw dug to her waist, she felt faint and she's becoming less and less calm as she felt a hot trickle of blood on her hips.
“Inuyasha, don't. Baby please, come back to me.” Kagome whispered tears running down her face.
She's crying. My mate is crying. My mate is scared of me.
“Inuyasha please…” Kagome cried. Inuyasha sniffed, he could smell her blood and her fear and he felt angrier.
Why are you scared of me? Why are you scared of me?! Inuyasha shook Kagome roughly and her aura flared surfacing in her defense. Inuyasha let out a yelp and let Kagome go abruptly.
My mate dare defy me? She should be punished! She will be punished! Inuyasha made a swipe at Kagome intending to pull her to him as she blindly tried to back away. His claws connected with her shoulder and Kagome felt white hot pain shot through her. She saw Sesshoumaru lunged at Inuyasha and flew helplessly towards the other end of the room.
“Inuyasha, stop! This isn't you!” Kagome yelled and her barrier erected making Inuyasha madder as he tried to reach his mate. He clawed at the barrier and for a second Kagome actually thought her barrier would let him in but it seems it rejected the full demon's aura. She watched helplessly at Inuyasha yelped with pain every time he made contact with her barrier. Her heart ached as she watched his claws sizzle and blister, his hands bleeding.
Mate, I have to get to my mate!
“Inuyasha, please.” Kagome sobbed and her aura flared violently making Inuyasha growl in pain louder. He wants to get to me. Kagome thought as she saw Inuyasha's desperate attempts to get inside her barrier, she closed her eyes and concentrated until her barrier quivered and faded. Inuyasha growled and launched at her. She didn't even feel the pain when his claws connected with her flesh because she was slowly blacking out…slowly falling into oblivion.
Mate, no! Inuyasha growled as Kagome slowly lost consciously. Mate, come back! He whimpered.
Kagome reached up to touch Inuyasha's hand. “Come back to me, Inuyasha…” She whispered as her world turned black, little by little…”Come back to me…”
Inuyasha howled.
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